Variety of Microphone and Their Uses

industry standard microphone
industry standard microphone

When you are recording vocals, playing instruments at your home or in the studio, recording guitars and drums, you will want to get the best sound possible. The quality of the microphone is directly linked with the quality of audio you will get.

Therefore, before you run out to buy a bunch of microphones, you need to have an idea about how to use them and the types of microphones there are so that you can buy the best microphone.

Industry-standard microphones are great quality professional microphones used for live vocals. Different types of professional microphones are available in the market that helps to get the best recordings, and you can enjoy high-quality vocals on every stage

The major part while buying an industry standard microphone or any other microphone is what you need because not all microphones can be used for the same purpose.

Here is a detail about different types of microphones that you can use in the studio or while recording songs.

Dynamic Microphones

Dynamic microphones are great quality microphones that can be used for multiple purposes, including vocals, recording or drums, guitar amps, etc. They do not need much power supply and are available at affordable costs.

Generally, a dynamic microphonic is a reliable option for those who play live and record their vocals. These microphones can be swung around because even if you drop them, they will be ok. These microphones are best for guitars and more antagonistic vocals in live streaming.

Condenser Microphones

These microphones are ideal for acoustic guitars and recording vocals and recording vocals. They require a power supply and are very sensitive to popping and breathing.

These microphones are very sensitive because they use a conductive diaphragm that vibrates with the pressure of sound and uses capacitance to create the audio signal. They are not ideally used for recording guitar amps because they are susceptible to distortion at higher levels.

Due to the sensitivity, you can get a natural and transparent recording with a condenser microphone.

Ribbon Microphone

These microphones are highly sensitive, perfect for recording multiple instruments in a room, and great for piano, vocals, and woodwind.

These mics are used by those who want a high-quality vibe to their soundtrack. Ribbon mics have the ability to record the room beautifully as they can record higher notes of strings accurately.

These microphones are very famous because of these extraordinary features and are the best choice for those customers who want to record a wide variety of acoustic instruments.


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