Update Your Virtual Call Center Software With Bright Pattern


Update Your Virtual Call Center Software With Bright Pattern

Every business knows that peak customer service is the key to making sure that their operations are successful. After all, a happy customer often becomes a repeat customer. That’s why it’s important to have a contact center in place to address any questions or concerns your consumers may have. One company is helping to provide business users with the platforms they need to handle phone calls, emails, and all digital channels for quality assurance.

Quality Management

Any business wants to put an emphasis on the customer experience, and that’s where providers like Bright Pattern are helping companies with call center software integration. With cutting-edge innovation, businesses are building a more powerful contact center, while making sure that the platforms are simplified for anyone in a company to use. Through quality assurance on these open platforms, contact centers are able to ensure consistency and quality from all customer interactions. This can be done by phone calls, texts, or internet-based messaging services.

This is accomplished through omnichannel conversations. This means that a customer can bring forth an issue or complete an order through multiple platforms and still have things addressed with seamless transparency through all responders. Through the ease of use of the platform, a customer can get a more personalized experience across all agents. This makes for a better call outcome, with proper CRM integration of any important data linked to a customer’s request.

Multi-Use Compliance

In creating a powerful cloud contact center, companies are able to establish a platform that is easily integrated into a company and able to adhere to rigorous standards. Call center software and data hubs are able to use these open platforms to meet a variety of standards in certain industries. This includes GDPR and HIPAA-compliant infrastructure. This allows businesses to retain sensitive data for storage and transmission while implementing firewalls and access controls to protect things like customer credit card information.

An open platform like this also allows for a call center manager to monitor audit logs to understand who is accessing these network resources and regularly test the security of those implementations. Innovative companies are recognizing that the addition of these on-premises solutions has helped to link multiple facets of their industry. For example, medical facilities have found that this contact center software not only allows them to book appointments but also maintains easier connectivity with insurance for payout on a patient’s bills. By creating this secure connection, processes are being handled safely and speedily on a regular basis.

AI Support for Efficiency

What allows for the only true omnichannel cloud platform to operate efficiently is its use of artificial intelligence to help in the customer service experience. AI agent assistance empowers those fielding calls within your operating center, streamlining customer service with on-the-fly suggestions and sentiment analysis. With one single sign, a call center operator can find the right move to address a consumer’s query in no time at all. With quality assurance, those AI functions are monitored to ensure consistent response at all hours from whomever fields the request.

Through these cloud-based platforms, contact centers are able to give customers the freedom of choice and self-service. Through conversational individual responses, a team of industry veterans can answer phone calls and emails faster than ever before with an AI boost. These platforms allow for a call outcome to be determined even when the phone is no longer in play. This can be done from seamless connections to email or other contact outlets. The fact is that these platforms are being considered among the best investments that innovative companies can make to make sure that they continue to treat their customers like #1.


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