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Geometric Gemstone Alloy Tassel EarringsClothing can give people an intuitive feeling, but what about jewelry? In our years of style exploration, the importance of jewelry is contrary to the proportion of its volume. It has gradually become the focus of everyone’s style. You know, the world’s first jewelry was born earlier than clothing, and at that time, humans were still in the Stone Age. In the long history of fashion, jewelry has never been separated from the categories of “symbolizing faith, power, social functions, and records of aesthetic changes”. When you carefully select wholesale fashion jewelry, you will be more fashionable and beautiful.

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      1. Fashion Jewelry In Different Colors

        Personalized Round Brand Pearl Paper Clip Pendant NecklaceGenerally speaking, the jewelry of fashionistas can be roughly divided into two major colors: gold and silver. Compared with colorful cute jewelry, gold and silver fashion jewelry can add a sense of luxury to your outfit. They also have more gloss and texture, and they match well with all kinds of clothing. If you don’t know you are more suitable for gold jewelry or silver jewelry, you can choose according to your skin tone.

        Warm yellow skin will be more harmonious with gold jewelry, while silver jewelry will be more suitable for women with cold white skin. Of course, you don’t need to consider your skin tone. After all, you can rely on a liquid foundation to solve the skin tone problem. You can also choose according to the color system or hair color you wear on the day. For example, you have warm yellow skin, but you can choose silver fashion jewelry if you wear dark or cool clothes.

      2. Different Earrings in fashion jewelry

        Geometric Triangle Alloy Pendant EarringsEarrings may be one of the most common fashion jewelry worn by women. As long as the style of earrings is selected well, it will not only make your collocation more fashionable but also modify the lines of your face. If your face is relatively large and round, you can choose to wear earrings with larger shapes or exaggerated designs to make your facial lines look softer. The more attractive the earrings, the more people will divert their attention and will not keep staring at your face, thinking about how big it is.

        On the contrary, if you are a girl with a small face, you can choose elegant and small earrings to enhance the sense of refinement of the whole person. When you don’t know what to wear, you can choose hoop earrings. It is recommended to have hoop earrings of various sizes in gold and silver. Earrings of this shape can be matched with any clothes. And even ordinary clothes, after wearing this kind of earrings, there is a sense of fashion.

      3. Different Necklaces In Fashion Jewelry

        Heart Shaped Pearl Pendant Alloy NecklaceIn fact, the thickness of the necklace determines the different styles it wears on the body. The thinner and simpler the necklace, the more gentle the temperament. The thicker the necklace, the stronger the design, and it will be more casual and fashionable. The golden necklace is easy to match with the shape and is suitable for daily wear. The simple gold necklace will look great whether it is paired with a T-shirt or a skirt. Wearing them can not only lengthen your neck line, but also make you look more refined.

        The silver necklace has a strong sense of style and is more suitable for women who like cold style. The silver necklace is matched with oversize clothes, which will make you fashionable in seconds and become the most fashionable woman in the audience. In addition to the gold and silver necklaces, the irregular mini pearl necklaces are also very beautiful. When the pearl necklace is matched with a skirt with a large neckline, it can weaken the loose and casual feeling of the clothes and make you more literary and artistic.

      4. Different Bracelets In Fashion Jewelry

        Pig Nose Stitching Alloy Jewelry SetBracelets in fashion jewelry have a lower sense of presence compared to other jewelry. Although they will not be very conspicuous, just choose the bracelet style that suits the clothes to bring the finishing touch. Different styles of bracelets will have a smaller effect on the overall wear, but they can play a supporting role to bring different matching effects to your appearance. When choosing a bracelet, you must consider the material and the color of the clothing in order to present a better visual effect.

        If you wear a thin bracelet chain, you can add a touch of gentleness and femininity. Put on an elegant dress and then a thin bracelet. You will perfectly interpret the existence of the goddess. A thick chain bracelet can better modify the lines of your hand and make your wrist look slimmer. This style of bracelet is more suitable for women with a domineering style. Put on a handsome black suit and a thick gold or silver chain bracelet. You will become the most fashionable domineering woman.

      5. Different Rings In Fashion Jewelry

        Punk Square Brand Face Chain RingRings may be the smallest existence in fashion jewelry. But after wearing the ring, the unique light it holds can make you a fashionable woman from head to toe. If your fingers are a bit thick, you can use the ring to modify the shape of your hand and make your fingers look slimmer. Of course, a ring with a sense of design can also be worn simply to match your look.

        Because the ring is relatively small, no matter what kind of design the ring will not look exaggerated. Matching them can make your looks look more fashionable. You can wear a thick ring and then stack a thin ring so that the matching will be more layered. Or wear one ring on the base of your finger and another ring on the middle of your finger. Wearing the rings staggered will make your fingers look more slender. If you like a sweet style, you can choose to wear a cute style ring. You can boldly integrate the ring into your life and match it with any outfit you like.

      6. Fashion jewelry matching tips

        Colorful Resin Butterfly Pendant Earrings

        • Jewelry matching of the same color:

          In the matching of different fashion jewelry, “high-end players” can actually mix different gold and silver jewelry to show their own personality. But for novices, unifying the color of jewelry is the most error-free approach.

        • Appropriate number of jewelry:

          It is best to control the number of jewelry. Do not wear more than three pieces of jewelry, otherwise, it will appear cumbersome. Wearing jewelry properly can have a better fashion effect.

        • Stacked necklaces are more fashionable:

          Stacked necklaces are more fashionable than wearing one alone. You can stack short necklaces and long necklaces together to make basic styles of clothes more attractive.

        • Just remember two rules for stacking necklaces:

          one main chain and multiple auxiliary chains. For example, a thick necklace is matched with 1 or 2 thin necklaces. A short necklace is used to decorate the collarbone, and a long necklace is used to lengthen your neckline. This matching is definitely not mediocre even in a white T-shirt.

Alphabet Butterfly Pendant Necklace It only takes a little thought to make your simple clothes and ordinary life a little more interesting. Dressing yourself up every day is the driving force for a good life. Wholesale fashion jewelry can make you more attractive, can also allow you to express your personal emotions, and can even become your gorgeous carrier. Come to our OOK JEWELRY online store to choose the cheapest and most exquisite fashion jewelry for yourself!

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