What are the benefits of a concrete driveway?

Concrete Driveway Brisbane

Any residence that may require paving will almost certainly need a driveway. Driveway paving can be done from a variety of materials such as concrete and tarmac. This generally means that when it comes to choosing materials for the road. So a homeowner usually has a lot of options. Ideally, you should choose a Concrete driveway Brisbane based on your budget and the type of weather conditions in your area. However, concrete is considered the most beneficial of the materials use in the construction of driveways.

Concrete is famous in construction projects because homeowners immediately choose it for their home exteriors such as walkways or driveways. The driveway in a home enhances the aesthetics and value of your home. Moreover, guest posting gives you a flawless smooth surface to park your vehicle. In addition, a driveway is the area most prone to wear and tear. Because it receives the highest amount of vehicular or even foot traffic. Therefore, you can’t really afford a poorly constructed driveway on your premises.

In addition, did you know that even stone driveways require a solid concrete based foundation? Yes, it’s really true. Therefore, there is no point in considering any other material when concrete is an all-rounder. And you know why? Let’s dig into the details further.

Apart from these, made from concrete driveway Brisbane, helps to increase the total value of your property. This is mainly because the future buyer will have the satisfaction of the fact that the driveway, being constructed of concrete, is not only cost-effective but also does not require as much routine repair and maintenance.


Some of the biggest benefits of using concrete in building a driveway are that it is long lasting. Requires negligible maintenance and is quite safe for kids. In addition, it also acts against soil erosion. And also prevents your car from getting covered in mud. On average, a concrete driveway that is well built will last about 20 odd years and maybe even more. Of the materials also available, concrete driveway Brisbane, is the one that is able to offer the most resistance to all types of weather conditions.

Let us know in detail about the benefits of concrete driveway.

The life of concrete is long

There is a large proportion of people who choose concrete driveway Brisbane, and for good reason. Simply because the investment cost of asphalt is cheap. This may seem like a cost-effective option but since asphalt is like buying peanuts, it doesn’t last long. So why bother? In addition, the asphalt is attached to the place of its foundation by means of a sealant.

Which easily wears out over the years of use? The asphalt is sealed together using a liquid binder or sealant. This is why asphalt does not survive for years like concrete. Let’s look at the second scenario. A concrete driveway is a big investment in the beginning because the cost of installation alone is very high. Do the math yourself; if the concrete driveway lasts for decades, you’re in a win-win situation. But if you do your local business research, you can find affordable concrete installation companies throughout Brisbane.

Quick, simple, and easy maintenance

Many homeowners are grateful for one advantage that a concrete driveway provides in that it requires almost no maintenance. All you need to do is develop a routine of regular cleaning and voila. Your driveway will stay fresh for decades. Plus, its cleaning is pretty straightforward. Invest in a good quality bristle brush and use it to scrub the surface at least once or twice every two weeks. However it does come in very handy when doing lawn maintenance or reorganizing your outdoor areas. At the same time, purchase a good quality sealant to help the concrete gain the strength it needs. The main advantage of using this sealant is that it does not allow water or moisture to accumulate inside the concrete layers. The sealant works wonders during winters by keeping the ice packs at bay.

Concrete can withstand the load better than any other material

Concrete is not flexible at all, so it has the capacity to bear heavy loads as compared to asphalt. Asphalt is flexible and cannot withstand heavy loads. In fact, it can easily break under a load that reaches a certain limit. Therefore, if you have to park your SUV, a large van, or a boat. The asphalt will not be able to withstand the heavy weight and may crack on the first use. If you have to park heavy cars and vehicles then it will be better for you to use concrete.

Concrete has a comfortable response to heat and light

Can you imagine walking on a burning asphalt driveway during the scorching heat of summer? Not well! But that’s what Asphalt does in the summer. Yes, it’s great in winter but with asphalt, you need to install lighting as well. But here’s the rub. Concrete not only caters to heat. It reacts actively to any natural form; Light stimulation as well.

 Concrete is environment-friendly

The energy cost required to make concrete is significantly lower than that of making asphalt. Therefore, concrete is an environmentally friendly solution. It requires less environmental stress for both the manufacture and installation of concrete. As far as asphalt paving service is concern. A large amount of heat energy is required to create a mixture that forms at a temperature of 200-250 degrees Fahrenheit. And asphalt has to go through a sealed coating process every three years that uses petroleum.

In addition, concrete lasts for decades so disposing of it in the future does not involve many recycling energy costs.

Concrete forms a better surface layer

Once asphalt is install on a driveway, some of the oil is released. Which evaporate? And stick to the shoes. If oil or corrosive material accumulates on the asphalt, you can easily drag such material inside your homes, vehicles, grass, etc. This problem increases in the peak season of summer. However, with concrete, no such issue arises.

Concrete is highly customizable

Gone are the days when concrete surfaces were only flat or gray in color. You can customize your concrete floor as you wish. You can add vibrant colors, unique styles and eye-catching textures to make it more eye-catching. Stamped concrete can mimic the aesthetic of a luxury brick or cobblestone driveway. It can make your sidewalks and driveways look as if they were made of the most expensive materials. This ultimately curbs the value and appeal of your property.

  Concrete driveways help uplift your property’s resale value

Did you know that properties with concrete driveways are generally preferred by property buyers? Yes it’s true. If you put yourself in the shoes of a buyer you will always want to buy a home or commercial building with a concrete driveway instead of an asphalt driveway. Therefore, a concrete driveway installation can substantially increase the resale value of your property.


Investing in a concrete driveway Brisbane can prove to be highly rewarding in terms of maintenance, cost, durability and more. So, whenever you are planning to install concrete driveway Brisbane or improve it to increase the value of your property, go for concrete. However, be sure to reach out to a pro driveway installer who ensures the highest quality results so that your investment is protected.

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