Uses and Advantages of Vastu Tapes for Vastu Dosha


Vastu Tapes of varying colors are utilized in the practice of Vastu to correct deficiencies in the Vastu of a structure, restore harmony to elemental imbalances, and shield a space from undesirable energies and effects. These Vastu tapes are made of Vinyl and are 100% wash proof. This method can also be utilized to mitigate the negative impacts brought on by inappropriate entries. It is common practice to place suitable colored tapes on the floor in order to shut off the energy spread. This is typically done around restrooms, areas that are unbalanced or disturbed, or at the entry. This practice boosts positive vibration. Because of the smooth sealing adhesive that is used in the production of the vinyl tapes, these tapes are waterproof, simple to stick and remove, and do not leave any sticky residue behind after removal. The technique of using vastu tapes are as popular as using Vastu Pyramids for Home and office vastu correction.

How Vastu Tapes are Useful in removing Vastu Dosha?

According to Vastu Shastra, the inappropriate placement of a toilet, entrance, dustbin, washing machine, or kitchen can have a detrimental effect on both personal and professional endeavors. Colored tape can be used as a remedy or correction for certain Vastu Doshas (without requiring any structural alterations, building modifications, or destruction).

There is a connection between the five elements and the five different colored tapes (blue, green, red, yellow, and white) (Panch Tatva).

The goal of using Vastu Tapes is to achieve a state of energetic equilibrium by isolating or blocking any unfavorable activity or anti-activity that may be present. Additionally, the Color assists in shortening the stretched corners and zones.

In How many colors do Vastu Tapes come?

Vastu Tapes comes primarily in five colors- Red, White, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These five different colors are used for balancing five earth elements. Such as – Red Color signifies the fire element, Blue color signifies the Water element, White, Blue, and Yellow color signifies the air element whereas Green color tape is associated with the earth element.

Benefits of Using Vastu Tapes

Balancing the energy

Invests vitality into the area

How to use Vastu Tapes?

Utilize and choose the Appropriate Color Tape in Accordance with the Directions and Suggestions of the Vastu Consultant (ie Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and White).

Install this colored tape with a self-adhesive backing on the smooth flooring (such as tiles, marble, or granite), the skirting, or the dehleej of the main door. Note: Do not install on surfaces that are either damp or rough.

  1. Install Around the toilet commode.
  2. Install Around the Water Closet Pot (below the tiles)
  3. Install the wall connector all the way around the WC drain pipe.
  4. Install all components around the base of the washing machine
  5. Install all the way around the base of the dustbin.
  6. Install Around the front entrance (Dahleej)
  7. Beneath the ground or the flooring, so as to obstruct the expanded zone

How to Buy Vastu Tapes?

You can buy a single or Set of five Colorful Vastu Tapes online at affordable prices. is a famous website for buying Vastu Products.


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