Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

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Ways To Make Your Husband Happy

Several articles are there on Google about how to keep your wife happy. But, if you are here; you wish to know the ways to keep your husband happy. You love him in a way that can’t be put into words, therefore, you want to know what will put a beaming smile on his face; just the one that makes your eyes sparkle. 

If you feel that marital bliss and love is slowly wearing off from your marriage; its because you and your husband are caught up in the whirlwind of daily life with little time for each other. To keep your marriage strong and spark alive you would need to do things that keep your husband happy and gives you happiness as well.

  1. Dress Up For Him: Every woman wants to look her best in front of her husband. Dressing up especially for him is one way of expressing that his happiness and he matters the most to you. Not only on occasions but on the rest of the days, dress up nicely and wear some makeup. To notch up the romance in your relationship you can dress in an attire that is a bit extraordinary or flamboyant. If you are asking how to know if he is happy with this gesture or not? If he compliments you and cannot take his eyes off you; you should know the magic has worked! 
  2. Be The Romantic One: If you and your partner have completed years of marriage together romance tends to take the backseat because of the responsibilities. Slowly, as you move forward, it feels like a monotonous routine that you both are ensuring. Therefore, keeping romance alive is the key to ensuring happy and healthy marriage. When he comes back from the office, light up the candles and have an intimate dinner. On weekends, plan for cosy and relaxing activities. Go out for walks and hold hands. All these gestures will make him feel elated. 
  3. Surprises: Who said husbands don’t love surprises? Of course they do! You can surprise him on birthdays, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions. Shop a surprise birthday gift for husband, keeping in mind his tastes and likes. Then, you can plan a Valentine’s Day surprise to a picturesque location to help him relax and rejuvenate. By way of these surprise ideas, seize opportunities to have a great time and build strong relationships. Sweet surprises like these will put a beautiful smile on his face too. 
  4. Give Him His Personal Space: He is your husband and you have all the rights on him. However, personal space and me time is important. There are and will be times when he yearns for some personal space and time. As a doting wife, you need to understand his need and respect it. Do not bother him when he is reading a book, playing games, having fun with friends or pursuing any of his hobbies. 
  5. Appreciate His Efforts: You would agree to this without batting an eyelid that your husband does a lot for you. How many times have you appreciated his efforts and gestures? A thank you when he takes care of you or a bouquet of flowers with a note to appreciate his efforts will make his heart jump in joy. Sometimes it can be hard to put what you feel into words, in such cases you can show your affection and adoration with gestures.
  6. Cheer Him Up: Be the ray of happiness in his life. Cheer him up with jokes, funny antics, and gestures whenever he is feeling low or sad. When he comes back dull and tired from the office, ask how the day went, how was his work and show some affection towards him. Share your day’s stories over a glass of wine or some quick snacks. 
  7. Exude Positivity: Make sure you keep the home environment positive and vibrant. A healthy and happy home is necessary for a relationship to foster. This will be possible only when you are happy inside-out. Stay happy and positive to keep him smiling and your relationship strong and steady over the years. 

Try these ways to keep your relationship floating and your husband happy and healthy. If you have more ideas to share, do comment!


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