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facebook ad mockup

A Facebook ad mockup of an ad shows how an Facebook advertisement would appear visually. It lets advertisers see and test their ads prior to running it since it’s basically a replica of an advertisement with the exact format.

Mockups can be created using several tools and software, such as Photoshop as well as Canva. Advertisers can try out different designs, images and text using mockups in order to determine how their ads will look across various platforms.

While they provide an accurate image of how the advertisement will be displayed on an ad’s appearance on the Facebook platforms, they may be used to demonstrate ideas for ads to clients or other parties. The mockups can be utilized by advertisers to enhance the creation of their ads and make their campaigns more effective for the greatest effectiveness.

Several Mockup Ad Types

To observe their campaigns in action, advertisers are able to make a variety of mockup ads. These are the most well-known Facebook ad mockup:

  • Picture Ads

These ads only contain only one image, and a few lines of text. Advertisers can create images in a range of sizes. A simple image ad that has the dimensions of 1200 x 628 pixels.

  • Ads and videos

Another popular format for ads that is popular on Facebook can be video ads. Marketers can design mockups of their ads to test how their videos will be displayed on various platforms like the News Feed on Facebook.

  • Carousel advertisements

Advertisers are able to display multiple images or videos within a single advert by using carousel ads. Advertisers can see ahead of time how each card on the carousel looks and how users react to the ad by making an illustration.

  • Advertising for Collection

Only accessible for mobile devices collections ads blend catalogs of items with photos or videos. Advertisers can use mockups to visualize how their collection advertisements will look on mobile devices and how users react to the advert.

  • Advertising that is immediate and instantaneous

Full-screen advertisements , also known as Instant Experience advertisements (formerly known as Canvas ads) offer users with an enjoyable interactive experience. Mockups enable advertisers to visualize how they want their Instant Experience ads will look to users.

  • Advertised Messages

The ads that appear on Facebook Messenger are known as sponsored messages. To determine how their message sponsored by Facebook would appear in the Messenger conversation, marketers are able to create mockups.

The goal of the Facebook ad mockup is to aid marketers to create effective advertising campaigns by visually replicating how their advertisements will show up to users on Facebook. Facebook network.

How to Make Facebook Ads

A Facebook ad mockup may be constructed by a variety ways using available tools and materials available at the disposal. The steps you should make to create an advertisement that is mock-up ready are the following:

Select an ad type Select if you wish to create a mockup of an image advertisement, video ad, or carousel ads on Facebook.

  • Select a mockup application.

You can make an Facebook ad mockup using a range of online tools, such as Canva, Adobe Photoshop, and Facebook’s Ads Manager. Select a tool that meets your requirements and your degree of proficiency.

  • Select the specifications of the advertisement.

You must select proper specifications for your ad mockup since Facebook has specific rules for the dimensions of advertisements and formats for files.

  • Make the advertisement.

Make the advertisement using the mockup tool. It includes images or video as well as text and any other design elements. Additionally, you can play with different ad placements and preview the advertisement on different devices.

  • Check out a sample advertisement

After the mockup has been completed you can preview it to see how it looks and make any adjustments that are needed. Additionally, you can give the mockup to anyone else to get their feedback or approval.

  • Download the mockup

Save the mockup of your ad as a PNG file or JPG file after you’re happy with it, so that you can make use of it for presentations or in ad campaigns.

To ensure your messages are clear and that the intended public is aware of the ad making an Facebook mockup of your ad requires imagination along with technical knowledge and concentration on the details.

The Greatest Facebook Ad Creator Tool

For creating mockups for ads A variety of applications are readily available, each of which has distinctive capabilities and advantages. So, here are a few commonly used tools to consider:

  • Canva

Canva is an application for graphic design that offers templates and other design components to make Facebook ad mockup that look great. Even the most novice users are able to find it easy to use and there are plenty of options for customizing.

An image editing tool which can create professional-looking Facebook ad mockup, is Adobe Photoshop. It’s an advanced tool with advanced design capabilities, but it requires technical know-how.

Facebook Ads Manager Facebook Ads Manager can create and view ads in the Facebook forum by using the Ads Manager system. If you are currently managing your advertising campaigns using Ads Manager it is a good alternative.

  • AdEspresso

AdEspresso is an Facebook marketing tool which offers options for designing and optimizing ads, as well as the creation of mockups for ads. You can test your ads mockups on a variety of locations and devices , and offers various tweaking options.

  • Smartmockups

A Facebook ad mockup can be constructed with the online mockup maker Smartmockups in a range of styles, including photo advertisements, video ads, carousel ads, and much more. It is easy to quickly create high-quality mockups because of the many options for templates and customization it offers.

Your requirements and degree of knowledge will determine the best tool to create Facebook advertisements. When choosing the tool that is most suitable for you, you should take into consideration factors like price the possibility of customization, the ease of the use.

Expense of the Mockup Advertising Generator Tool

Each Facebook sd mockup for social media is included in mediamodifier’s Mediamodifier Membership PRO. However, you can add your content to test it out and preview the mockups free of charge. Full-size downloads of the final version However, they are only available to PRO members.

Size Of A Picture For Facebook Ad

By 2022, 10801080 on mobile devices and 1200628 for desktops will be the most optimal Facebook size for ads. To determine the best dimension for your Facebook page, take a look at our extensive size guidelines for the social networks. The size of posts on Facebook.


To ensure that Facebook advertisements to succeed, Facebook ad mockup are essential. Advertisers are able to experiment with different ads and tweak their campaigns to get maximum effect by imagining how the advertisement will look in the desired format.

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