What are custom Die Cut Boxes, technology, and their benefits

die cut boxes
die cut boxes



What are custom die cut Boxes:

The term die cut boxes is discussed all around the printing and packaging industry these days. Because these boxes revolutionized the way of packaging with their durable structure and out-of-the-box design and styles. Custom die cut boxes UK are highly customizable and can be used to pack any shape and size of the product. These  boxes wholesale are manufactured from corrugated cardboard material and have the ability to pack any product in them.

These boxes are known as die-cut boxes because of the process that is followed to manufacture these boxes. They are made by cutting plane sheets of corrugated and other suitable materials with the help of a machine that is known as a die press.


The process of manufacturing die-cut boxes is not easy it required extra attention to the simple boxes. The designing phase plays a very crucial part in the manufacturing of these boxes. Because the design measurements of these boxes help machines to cut the accurate size of boxes according to the needs of clients.

That’s why first engineers and expert designers finalized the shape, size, and design of the box after that it will be cut with the help of die-cutting machines. Once the box is cut into its actual size and shape then you can add further printing and designing elements to it according to your need.

What is die-cut technology:

The die-cutting technique is one of the most popular manufacturing techniques in the industry. This technology has the ability to convert any material into a particular shape and size according to the requirements of the clients.

The use of die enables manufacturers to cut soft material into a variety of packaging types.

Once the die is produced according to the size and shape of the required packaging. They have the ability to produce mass die cut boxes wholesale rates and that’s the real value of the die-cutting process it saves your money. The die-cut process is one of the most easier, fast, and most economical to produce custom packaging on a large scale

Material Used for die cutting process:

The selection of the material is the most important and difficult part of any project. The same is the case with custom die cut boxes UK. The selection of material determines the cost of the project and along with that determined many other factors related to the printing and packaging of the project.


There is a range of products available in the world that use die cut boxes for packaging purposes. But these boxes have different requirements for their packaging that’s why the material that is used for the preparation of boxes is different according to the requirements of the product and clients. All these materials have different packaging qualities that are used in different situations that’s why the selection of material for die-cut boxes totally depends on the nature of the product and its packaging requirements according to its shipment process. 


The manufacturing materials that are used for the manufacturing of die-cut boxes mostly include paperboard, kraft paper, fiberboard, and corrugated cardboard. These materials possess different qualities but if you are looking for sturdiness, strength, and durable structure for the packaging of sensitive and luxury items. Then corrugated die-cut cardboard boxes are the best option for you. 


Because the material has the ability to survive in tough shipping conditions and keep your product safe in those extreme conditions. These kinds of shipping boxes help many companies to explore new avenues for their products all around the world. 

Types of  boxes:

There are two main types of die cut boxes one is rigid and the other one is folding. Both of these die cut boxes wholesale are widely used in the business world these days. The main difference between foldable and rigid boxes lies in their manufacturing structure. It is possible that you find the same shape boxes in both categories but the difference is in structure manufacturing.


The foldable boxes have the ability to be flexible .

enough that you can bend them in a plane sheet and then reassemble them at a time of need.

But on the other side rigid boxes don’t have.

this ability and they remain in their manufacturing shape throughout their time.

So if you are getting your boxes in a foldable structure.

it will cost you less at the time of shipment and cover less area in-store room as well.

But if you go for rigid boxes you can save money at the time of manufacturing.

because they did not require expensive dies for manufacturing as foldable boxes required. 

Benefits of using Die cut Boxes:

Here are some benefits that you can get from die cut boxes if you use them for the packaging of your products.

Make sure your product safety:

Die cut boxes provide the surety of product safety to the companies at the time of shipment process. Because these boxes are so strong and durable that they have the ability to survive any extreme conditions. That’s why if you want to ship any expensive and sensitive product use corrugated custom cut boxes UK.

Large Capacity:

The availability of die-cut boxes at wholesale rate in any size makes them suitable for all kinds of industries. The die-cut technology has the ability to manufacture any size of box for any shape of the product.

So because of that you have a large capacity option in these custom die-cut boxes in the UK for your large-size products with the surety of safety.


Light Weight  cut boxes:

The foldable boxes are light in weight and save money for our customers for bulk quantity shipment.

Because of the amount shipping companies charge on the basis of the size and weight of the product. So custom die cut boxes uk are more lightweight than any other boxes types.

Die  boxes wholesale economical pricing in the UK:

custom  boxes in the UK

The ability of die cutting process to produce the custom die boxes UK in bulk helps companies to manufacture these die boxes at wholesale rates for their clients.

There are some eco-friendly materials for the manufacturing of custom die boxes UK as well. These boxes help you to play your role in saving

this planet by using recyclable packaging boxes for your product packaging.

Paperboard, Kraft paper, fiberboard, and corrugat cardboard are the main industrial materials used to create boxes. Although these materials have distinct features.

They all offer a sturdy, strong, and long-lasting structure for the packing of pricey and delicate goods. The ideal alternative for you is corrugat cardboard boxes.
because the material has the durability to withstand challenging transportation circumstances while protecting your merchandise. Many businesses benefit from the use of these shipping boxes as they discover them.

new markets for their goods throughout the globe.

A large quantity

Die-cut boxes are appropriate for a variety of businesses since they are readily available at wholesale prices in any dimension. Any size of · Gable Boxes may be produced using the die-cut technique for any product form. Because of this, you have the choice of a high-capacity option for your large size.

items in our custom die boxes in the UK with the assurance of safety.



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