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Big data, software data, analytics, content, and other types of information are plenty on the internet. The firm must collect and analyse data in order to implement data-driven measures. Firms may make well-informed decisions and maintain constant success by reviewing data.
Data scientists’ main challenge is obtaining data and then deleting useless information, which is why they scrape vast volumes of data from various online sources.
For a business owner or a novice data scientist, data scraping might present a number of challenges. Is there anything to be concerned about in terms of security? What are the best strategies for quickly crawling data? I’m not sure which scraping tools to use.
The proxy technique is one of the most popular data scraping tools, and here are some of the benefits it provides to data scientists.

Pros and cons of web scraping through proxies

Data scientists typically utilise a proxy server to route requests. You can access the information you wish to scrape by utilising a proxy to access an IP address or a set of IP addresses. As a result, when you visit a website, your IP address is hidden from the site, allowing you to extract it anonymously.
Furthermore, using proxies for web scraping has the following advantages:
  • You can circumvent IP restrictions imposed by some websites by using proxy servers. For example, certain hosting companies block IP addresses coming from a particular country.
  • By using proxy servers, requests can be made from a specific IP address, location, mobile device, or location and crawl content relevant to that device or location.
  • Proxy pools allow you to send multiple requests to a website or web server simultaneously, thus reducing the probability that your request will be blocked.

What are the advantages of using a web scraping proxy?

Maintaining a stable connection.

You already know that data mining is a time-consuming operation, regardless of which programme you use. Your internet connection goes down just as you’re ready to finish the operation, leading you to lose all of your progress and squander crucial time. This could happen if you use your own server, which may have a shaky connection. You will have a more reliable connection if you utilise a trusted proxy.

Protecting your IP address

As we discussed earlier in this essay, if you undertake multiple scraping actions on a target site over a long period of time, you are likely to be banned. Your access may be restricted in other circumstances owing to your location. You can overcome these issues in the blink of an eye if you use a reliable proxy like SmartProxy. Your IP address will be masked and replaced with a huge number of rotating residential proxies, effectively masking you from the target website’s server. A proxy, on the other hand, will give you access to a global network of proxy servers, allowing you to bypass the issue of location. Simply select your favourite location, such as the United States or Madagascar, and surf anonymously.


Would you really want to put yourself in such a dangerous situation while mining? Are you sure you want to put yourself in such a situation while mining? It’s possible that your own server won’t be able to handle all of the potentially hazardous entities it’ll come across while scraping data. Backconnect proxies are the most effective way to solve this issue.
A proxy can help you with some basic and necessary necessities like masking your IP address and using a secure and steady connection to guarantee that your operation works smoothly and successfully, regardless of the software you plan to use or your degree of experience.

Avoid IP bans

To prevent scrapers from sending too many requests, websites implement a crawl rate restriction. The site’s speed is slowed as a result of this. The crawler can evade rate constraints on the target website by making queries from several IP addresses if the proxy pool is large enough.

Questions about data scraping with a proxy

How much does the service cost?

While proxy servers aren’t particularly expensive, it’s important to keep things in perspective and remember that being detected by your target site and being fed incorrect information could result in a much larger financial burden; in that case, paying for a good Resident, IP Proxy service becomes more practical.
Furthermore, if data mining efforts yield superior outcomes, you could argue that investing in a solid proxy is a better investment (ROI).

How can I control the rotation of residential IP addresses?

Many proxy providers use high-rotation IPs, which means you’ll get a different IP address every time you send a request. This will surely have an impact on your company’s performance. Sending a large number of queries or browsing multiple websites from the same IP address will ensure that the procedure runs smoothly.
When doing an activity that necessitates the viewing of several web pages, you should avoid using IP addresses with a high rotation rate.
Proxycrawl’s SmartProxy allows you to stay at the same IP address during a task. Simply select the appropriate location and the rotation time that corresponds to the amount of time you need to finish your assignment to change your IP address (1 minute, 10 minutes, 30 minutes). The task will be accomplished considerably more swiftly and with a higher chance of success this way.

Is it difficult to integrate the proxy?

That is, it is contingent on the proxy service you purchase. When you try to incorporate some proxy services, they appear to work well. Some are difficult to integrate since they require complex proxy managers, which means you’ll have to change your entire system in the end. Other proxy providers will need to whitelist your IP address.
In short, these proxies should not be used. Use proxies that are simple to set up and can handle any situation. The SmartProxy, for example, is easy to set up and employs an IP: a port with a whitelist, a username-password system, and API-based session persistence.

What other features should I seek in a proxy network?

On the market, proxies are software-agnostic. The setup is straightforward and does not necessitate the installation of any sophisticated proxy managers. They should also provide automatic onboarding rather than needing you to go through time-consuming bureaucratic procedures or conduct video calls to receive the items. Furthermore, proxy servers must maintain account anonymity throughout the entire proxy eco-system architecture, as well as provide a language-agnostic API because developers utilise a range of programming languages and prefer a language-agnostic API.


The following are the most common reasons for using proxy services to scrape websites. The choice of a proxy for scraping is typically a trade-off between ease of use, reliability, speed, and price, but from this list, you should be able to find one or two that match your demands. SmartProxy from Proxycrawl is an outstanding data collection solution.


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