TV – What are the things to mind before buying an LED TV?

TV - Smart TV Buying Guideline
Smart TV Buying Guideline

Once upon a time, if a householder bought a TV, there would be a commotion in the village. That day is long gone. Now it is the responsibility to find a home without a LED TV.

In the evolution of time, like other technologies, new chapters have been added to TVs technology.

MANY PEOPLE CANNOT UNDERSTAND which TV would be better in the crowd of all the fantastic technology in the showroom. Initially, keep in mind.

Led tv Price Bangladesh

If your budget is not too low, buy a 4K resolution digital Smart LED TV. You can find out the level of this resolution by reading the documents provided with the TVs. It is better to avoid a 6K resolution TV. These are still very expensive.

Don’t buy a TV with less than a 120 Hz refresh rate. The refresh rate measures how many times a monitor refreshes an image to show.

Although LEDs are a bit more expensive than conventional LED-LCD TVs, they are relatively good. If you buy a modern screen thin screen TVs, try to buy a separate soundbar. Sound is not available on thin-screen TVs like mind.

LCD, Plasma, or LED?

LCD prices are relatively low among the three technology televisions: LCD, Plasma, and LED. After the initial concept, you need to know about the TVs screen.

If you mistake recognizing a good screen, all your arrangements will be ruined. If you have an affordable budget, these bright and very light, and thin televisions may be suitable for you.

LCD televisions are said to be energy efficient. However, compared to Plasma and LED televisions, image quality on LCDs may seem poor or less realistic.

Meanwhile, plasma TVs have more transparent and brighter images than LCDs. Users consider plasma TVs to be the best way to enjoy fast sports. However, plasma televisions consume more power.

The most prominent feature of LED TV is that it destroys the least amount of electricity. Contrast ratios are also better in light-emitting diodes or LED TVs, but LED TVs are relatively more expensive. At present, however, recognizing LEDs, LCDs, and plasma TVs can be difficult.

Now TV manufacturers are also marketing TVs under ‘LED Plus’ and ‘Super-LED.’ However, one thing to keep in mind is that if you don’t have a good brand TV priced at Rs 200,000 or more, you are less likely to get a full-array LED or a TV with an actual LED screen.

It is difficult to tell the difference between LED, LCD, or Plasma in less expensive TVs. It is possible to get an improved black layer on the plasma TV, but if for some reason there is a problem with this TVs, it will be challenging to repair. So it is better to go for LCD or LED.

Screen size What size TV to buy?

Many people are hesitant about how many inch TV to buy. To determine the size of the screen, you need to calculate the distance at which you will watch TV. The first thing to keep in mind when buying a television is to consider where to sit and watch tv at home.

The size of the television should be selected according to the seating distance between the television and the viewer. The bigger the TVs, the more convenient it is to watch.

If the space to watch TV is eight feet, then the size of the television should be a minimum of 32 inches and a maximum of 75 inches. However, the more pixel TVs you buy, the better the picture.

According to this formula, you can buy any size model within the budget. However, when it comes to buying a TV, the combination of simplicity and affordability is more important than formula.

Smart TV

Just as mobile has evolved into smartphone technology, so has a TV. So nowadays it is wise to buy a smart TV.

Various apps can be used on smart TVs like smartphones with internet connections. Most TVs have video streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube’s particular app.

TV manufacturers use different software on smart TVs. So before buying a smart TV, you need to see if you have a Wi-Fi facility.

The TV that is Wi-Fi ready will need a separate dongle to run the internet. Before buying a smart TV, you need to see if it has a USB port. A USB port does not necessarily support an external hard drive or pen drive.

Before buying a Smart LED TV, whether it supports a portable hard disk or some digital format must be verified.

Skylab is on degraded TV in the market now, which causes eye damage. So before buying, you have to see if the TV has eye protection glasses.

Is the viewing angle right?

One important thing when watching television is the viewing angle or the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV from different angles. According to many television users, watching tvs from the side often makes it look blurry, or the picture and color change slightly.

This is because of the viewing angle. Because the viewing angle is low, the image’s color will vary due to viewing from the side. And if the viewing angle is high, no matter how you look from the side, the picture’s color will not change.

So before finalizing the decision to buy a television set, check its viewing angle. It can be seen only by sitting face to face on some televisions8 and seen from the side, the color changes.

This change mainly depends on the twisted nematic, vertical alignment, and in-plane switching (IPS) panel.

So before finalizing the decision to buy a television set, check its viewing angle. When you watch television from the side, it looks blurry, or the picture and color change a bit.

This is because of the viewing angle. In this case, if the viewing angle is low, the picture’s color changes due to viewing from the side. And the viewing angle is quite.

Until today, we will see later with another tutorial. Until then, everyone will be fine. God bless you


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