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Videos have been the most widely utilised and frequently used content promotion format till date, with a solid track record of driving site traffic and enhancing sales. However, many people are still failing in their attempts to grasp video marketing, and it’s because they’re creating the incorrect kinds of films.

A marketer might use a number of films for a variety of reasons, including enhancing brand awareness, increasing website traffic, or just giving industry information to a devoted consumer audience. Explainer video production services are one such tool that has proven to be particularly successful.

What are Explainer Video production services, and how does it work?

An explainer video is a brief video, usually around 90 secs long, that explains a business concept in a clear, instructive, and entertaining manner. Because the graphics catch customer attention fast and may readily express how a service or product might advantage a consumer or fix a problem they may be experiencing, animation is a frequent style for an explainer video.

To elaborate on this notion, an explainer video exposes the viewer to a certain subject – this might be an explanation of the characteristics of a new product or service, a brand intro, or a process rundown, such as how a specific app works. A short lesson on how to use a product or software programme can also be included in an explainer video.Finally, explainer videos might encourage viewers to visit your website to learn more about a product, service, or organisation.  Explainer video production services may also be used to showcase your product and show off your workplace culture, further engaging customers and increasing brand awareness.

Explainer videos are effective for a variety of reasons.

Let’s look at the factors why explainer films are successful now that you know what they’re for. You’ll almost certainly seek to use explainer films as part of your marketing mix after you’ve realised the benefits. 

  1. Videos are more effective than text.

According to current statistics, video outperforms all other methods for turning prospects into customers. Consumers may learn more about businesses and the goods & services they provide by watching videos. Consumers may also learn more about the advantages of a service or product by watching videos. This is because people absorb more knowledge from viewing videos than they do from reading words – in fact, video retains 95 percent of a message.

Even more impressive, more than 95% of customers questioned said they’ve viewed an explainer film to learn so much about a product or service. Consumers are not only interested in viewing videos, but also they are actively looking for them, according to this data. It’s no surprise that explainer video production services are the most popular type of video for marketing.

Consumers just prefer watching videos over reading text or reading a handbook. The structure, short duration, and clear and concise information are far more enticing and powerful. When questioned, over 90% of consumers said they wanted more video content from the companies with whom they do business.

  1. Videos are Simple to Share

When a customer likes an explainer video, they are twofold as inclined to share it with their friends as they would be with any other form of content. This is due to the fact that a videos are more prone to creating an impact than a wordy essay, perplexing infographic, or long e-book.While there is no assurance that a video will “go incredibly popular,” a video has a considerably higher chance of being spread tenfold than a plain website page.

  1. Educative Videos Quickly get to the point

Regardless of just how engaging the subject is, a protracted video will lose viewers as it progresses. Explainer videos are effective because they are concise and to-the-point. Consumers today expect to get information fast and don’t want to waste precious time browsing through online pages or viewing a long movie merely to locate the information they’re looking for. You can rapidly communicate any message in an interesting manner with explainer video production services.

  1. Educative Videos Make describing how a service or product works simply.

Explainer films are great for showing how to utilise a product or explaining how well a particular service will benefit a customer. The visual presentation will assist visitors. Videos are frequently more suited to delivering instructions than simple words.

  1. Videos Will Help You Increase Conversions

Explainer videos are much more likely to make a purchase after seeing it because they better engage the audience and provide a solution to an issue. Over 90% of consumers say that seeing a video has a major impact on their purchase choices, according to various sources, which would include Forbes.

  1. Cost-Effectiveness of Explainer Videos

You don’t have to break the bank to make an explanation video. Today’s sophisticated technology enables for the creation of high-quality, sophisticated videos for a reasonable cost. When you choose a professional video marketing firm, you can be certain that your film will accurately portray your brand and message in a refined and professional way. This is significant since it will set your brand apart from the competition…

  1. Explainer video production services help you differentiate yourself from the competition.

Explainer videos aren’t for everyone yet (even though they really should be). If you already have explainer films on multiple marketing platforms and video platforms like YouTube, you’ll not only keep a competitive edge, but you’ll also enhance search engine results, allowing customers to discover you sooner than they reach a rival site.

  1. They help you rank higher in search engines.

Explainer films that focus on certain themes, goods, or services can be labelled and named with keywords to aid in SEO marketing and drive more visitors to your website through various channels. Since Google utilises analytics to figure out the duration of time someone spends on a page of a website, having clips on the website helps your google rankings. If consumers remain longer to view a video, Google recognises that your website is more engaging and valuable, and your search results rating for certain keywords rises as a result.

  1. Mobile Marketing Benefits from Explainer video production services

Consumers like streaming video content on their smartphones, and mobile buyers frequently use videos to learn about new items. Having explainer films available for the smartphone market keeps you connected to your target audience 24 hours a day, seven days a week and raises brand recognition.

  1. Explainer videos are an important part of the buyer’s journey.

Marketers that have previously used explainer films into their marketing strategy have witnessed firsthand the favourable outcomes. This is due to the fact that videos serve the marketing funnel far better than a marketing strategy consisting solely of text material. Including explainer films somewhere along the customer journey boosts your ROI and engagement rate significantly.

Now that you understand why explainer video production services are so successful, it’s time to include them into your marketing strategy. You may accomplish this in a variety of ways, including putting them on your homepage and landing pages, as well as using social media and other video platforms. Assistance from a professional video production agency, like EZ, is also a smart approach since they will not only assist you in creating a high-quality video, but they can also assist you in determining the ideal channels to exhibit your films for maximum exposure. So, get in touch with us for all your explainer video needs! 

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