What Are Some Of The Common Car Tyre Damages To Look Out For?

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If you are a car owner or a driver, you must not have thought about the many concerns following your new vehicle purchase. But, your car parts need regular maintenance and servicing in order to properly function for a longer period. Although drivers take care of their car engines and other parts, they just casually wash their tyres Stevenage. when it comes to tyre maintenance.

But tyres, being the only part that touches the ground, need more than just that. They need rigorous cleaning and other servicing processes to maintain their long health of theirs. Tyres constantly come in contact with dirt, dust, nails, and other foreign materials along with heat due to friction. And all these factors only degrade the tyre health more and more.

Although you can prolong your tyre’s health using different methods, you can’t keep them around forever. Still, there are many wear and tears that you can avoid by taking proper care of your tyres.

Excessive tyre damage can harm your tyres a lot. They can also cause accidents on the road due to sudden bursts, flats, ruptures, etc. So, below are some of the red flags concerning your tyre health. Read on to know what to look for while examining your tyres.

Cuts and Scrapes

Roadways might contain many sharp or uneven objects like dirt, nails, scraping materials, etc. These objects might pierce your tyre skin and cause cuts or scratches on your tyre surface. These damages can further lead to more risks if left unnoticed. Cuts in the tyres can cause tyre failure, flats, etc. But, most of the cuts are there on the sidewalls of the tyres, rather than other parts. You can consult your nearby garage for help in this matter.

Tyre Bulges in Dynamo Tyres Stevenage

If you ever run on a heavy object or speed bumper with great speed, bulges would be the ultimate result of this impact. So, to avoid getting bulges on your tyres, you must avoid hitting the kerbs. You might not notice it immediately after hitting a kerb. But, the results show after a definite period and then the damages would have already been there. This bulge becomes a weak spot in the tyre and can also lead to a tyre burst in the future. So, anytime you notice once on your tyre surface, go and check with a tyre expert.

Irregular Tyre Wear and Tyre

Tyre degradation is natural and a must process. But the duration makes the difference here. Your tyres might get more damage because of speeding, sudden braking, sharp turning and other harsh driving habits. It will gradually degrade your tyre life.

Another one is the degrading of the tyre tread depth level. The minimum legal depth is 1.6mm. So, if your tyre tread depth goes below that, you must take your tyre immediately for a fresh replacement. But according to the experts, any tread depth below 3mm is too risky to drive on. Tyre treads are responsible for braking, speeding and other driving actions. Moreover, they prevent aquaplaning and stop your car from skidding. So, make sure to check your tyre tread depth level regularly. Irregular tyre pressure levels can also cause this to happen. Be it overinflation or underinflation of tyres, your tread depth might get some issues due to this. Irregular pressure level also causes other damage to the tyre and leads to tyre burst as well.

Tyre Punctures

Tyre punctures might be the result of a sharp nail, pointy object, uneven terrain etc. Car tyre damages such as low-pressure levels, cuts, etc can also lead to punctures in the future. You must act according to the resources available near you, at the time of the puncture. But, always remember to visit a garage after your DIY fix.

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