What are the Amazing Facts About Counter Display Boxes?


Counter display boxes are used to exhibit different products at trade shows, fairs, sales, expositions, home shows, presentations, art exhibits and many other events. These small rectangular boxes come in various sizes, shapes, styles and designs. You can personalize the counter displays with varying colours and designs to add more visual appeal. The counter displays are also ideal for promotional items and small corporate products. 

Great Way to Display a Selection of Products

Counter displays are a great way to display a selection of products. The displays can be used to highlight promotional offers or new arrivals at sales. Customized counter display boxes are a perfect solution for product displays. The custom-made boxes have a much better look and a larger format than the ordinary square or rectangular displays. Display Boxes are manufactured from aluminium, steel, wood or a combination of all these materials. They are designed to be strong and sturdy and can carry heavy loads efficiently. The basic shapes of counter boxes come in different forms such as hexagonal, octagonal, rectangular or square. You can also make use of special printing techniques for your customized display packaging to create a striking visual effect.

Several Advantages of Using Custom Display Boxes

There are several advantages of using custom display boxes. They are economical, and they save time. Companies can save money by not having to purchase expensive materials for these displays. The packaging material for these displays is also cheaper than that for normal packaging. When you are out shopping for custom counter display boxes, you must select the right printing method for your packaging. While choosing any printing method for your custom display boxes, it is essential to choose a suitable printing method. For example, if you are out looking for a durable long-lasting printing surface for your packaging, you can opt for high quality coated paper or acrylic material.

Variety of Shapes and Designs

When you use standard countertop display boxes, you do not have any choice of shape and design. Even if you get a cardboard box, there is no choice in shape. Cardboard does not come in any interesting shapes. With custom boxes, you have a variety of shapes and designs. The countertop cardboard is usually made by the same paper mill that produces the box, so you get a real consistent appearance. If you are looking for a durable, long-lasting and functional packaging solution, you should opt for corrugated cardboard counter boxes. These boxes have a flexible corrugated cardboard exterior that makes them highly flexible for superior packing solutions. These boxes come in various sizes and thicknesses depending on the requirements of the customer. These cardboard boxes meet all the important criteria of a perfect custom packaging solution. They are among the most preferred packaging solutions because they are flexible, long-lasting and durable.

Durability Of the Boxes

Another advantage of these display boxes is their durability. Because they are made from cardboard, they are extremely durable. They can withstand bumps, drops and scratches. This means that even if the cardboard is damaged, the product inside will not be affected. You will not spend money on expensive packaging materials for your products when you can use the same ones for your packaging. Another reason that makes these boxes more preferable than any other custom packaging solution is that they are environmentally friendly. In addition, they also offer excellent protection against heat, moisture, dirt, stains, UV rays and dust. Moreover, these boxes are not at all expensive, as they can be bought at a very reasonable price. One of the most advantageous factors of using these boxes for storing your goods is that they help in protecting the products from heavy and hard impact. This will ensure that your goods remain in perfect condition and remain durable.

Unique Boxes for Each Product

Because they are designed with unique boxes for each product, you can use these displays for all your products. You do not have to have your packaging designed when you order these countertop displays. The customer will choose the shape and design of the countertop displays that he wants. Because these countertop displays are made from top quality material, you can use them as promotional giveaways. These items can be branded with your logo and the company name. These packaging presentation boxes countertop displays can also be used as thank you gift pens. You can give one to every customer as a token of appreciation for purchasing your products. When it comes to custom displays, display boxes play an important role. These boxes can be used in multiple applications such as gift packaging, decorative displays, gift-wrapped displays, product promotion displays, trade show displays and even as giveaway gifts. 

Display Various Products

Counter Display Boxes are used to display various products in an organized manner. These boxes are made with high-quality material that is best suited for safely showcasing manifold items. These boxes have become the perfect option for showing off your goods for a considerable period of time in a prominent manner. Many top retail owners favour Customized Display Packaging as a corporate promotional instrument. These customized boxes can be used in a variety of ways like giving away to a friend or family members, advertising in the newspapers and magazines or displaying at tradeshows. These customized boxes can be easily designed on your own. There are several companies out there that offer custom cardboard counter display boxes with a variety of custom coatings and surface designs. Most of these companies also have in-house designers who can help you in designing your customized boxes. The custom box printing can be done on standard paper or cardboard that you have chosen. Some of these companies also have the capability of creating fine art pieces that can be added on top of your custom cardboard counter display boxes. By adding some embellishments to your counter display boxes with the assistance of an expert designer, you can easily enhance the aesthetic appeal of the packaging.

A lot of Selections in Styles and Designs

When you choose to buy display boxes, you will discover that there are a lot of selections in styles and designs. With a little bit of creativity, you can find a design that will fit perfectly with the product or logo that you want to promote. Customization is also possible. With the ability to order your custom-made counter display boxes, you can make sure that they will have exactly the right features for your products. You do not have to buy inferior quality material to have them delivered to your clients’ homes. With custom printed counter display boxes, you can show off your products to all of your potential customers. You can offer them promotional items to give away and you can help them advertise their business. This will increase the chances of making more sales because your clients will carry them and other people will see them. With the large amount of traffic that comes into your store, this is a great way to attract new customers to your business.

Also Available in Vibrant Colors

Aside from a large number of uses for counter display boxes, you will find that they are also available in vibrant colours. They are perfect for any business because they offer a colourful and attractive look to your products. You can have custom counter display boxes made with vibrant colours if you want to make them more appealing. Customers will enjoy browsing through the colourful boxes and they can look forward to coming back to your store. With bright colours, you can create a great first impression for new customers as well as old customers. You can also have custom counter display boxes if you prefer a unique look. There are pop displays available but they do not have the same appeal as the custom ones. Pop displays usually use bright colours which make them more attractive to consumers. Some companies choose to use pop displays in conjunction with bold and striking packaging design so that the two come together to create a very appealing package design.


If you want your custom counter display boxes to last for a long time, you should purchase matte lamination. Matte lamination will not chip or fade even with time and will be easy to clean. You can have these materials changed regularly so that you can choose which ones you like the most. You can also choose a matte lamination that has been laminated on the outside using aluminium foil. This will help the boxes to last longer and will look great when you change your packaging design often. You can add your company logo, name, phone number, address, website URL, message and much more. Moreover, you can personalize your inserts with attractive fonts, vivid colours, attractive imagery and fun themes. If you want to give your printed materials a classy look, you should opt for a printing company that offers customization services. With the help of high technology and laser engraving technology, custom packaging options have been increasingly adopted by the manufacturers. You can now choose from a wide range of materials and designs. In fact, you can customize the counter display boxes according to your business needs. 



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