Types of Opal Jewelry to Try

Types of Opal Jewelry to Try
opal jewellery

Beautiful jewelry has the power to lift your spirits and make you feel confident. Colored gemstones like the pink opal with its sparkling brilliance from nature can bring out the best in you because of its positive magical qualities.

If you’re looking at types of opal jewelry to try, research opals so you know what you’re getting as solid opals are the better deal and pink opals with healing properties are regarded as a long-term investment.

Solid-, Doublet- or Triplet Opals

The opal gemstone sparkles with color and it’s a fabulous gem to have in your jewelry collection. But which opal? Pink opal, fire opal, white opal or crystal opal?. Opals come in all sorts of shades, and often one opal will have many colors.

You get solid, doublet or triplet opals and although solid opals are the real deal, the biggest advantage of buying a doublet or triplet opal is the lower price.

Opal – October’s birthstone

Opal happens to be October’s birthstone, and many people born at that time of year look for jewelry with an opal. They look for a special custom designed opal pendant or ring. Did you know that true opal is so rare that for every 1000 diamond pendants there are, there is only one opal pendant?

The opal may be Australia’s National Gemstone, but the entire world longs for a beautiful piece of opal jewelry. Make sure you get yours with a certificate of authenticity so that you can have confidence in the quality of your opal jewelry. Many people want a bespoke piece of jewelry as this ensures they have a piece of opal jewelry that is ‘theirs’ and which they had a part in creating, making it more sentimental.

Opal – a versatile gemstone

There are lots of types of opal jewelry to try as opal is a versatile gemstone that is able to reflect the wearer’s style. Men’s and women’s opal jewelry is available and the gemstone can be fashioned to provide jewelry pieces that suit either gender.

With opals you can find jewelry in lots of styles, from antique or Victorian to contemporary designs. You can choose an opal pendant, an opal ring, watch, bracelet or earrings in gold or sterling silver. Many people choose opal to have it set as a nose stud.

Black opals rarer than diamonds

Black Opals are the most sought after and the most valuable. No wonder so many people are showing interest in the Australian gemstone and they love the fact that the opal is a more environmentally friendly gemstone. They are rarer than diamonds and most prized these days for a cool, unique engagement ring.

Although they have darker backgrounds they still have a play of bright colors. High-quality stones like these can cost thousands of dollars per carat.

Fire opals

Another valuable type of opal are transparent- to semi-transparent crystal opals with vibrant rainbow specks in the stone. Many people are attracted to fire opals from Mexico. These firey opals are red, orange, and yellow.

Even though they are popular for their cheery colors and lower price, they aren’t sought after for an engagement ring as they aren’t as hardy and are prone to cracking. In fact, that’s the downside with opal jewelry – you can’t wear it every day. It’s a fragile stone and not conducive to daily wear. They are more fragile than other gemstones.

Pink opal

The beautiful pink opal is a variety of common opal and highly sought after in jewelry. It comes from Peru and has always had special symbolic meaning for the ancient Inca and Aztec civilization, being regarded as a healing stone.

Pink opal particularly is said to promote emotional wellbeing, soothing the heart, and in these days of covid-19, people want jewelry with a pink opal as their aura gives off a sense of peacefulness. Pink opals are therefore a good investment because you are investing in your health. Opal gemstone experts will tell you that the Peruvian pink opal is a good investment, with the deep reddish pink being highly sought after.

So many ways to wear an opal

Opal jewelry is all about brightness and rainbow colors. You can find many pieces of beautiful jewelry in jewelry stores and online. An opal makes for fantastic jewelry and there are so many ways you can wear your opal.

Of course, choosing an opal in your jewelry makes a superb gift but when you look at it, you may well opt to keep it yourself as it’s just too beautiful to give away.


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