UK From USA: Everything You Need to Know when Moving


The United Kingdom has always been a popular choice for ex-pats seeking fresh opportunities. Its capital, London, is a genuinely global metropolis with a diverse range of job prospects, notably in the financial services sector, for ex-pats. Approximately 200,00 US ex-pats reside there due to its proximity to other vital nations like Europe. Moreover, it offers excellent medical facilities and job opportunities, and Americans also started moving to UK with their spouse after marriage.  

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But moving overseas is not as easy as it may sound. From hiring expensive shifting companies and pet couriers to the endless gut-wrenching wait to get your visas approved and delivered. Do you want to move your family to the United Kingdom? Then, know a few things before you go, from immigration procedures to how the Brexit decision in 2016 may affect you. 

How USA People start moving To UK? 

If visa permits, people from the USA may relocate to the United Kingdom as temporary residents. You may even shift as a permanent resident if you acquire the path to citizenship or a Right of Abode. You shouldn’t pay heed to any misleading information regarding moving to the UK from the US. According to the government website of the United Kingdom, USA people have the privilege to reside in the UK if they acquire a legitimate residency visa and a legal claim to citizenship or residency.  

Yes, this even applies to remote workers and digital nomads. You won’t be allowed to work in the UK without a visa, apart from the infrequent business trips. People must refrain from moving to the UK for false reasons as its consequences may even lead to a ten-year entry ban.  

If you do not have a legal claim to citizenship or do not fulfill all the requirements that will grant you the Right of Abode, shift to the United Kingdom with a temporary resident visa. However, there are several pathways to getting a visa for those wanting to move to the United Kingdom from the USA. Even if an American retiree plans to move to the UK, know that the retirement visa for the United Kingdom was discontinued in 2008 

Hence, the only way out is to apply for a residency visa. The new concept of the 2021 points-based immigration system in the UK has made it more convenient for US citizens to shift from the USA to the UK.  

Moving to UK without a Job  

Even if you are planning to move to the UK without a job, you can obtain a visa on the following basis: 

  • UK Ancestry Visa– If you have one of your grandparents who is a citizen of the UK, you may apply for a UK ancestry visa. 
  • Investor Visa– If you acquire at least £2 million for investment in the United Kingdom, you may obtain this visa. 
  • Partner Visa– If your spouse holds British citizenship, you may apply for a long-term partner visa. It comes with a validity of 2.5 years, and you might have to renew it until you obtain a permanent residency.  
  • Innovator Visa– This visa is applicable for aspiring entrepreneurs planning to settle within the United Kingdom with a great business idea in mind. 
  • Student Visa– Students can also move to the UK from the US with the help of a UK student visa. They can either apply for a Tier-4 student visa or a short-term study visa.  

Know the Cost of Moving to UK and Living

The cost of shipping to the UK may vary depending on a lot of factors such as: 

  • Cost of flying 
  • Moving your belongings 
  • Accommodation 
  • Transportation  
  • Daily expenses etc 

Despite the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, the property market has gradually expanded in recent years. Moreover, the cost of living in one part of the UK may differ from the other parts. For instance, living in London is much more expensive than living in the other parts of the country. The approximate expense of an average household is nearly about £80.20 per week, including food, housing, bills, and transport.  

United Kingdom

If you want to rent in the United Kingdom, you should know that rental fees might vary substantially. Outside of major cities, the rental market is somewhat small, with just 10% of the population renting. However, renting is possible, especially if you are willing to live in a more urban location. 

Expat Healthcare 

On a worldwide scale, the United Kingdom’s universal healthcare system routinely rates well while costing the public a fraction of what it costs in many other nations. Access the National Health Service when you’ve paid the Immigration Health Surcharge as a part of your visa application (NHS). 

Except for specific services like medicines, dental care, and reproductive treatments, all services in the UK are free. 

Set Up Your Finances 

Banking in the UK is quite simple, and many banks in the country are more prominent multinational institutions. As a result, you might not look for a new one. If you’re moving to the UK permanently, firstly, you’ll need to do is create a bank account. Either opt for a relocation or ask your bank in the USA whether they have any branch in the UK. If yes, then they can open your account there. Some banks, like HSBC, Lloyds Bank, and Barclays, offer the option of opening an international account.  



Concluding, now that you know the basic about relocation to the UK from the USA, start planning your relocation. There are rolling fields, stunning beaches, and plenty of fish and chips waiting for you. Happy Moving! 


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