Understanding the Basics of Bet Sizing in Online Poker

bet sizing in poker

Learning, acing, and winning online Poker Indian tournaments can be tricky. Being a skill-based card game, Poker tests your impulses and expertise in every new session at the felts. If you are a beginner in playing Indian poker on poker apps, getting a knack for betting size and strategies could help you to outsmart your opponents.

Being triumphant in solitaire games and cash games is critical unless you have sound knowledge of bet sizing and strategies. Any fallacies related to the size of bets, folding times, and adjusting your betting size could result in the failure to achieve the end goal. 

Let’s drool over some key bet sizing strategies today.

Fundamentals of Bet Sizing and Strategies to Win in Indian Poker Tournaments


  • Take a hint when to fold

If you have the hands of medium-strength and decide to pre-flop, what should be the betting strategy? Another opponent over the felts also makes a bet and increases the pot equity while you still did not manage to hit anything bigger. Here, making big bets or increasing stakes could pose a risk. So, bet minimum for around 2/3rd of the pot size. 

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Making multiple smaller bets can be a smart move instead of folding for the large size bets. This prompts the opponent to raise a call irrespective of your bet size, which hints you to fold if the opponent is stronger.

  • When you want the opponent to call

It indicates that you have a good hand and want your opponents to call. With this, you can get the maximum amount of chips and try to play aggressively for hitting opponents with stronger hands. Opting for a turn or the river can be a good action as you intend to seek maximum winnings.

Betting a larger amount in the Poker India game also hints at your bluffing strategy, and the opponents might assume that you have no big hands. Reading the tendency and betting patterns of the opponents is crucial while playing Poker on money earning apps to understand the bet sizes and how much you should wager. Try to intensify the game with higher bets, it just might turn tables in your favor.  

  • When Opponents hint at mixed possibilities

Playing Poker India on texas holdem poker app could be tricky as it’s a game of variance, and your anticipations might face a big jolt at any chance. When the opponent is in a better position by raising the pre-flop, you consider them for having good hand strength. But then, they refrain from betting post-flop, and you get puzzled. Here, you can end up in three possibilities:

– Opponent missed the flop and are not keen about staking more chips.

– They have big hands and are slowing trapping you.

– Opponent has a medium-strength hand and is speculating if you have a better one.

When you are playing poker Indian tournaments on money earning app, there’s no scope for face reading. Hence, their betting size and patterns are the only way to head up. Making a probe bet of, say, around 1/3rd of the pot can help you evaluate the player’s move. The opponent would either fold or allow you to win due to a weak hand or take a couple of chances to hit the big flops and sweep off the pots. Act carefully!

  • When the opponent goes All in

This is the next scenario when the opponent is staking all their chips, and there are just two options left:

– Match the bets

– Fold immediately

Avoid making the first move irrespective of the hand strength as it provokes the opponent to either play or folds. If you have good chips stack and a winning hand combination, play with the bet size to assess the opponents betting patterns and keep confusing them with a mysterious play. Make it hard for them to read your betting strategy.


Not every time in Poker, you could get lucky with good cards. Acquiring innate knowledge of proper bet sizing and wagering for various bets could enable you to get the desirable outcomes. So, before you start grinding in cash games, getting a grasp of how much and when you should bet is imperative. This strengthens your positioning in the game and helps to withstand the closest poker combats.

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