Ways to Control Shani/Saturn


In astrology, Shani/Saturn evokes fear as it can cause immense suffering to people when it is not well placed in the birth chart and also during its Dasha periods and transits. However, the blame for Shani’s negative effects on our lives rests on ourselves alone. Shani is a karmic planet, meaning its effects are based on our karma or actions. If we do good deeds, we create good karma, which brings rewards from Shani. On the other hand, if we do bad things, we create bad karma, which brings punishments from Shani. Shani is like a teacher who is a strict disciplinarian as well as a judge who dispenses justice without any bias. In short, if you wish to control Shani, you need to see what kind of karma you are creating through your actions.


Some Facts about Shani

The word ‘Shani’ means ‘something that moves slowly.’ Most of the planets will move signs within a few days. But Shani takes 2.5 years to change signs. It is a cold and dry planet. In mythology, Shani is the son of Surya (Sun God) and Chhaya, the shadow of his real wife. Surya was not aware of the switch, and hence, when Shani was born with a dark complexion, he thought that the child was not his son. Naturally, this led to a hostile relationship between Shani and Surya until the misunderstanding was cleared with Lord Shiva’s intervention.


Shani signifies elderly people. It is seen as malefic in astrology, as it brings sorrow, hardships, obstacles, etc. When well placed, it gives good results and a long life span.


The negative influence of Shani in the free birth chart can manifest in many ways in your personality. Let us see what they are:


Frightening people with or without any reason


Taking delight in insulting others


Causing misery to others


Doing things that lead to the downfall of other people


Feeling happy when others suffer


Having a harsh nature and a hard heart


Being pessimistic or selfish


A tendency to procrastinate


People with the abovementioned traits are strongly influenced by Saturn. It is during the Sade Sati phase (7.5 years) that is the judgment time for Shani in our lives. If your karma is good, this period may pass off smoothly without any problems. But if your karma is bad, woe betide you, for Shani will demand his pound of flesh like the ruthless Shylock in Shakespeare’s play, The Merchant of Venice.


Remedies to Control Saturn


Avoid doing bad things which lead to bad karma. Do not hurt others in any way or commit immoral or unethical acts. All this will invite the wrath of Shani. Accumulating good karma is the best way to please Shani.


Worship Lord Hanuman regularly. Mythology says that Hanuman freed Shani from captivity in Lanka. In return, a grateful Shani promised that he would not trouble those who worshipped Hanuman.


Saturn represents old people and also the handicapped, so treat them with kindness and respect. Never ignore your duties and responsibilities to parents and other elders.


Observe vrat/fast on Saturday, which is associated with Shani.


Try to visit a Shani temple and make special offerings.


Chant Shani Mantra or Shani Stotram. Mantras are filled with great spiritual power and help connect you with the deity in question.


Donate money, food, clothes, etc., to the needy. This boosts your good karma.


Treat your workers with respect and compassion, as Saturn represents the working class.


Worship Lord Kalabhairava.


Worship the Peepal tree by watering it and doing Parikrama (circumambulation).


Walk barefoot on the grass on Saturday. This helps you become more humble, which pleases Shani.

Feed crows on Saturday. The crow is Saturn’s mount.

Practice Karma Yoga. Shani is the god of karma, so when you perform actions without expecting rewards, it pleases him.

Light lamps with sesame or mustard oil, especially on Saturdays.


Wear black clothes on Saturday. Black is the color associated with Shani.


Avoid alcohol and non-vegetarian food.


Do Shani Pooja


Make lifestyle changes. Making certain lifestyle changes helps balance the energy of Shani. This could include leading a disciplined life, being grateful, and giving up bad habits and negative behaviors. It helps mitigate the negative impact of Shani and also brings spiritual growth and development.



It is true that Shani can present many challenges in our life. But, we can learn lessons from them and benefit from them ultimately. By facing Shani’s challenges with courage and accepting the lessons Shani wants to teach us, we can evolve into better human beings. AstroVed is an online platform offering personalized astrology services and remedies based on Vedic astrology principles.


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