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Often in gyms and various training centres, we get to see that weight lifting belts are considered quite an important piece of equipment that could be used while lifting up heavy weights. Most of the time we even get to see that there are different institutes that provide these weight lifting belts to the trainers and athletes themselves as well. This is because of the fact that these weight lifting belts have become highly popular in the world because of their outstanding ability to provide safety to the back as it is required for the majority of the weightlifters, o matter which class they belong to. Weight lifting belts are also seen to be used by athletes as well, and not only do we see them being used in the gyms but they are also seen to be used at various weight lifting competitions and Olympics as well. These are considered to be important because of the fact that these weight lifting belts that can be bought from Weight Lifting Belt wholesaler are designed in a way that they provide circular stability and support the spine and core muscles when the heavy objects are being lifted Thus, they are helpful for the people t lift the objects that are otherwise, impossible for them to lift without the help and support that is available only with the presence of the belt.


What exactly is a weight lifting Belt?

When we talk about what exactly is a weight lifting belt, we get to see that a gym lifting belt is a type of belt that is supposed to be worn around the waist of the person while they are lifting heavy weights and loads. There are various different types of these weight lifting belts that are available, all of these belts are made up of different types of materials, for instance, weight lifting belts could be made up of thick leather or they could also be made up of nylon as well. However, we get to see the use of nylon belts more than the other types o belts that is because of the fact that these leather belts are more long-lasting, durable, comfortable and a stronger option compared to the other types of belts that are seen to be available in the market and are used for the same purposes.

When it comes to the structure these weight lifting belts are typically kept thicker in the terms of width. They are approximately kept thick up to a range of at least four inches to six inches. In the end, there is a presence of a metal buckle which is used to secure the belt and fasten it once you wear it over your waist. 


The Purpose of a Weight Lifting Belt

The purpose of a lifting belt is to take some pressure off the lower back during an intense lift or when squatting, benching and deadlifting. It should also help decrease hip bursitis and improve posture. So if you are not doing well on squats – a weak core from a bad diet can easily be fixed by wearing this “accessory.” I would think the last 2-to 3 years tops though, so do it now! If you can only buy one piece of equipment for your home gym that would prove to be the best investment – then get a cheap pair. Let’s go over my ideal setup first… weightlifting belts are designed so plates hang off of the belt, not on it. No one wants to pin their shoulders with the plates – and I would hope you are not that weak. If your deltoids can’t handle a weighted pullup or overhead press in addition to squats and benching then it’s time for some serious work! The only way this works is if you don’t want pins sticking out of your skin all day while lifting heavy ass weights, so choose wisely – there are other options with more cushion (read: thick) foam that is used in commercial gyms to let the “skin” wear and tear. You will know if this hurts your shoulders because there will be any pulling, tiring or burning sensations in one way; around the shoulder blades where they attach to the neck (or collarbone).


Usually, we get to see that the people who lift heavy weights and loads, use weight lifting belts in order to support them to lift the loads that might not be possible to lift otherwise without wearing a belt, as these belts are designed in a way that they provide extra support to the body. 


How much can I lift wearing a belt in the gym?


The biggest lifting choice comes from those of you reading this that already weigh more than 200 pounds and are more than ready to start hitting their muscle bellies with 100-pound plus weights. Why are we talking about a belt here – because if your goal is 380+ on the squat, 275 for deadlift or anything in between then don’t even try wearing one in the gym until after this workout! Only dip into 7 -8 reps for the first workout and then we are talking about 95-110% of your top. For the first workout try weight in at 75-80% of your top – only dips into 7 -8 reps for this one. (suggested 210lbs) Then go up to 95% and if you can do more than 8 then great, by numbers where I say “even” or lower indicated a ​different progression.


I know it’s scary but follow along with me through! Keeps us all safe while training massive biceps in a safe manner! Keep your discs, spine and outside of the elbow pads from sticking to each other because it might almost be fun for you – load up (weight) on these babies.


Workout rep and set ranges

Squat Strong belt Weighted Incline Bench-press 65x 12 reps 135lbs 85x 10 88-90% 82’ers x10 145sq 95f+ Reps 180 15 reps 195 17\14​ Rt Loop db bench press 45x 10 reps 195lb 85x 5, 20 2-3 secs rest or :90 6:1 eccentric 8’ers x10 85/85×2 175db Row 95% 1RM Front Squats 55 180yd 3.20 40 plate chins for time (25 lbs) 60 115k squat chest supported pushups (weird form and easy way to learn your technique)-6 rep set in A 21 37 fat burners x 10 legs Double Unders Competition and faster=we are going to switch up the order above as oppose to skinny dipping – this is because of you could mess with your body’s natural setpoints for how fast it does things before we know when fat loss will come from (that would be pretty cool huh?)



After 2 weeks I am in a state where my biceps now have more meat on them than ever I can remember. They are tender and beautiful. No way I’d ever want to cut these down in the future, they look so good!


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