What are the 8 Xero Setup Things Most People Forget?

What are the 8 Xero Setup Things Most People Forget_ Check it here

Xero is accounting software widely used to perform accounting works and perform complete data management about accounts of a company. From the payment track to the current state of the account, the user will be able to see everything about their company with just one click. Though it is a widely used platform, most people do not have Xero training. As a result, they cannot do most of the job using ethos accounting software. The article has gone through this similar mistake that most of the users perform with their accounting software. If you’re also using the software, you can also check if you are also making the same mistake or not. If you are also pursuing the same error, this is going to be a perfect guide for you to resolve the solution to it.

Not allowing for immediate online payment

When you are using the Xero software, the main problem you create for yourself is not allowing immediate online payment. This is also denoted as the primary error. It decreases on spot results from the end of the software.

You are not setting up your Chart of Accounts properly.

You have to create a chart of your account, with the help of the accounting software. When you are able to create a chart, you will be able to see the results from these accounts at a glance. As a result, this is also denoted as a domain artifact that you mostly perform with your account chart.

You do Not have multiple PayPal accounts setup.

When you are using Xero software, you may need more than one PayPal option added to it. When you use PayPal, it could happen that you are not able to use your account currency, so in that condition, you can take help from another PayPal account so that you can gain complete assistance from the end of the PayPal team and your account gets activated in most of the time.

Incorrectly configured external payment gateway.

Suppose you are using Xero software and also using an external payment gateway with it. You are to ensure that you have perfectly configured the external gateway, otherwise, you will not be able to perform the task efficiently, and you can come across a number of problems at this time.

They are not following up on unpaid invoices automatically.

In the XERO software, it allows the user to follow up the unpaid invoices so that you can get the money on time, and you can be able to explore a completely automated service from the end of the service provider. If you are unaware of this technique, you can also take help from Xero training Melbourne to know about the hidden settings you are unaware of your Xero.

Forgetting about bank reconciliations

When you are using this software, you have to make sure that you have done bank reconciliations using it. If you forget to do so with your Xero account. You will not be able to do the most with your accounting software. When you will turn the setting on, you will be able to see any discrepancies that are there with your account and your bank statement, and you will get an alert of it.

Failing to understand cash v. accrual accounting

When you are using the Xero software, and you are unaware of both of the techniques. You are missing out on a large number of features from the company. On that note, you have to be familiar with the tests to perform accounting here.

Failing to lock dates for previous financial periods

You have to lock the dates for the financial periods; This is also denoted as a primary benefit for the economic periods. If you are unaware of this task, you are also missing out on a considerable software feature.


If you are also using the Xero accounting system. This will be a perfect option for you to know about the common mistakes you mostly make with your accounting software. On that note, you can also get help from Xero training Melbourne in order to grow up your business like the Accounts NextGen. It will also help you know about the Xero software’s complete guidelines and the importance of using the software.


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