Ultimate Guide to the East Coast’s Most Exciting Locations


A road trip down the East Coast is the best way to learn about the history of the United States and take in its splendor. Some of the most historically important sites in the country can be found on the East Coast, along with a wide variety of geographical and a wide variety of people. 

When it comes to weather, beautiful natural, and upbeat residents—the West Coast receives the most attention—the East Coast is generally seen as a pillar of the nation. All of the information you’ll need for a scenic East Coast road trip can be found in this guide. 

As you peruse this article, you can expect to learn about some East Coast road trip timetables as well as tips on how to stay within your budget.

3-Week Road Trip along the East Coast of the United States

This 3-week East Coast itinerary has it all. Aside from cities and historical landmarks, this itinerary includes plenty of time to explore the best beaches, hiking trails, and parks on the other side of the coast. 

We’ll begin our journey in Maryland, one of the most beautiful states in the country. If you’re a fan of seafood and beer, Maine is the place for you. Afterward, we’ll continue our journey down the East Coast, visiting Acadia National Park (in Maine), Shenandoah Nature Reserve, Asheville, and also the Smoky Mountains in the same manner as the itinerary. 

If you want to see the country’s most coastal redwoods and beaches, as well as its most bizarre concrete jungles, this is the itinerary for you. Keep an eye out for great bed and breakfast and dinner in Maine while you’re on the road.

Road Trip to New England

Because of its role in the early colonial era, New England is often referred to as the “cradle of American society.” This region was the birthplace of many of America’s original colonial settlements, and many of those sites can still be found. 

It’s a treasure chest of historical sites, as well as stunning coastal scenic views, hearty food, and awe-inspiring locals, on the Northeast Coast of the USA. Six states make up New England, and we’ll only be able to focus on the best of the region in this section because it’s a large area with many options. 

Those who are interested in learning further about New England must check out our New England travel guide. New England’s largest city is Boston. Visiting and staying in Boston is a great way to experience the best of the East Coast. The best places to stay in Boston can be found on our list of the best hostels.

Road Trip to New Jersey

New Jersey is frequently regarded as the tail end of New York City – a state that primarily serves as a sprawling suburb for New Yorkers looking to settle down while remaining close to the city. 

While its proximity to New York City is unquestionably advantageous – you can see Manhattan from across the Hudson Valley camping grounds in New Jersey – it is much more than New York’s backyard. 

New Jersey does have a lot to offer those driving down the East Coast of the United States, including mountain ranges, some of the famous beaches in the Northeast, and plenty of agro-tourism opportunities. 

Jersey City/Newark, which is conveniently located next to New York City, has the highest population density in New Jersey. These locations are frequently used as a lower-priced base for visiting the city, but they are also worth seeing. 

A guesthouse in New Jersey is so much lower in price than a hotel in Manhattan that many tourists who visit New York choose to stay in Jersey City and commute in.

Road Trip in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is regarded as one of the most significant historical states in the United States. The state has been the setting for many of America’s most significant revolutionary events, as well as the ancestral home of many of the country’s most important industries.


The East Coast is generally seen as a pillar of the United States. This 3-week East Coast road trip itinerary includes plenty of time to explore the best beaches, hiking trails, and parks.


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