Undergraduate Courses at University of Law – A Student Guide

University of Law

Students are always keen to hit a prominent mark in their academic races, and they never hold back from the struggle. The primary thing they should do is end up in a great university that can help them set the tone for their career. Emphasizing the importance of an excellent institute, the factor will never fade away. Talking about universities, the University of Law is one such place that has helped thousands of students achieve their dreams on academic fronts. This post will uncover undergraduate courses at the University of Law that you should know if you are interested in this institute. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Undergraduate Courses at the University of Law:

Domestic and international students are always well-off with the diverse courses that this institute offers. Narrowing down the domain to undergraduate students, there are plenty of studies on the screen which the students should go through for a wise decision. Let us go through the following comprehensive list of disciplines intended for undergraduates.

1) Law:

Students are always curious to enroll in an interesting field, and law could be a perfect choice. Well-known for this discipline, the University of law has specialized faculty to help students explore the various aspects of this course. Moreover, going through the theory without practical implications would be tomfoolery, and the institute has a remedy for this.

Students need transferable skills to succeed on this front, and the faculty is ready to help their cause. A law degree can inject enough knowledge into students to help them survive on various legal and criminal fronts. Here is a rundown of courses for the undergraduate level.

  • LLB Law
  • LLB Law Accelerated
  • LLB Law with criminology
  • LLB Law with business
  • LLB Law with international business

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2) Business studies:

Students always choose a program with employability in mind. Business studies have gained some fame in the industry, talking about the employability ratio. The market is dynamic enough and is growing with every new moon; why not prepare yourself for this dynamism to survive? It sounds wise, and a business degree can help your cause!

A business degree from this institute means more than a degree name on your Resume. It helps you understand the managerial and leadership qualities in this domain and how to channel things to make your strategy stand out. Here is the list of courses you can learn once enrolled in this degree.

  • BSc Accounting & Finance
  • BSc Business Management
  • BSc Business Management with Entrepreneurship
  • BSc International Strategic Business Management
  • International Foundation Program

3) Criminology:

Understanding the criminological and sociological concepts in society is never easy. However, if you listen to and learn from expert criminologists, it’s no big deal! The University of Law has designed special courses for undergraduates to help them understand and develop their minds about these concepts and theories.

Various issues surround the topic of crime, and preparing for the field is worth it in the current times. Undergraduates can learn different practices in this degree and apply the knowledge to various domains around the law and criminology. Being a student, you can learn the following subjects.

  • BA criminology
  • BA Criminology and sociology
  • BA Criminology and policing

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4) Policing:

Working in the criminal justice sector or joining police forces is a passionate dream for students. They can do anything to achieve what they love, and this degree can help such emotional beings. Understanding the policing concepts and theories before stepping into these fields is essential, and the degree is specially designed for this purpose.

It is a pre-join policing degree that the college of policing has licensed. Undergraduates will enjoy various career options in different fields once they have this degree. Achieving a recognized qualification before recruitment in the police sector is essential, and the degree is here to help you. Undergraduates will learn the following courses in this degree.

  • BSc Professional Policing
  • BSc Professional Policing (Accelerated)
  • BA (Hons) Criminology and Policing

These degrees can help undergraduates polish their minds and skills to enhance their employability ratio in the market. Moreover, they can also capitalize on this knowledge should they pursue a Master’s degree in the relevant domain

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