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India Wali Maa is a story of a mother and a son relationship in which the mother tries her best to conquer her son’s heart who is living independently in London. Indiawaali Maa serial is produced by Jai Mehta productions who already have produced mind-blowing serials like Rab Se Sohna Ishq, Ek Nayi Pehchan, Jeet Gayi Toh Piya Morey, and Gathbandhan.

Kaku decides to go live with Rohan in the city and gets disappointed with his behaviour. Further, she tries to help him financially along with her daughter-in-law, Cheenu. India Wali Maa main lead role of son is played by handsome actor Akshay Mhatre and the main lead role of mother is played by versatile actor Suchitra Trivedi.

Beautiful actress Sheen Das is seen romancing with Akshay Mhatre in India Wali Maa once again after the successful serial Piya Albela.

Here in this article, we are sharing the information about the cast and crew, story, gossips, and spoilers, twists & turns of Indiawali Maa.

 Sony TV show ‘India Wali Maa’ is going off air soon. In this show, Pooja-Naren from the serial ‘Piya Albela’ i.e. Sheen Das and Akshay Mhatre’s superhit duo ‘India Wali Maa’. The creator of this serial is Jai Mehta, who has made many serials like ‘Allegiance’, ‘JGMan’ and ‘Jeet Gayi To Piya More’. Initially, the story of the serial ‘India Wali Maa’ was very interesting. Although this serial was supposed to be launched in March, but due to the lockdown it was braked.

This was the story of a mother who worries about the smallest thing about her children. But she always wants the best for her children. Kaku is a simple, middle-aged woman with a simple, independent character living in Bhuj, who is happily spending her life with her always cheerful husband. There is only one difficulty between these two husband and wife and that is their son Rohan. Where Kaku yearns to get the attention of his son settled in America.

The story of India Wali Maa revolves around a mother and a son duo who faced many differences when the son went abroad.

India Wali Maa shows that how a mother cared for her son and fulfilled all the wishes of him when he was a child, but the situations changed when the son went to London leaving his parents behind.

Kaushalya (Suchitra Trivedi) never gave up on his relationship with his son Rohan (Akshay Mhatre) and went to see him in London to clear the differences built between them.

Based on spoilers of the India Waali Maa serial, Cheenu and Kaku will join hands to save Rohan from the financial trouble caused because of the loan he took from the bank.

Let’s see how a mother’s love will change the stone-hearted feelings of her son and how they will start embracing their relationship in India Wali Maa serial.

Sucheeta Trivedi’s India Wali Maa is set to go off air. The show will be replaced by Sargam Ki Sadhe Saati, starring Anjali Tatrari and Kunal Saluja. Indiawaali Maa premiered on August 31 last year and is coming to an end in just five months. The show was appreciated for a different storyline but lack of numbers on the rating chart forced it for an early exit.


Speaking about India Wali Maa going off-air, Sucheeta Trivedi said, “In life, every good thing has to come to end. Similarly, when a show begins, it also has to come to end. As an actor, I was prepared for this, but it hits you hard when you are playing the central character. My character was content-driven and an author-backed role, so the onus and the pressure of a show doing well or not is always there. However, other factors like script, storyline, production values, ratings and many other external factors also add up. Bringing out a show while dealing with Covid-19 came with a lot of challenges and limitations in terms of locations and other aspects as well. top-tips-for-improving-your-spoken-english


“I’m going to miss my on-screen husband (Nitesh Pandey), my on-screen beta (Akshay Mhatre), all the gorgeous saris that I have worn so far, and all the dogs on the sets.

Talking about her role in India Wali Maa, Sucheeta said, “With the sudden boom of OTT and other streaming platforms, the audience now has a variety of options to choose from, so we cannot fool them by serving them the same-old content. They want to watch good shows, which are strong on content, storytelling and performances. I think this change in the viewing pattern has seen a paradigm shift in the quality of content being made on TV and I must say we are on the right track. As for age, there are actresses over 40, who are playing pivotal characters currently on TV and their shows are doing well.”


Set up in Ghaziabad, Sargam Ki Sadhe Saati revolves around Sargam’s life and her unique sasural where she is the only woman among sadhe saat (seven-and-a-haf) men. Every man in the house is peculiar in their own way and is good at transforming even the everyday family-routine into hilarious situations. The show seems to be inspired by Saas Bina Sasural, which starred Ravi Dubey and Aishwarya Sakhuja in lead roles.

But with the help of Chandraprabha, Kaku and Rohan are able to prove themselves innocent. But then a shocking news awaits them. Cheenu, on her way back to bangalore was feeling uneasy and her car met with an accident. Akshay took Cheenu to the hospital and informs Rohan and kaku about the same. Both of them are left shocked and petrified. Kaku runs to the hospital whereas rohan had to stay back into police station for completing some legal formalities. Cheenu faces a miscarriage because of the accident as she is left broken. Kaku’s heart breaks on hearing this but she tries to remain strong in front of Cheenu because she could understand the terrible pain that cheenu is going through.


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