Ways You Can Ruin A Classical Concert For Other People


A Choir concert in Los Angeles California is the best thing ever. Watching your favorite band perform live on stage can be an exciting and fun experience. An epic performance will stay with you for years afterward. People attend classical concerts to have fun. However, you can end up doing things unconsciously to ruin other people’s experiences. Here are some things you can do to ruin other people’s experience at a classical concert.

Taking incessant photos

You are at an awesome concert and you would want to remember it for the years to come. I cannot blame you. People like to take photos to prove that the concert happened. However, everyone who cares about the music hates your hand up in the sky blocking their view just to take a couple of photos.

Taking incessant video

Taking a video in classical music concerts in Los Angeles California is worse than taking a photo. You don’t have to stick your hand in the sky for minutes taking a video as you block other people’s views.

Not watching the show

One thing that most people don’t like is when people seated next to them start looking at their phones while the show is in progress. If you are at a concert, be at the concert. What is the purpose of coming to a show and start looking at your phone when you could have just remained at home to look at your phone?

Yelling at the band

Whether you are trying to cheer or jeer at a choir concert in Los Angeles California, it is important to give the band enough time to do their thing. You don’t have to yell at the band as they perform because you will be disturbing other people from listening to music. You can cheer or clap when you think it is awesome but avoid yelling at the band.


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