Web development with cybersecurity | Is it vital?

web development services
web development services
web development services
web development services

Online presence for a business is much more than just domain & hosting. Growth focused online presence requires web development with cybersecurity.

The world is going fast on the roads of development and technology. However, malice is reeping through these roads as well. The online presence of almost every business has brought about 1.74 billion websites online, facilitating its customers digitally. Therefore, website development and web design are one of the significant tasks for businesses. However, having all the data on a website is very risky because website hackers can cause you severe harm with your confidential data online. Therefore, web development is not as easy peasy lemon squeezy as it seems. Nowadays, web development with cybersecurity can only save you from the malicious attacks, and only a professional team like NavicoSoft can keep your website from security threats.

What is cybersecurity? Why is it important?

Information technology security or electronic information security are the other words for cybersecurity. Cybersecurity refers to the practices to defend the websites, servers, networks, and electronic devices from hacking. Must be wondering why malicious attacks are so important to consider. The answer lies in a report by the Website Hacking statistics 2019 that an attack is attempted after every 39 seconds, which is alarming. This calls for better strategies for web development with cybersecurity to save the critical data of websites. Cybersecurity is expected to cost about $133.7 billion. Online businesses are vulnerable, with a focus on retailers and the medical sector. More importantly, the main target of these malicious attackers is the small scale businesses. It is not essential that you must buy both the services of web development and web security from the same agency. Navicogaurd by NavicoSoft offers you a complete solution for website security or you can simply buy its SSL certificate to secure your website.

Currently, WordPress is the most commonly used CMS, and hackers are continuously evolving. Despite continuous updates of WordPress, hackers still may get to infect your website’s code, breach it for confidential data or even block your access to your website’s pages. Therefore, to keep ahead of the attackers, you must hire top quality professionals or an entrusted agency for your website security so that you may need not worry about the data and functioning of your website. Several agencies provide the best and secure website development services. NavicoSoft is one such platform that can give you the top-notch services of cybersecurity in web development.




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