What are the benefits of a virtual office space?

Virtual office spaces

If you are in need of a business address but cannot afford to own physical office space, then virtual office space is just what you need. This means you get all the benefits of a permanent office address without actually having to own physical office space. People who are not familiar with the business ecosystem might be asking that why would we need an address without the actual space. Well, for starters, an address in a well-reputed business district is more prestigious than the address of your home’s garage or basement.

Services that come with a virtual office
A permanent address is needed for a lot of business activities. For example, you need an address to open a bank account. Here are the common services you receive when you rent virtual office space:

  • A physical business address that actually exists.
  • The address can receive and pick up mails.
  • The address can forward and send packages.
  • A receptionist in the physical location.
  • Physical meeting spaces should there be a need for any.
  • Printing and copying facilities.
  • A business phone number.
  • Digital mailing services.

Businesses may not have need office spaces for their employees, but they will need a business address and the services mentioned above. Even if they do not require the services, a business needs to seem professional if they hope to survive in this competitive market.

Virtual office spaces have greatly raised in demand during the pandemic. As employees started to work from home, coffee shops, and coworking spaces, the need for a physical office space dwindled. However, the need for an address did not dwindle. Companies and corporates still needed an address to receive mails and hold the occasional physical meetings.

Benefits of a virtual office space
As more corporates, SMEs, and startups are considering virtual office spaces every day, there must be reasons. This is because virtual offices are beneficial for them as employers. Employees reap benefits from virtual offices as well. Here are the ways virtual offices benefit both employers and employees:

Increased versatility
A virtual office allows employers and employees to work from home without any drawbacks. Employers can still have a business address while remotely getting their work done by employees. Employees can do their work without having to show up at a physical office location every day. Virtual office spaces also allow companies to be available at multiple locations should that be necessary for their sector.

Business mailing address
One of the biggest benefits of virtual office space is the professional mailing address. As we said before, virtual offices let you have a physical presence without having to lease a space. The address will receive the post mails on your behalf. Businesses that receive post mails from many different locations can set up these virtual offices in multiple locations to increase efficiency.

Business phone number
Virtual offices come with a business phone number, fax service, and voicemail boxes to make your business look even more professional. Companies that rent out virtual office spaces also provide front desk clerks and receptionists who can receive the phone calls and handle the faxes and voicemails. The special business phone number greatly helps to make your business seem professional to customers and business associates.

Increased scalability
Fixed workplaces have certain legal formalities that create a barrier when trying to increase or decrease the size of workforces. With virtual offices, a business can hire additional hands without having to worry about how to accommodate them. This is not only helpful when scaling up but also when scaling down. If for any reason a business has to reduce its workforce by letting a number of employees go. They will not be left with unused office spaces. As the economy is moving towards remote working, increased scalability is a big advantage. This inability to be scalable is a big disadvantage of traditional office spaces.

Virtual office spaces are the biggest cost savers. These offices have saved countless companies from going bankrupt due to the situation created by COVID-19. Physical offices are, more often than not, the biggest expense of businesses around the world. And continuing to pay for physical office space even as all the employees are working from home or working remotely makes no sense. The pandemic has shown businesses the risk of fixed assets like office leases. So, this is one of the main reasons businesses around the world are looking towards virtual offices.

Pay as you use services
Virtual offices also provide trained administrative staff and physical meeting rooms. However, you do not need to pay for them unless you have a need for them and make use of them. If you do not need a full-time receptionist, you do not need to pay for one. You need to pay for them only on the days you make use of them. These pay as you use services help you free up your resources and invest them elsewhere where they are needed.

Increased employee satisfaction and productivity
As we said before, virtual office spaces are beneficial for employees as well. Employees can work from home and save money and time on the commute. This gives them more flexibility and a better work-life balance. The time saved on the commute can be used elsewhere more productively or for leisure. When employees are happier and less stressed from work, the turnover rate is greatly decreased. Virtual offices are environment-friendly as well. When you cut out the commute, you decrease greenhouse gas emissions directly.

Easy accessibility
Last but not the least, it is very easy to move in and out of virtual offices. If you want to move in or move out of a traditional office, you need to spend a lot of time, energy, and money on the process. You need to buy, dispose or move furniture, which is a big expense for any business. On the other hand, virtual office spaces can be rented for short periods of time without any hassle.

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Technology meets creativity
We are not only limited to physical office spaces. With the onset of the pandemic, we have also tried our hands in virtual office space that has changed the way businesses are done. With us, you can customise the office space and easily have a dedicated space to work without any hassle. It is very evident that to host an event, you need to have ample space. You can either get it done at your workplace if you have the option to do so. If not, you can always opt for the spacious and well-designed business centers in Dubai from Spider Business Centre. We make sure the workspace is filled with all the amenities and facilities that will be needed during any work or corporate event.

Take work from home to a next level
Since the entire world is mostly quarantined and doing work from home, you can change the way it is done. Instead of having the usual setup at home, you can opt for our virtual office for rent so that it will help you to get a proper setup to work without any hassle.
Virtual offices are almost always the better choice for startups. In these fickle times, even the big players are opting for virtual offices. All this is thanks to these outstanding benefits virtual office spaces provide.

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