Turning Your Old House Into A Homestay? These Home Decor Tips Will Help You

Home Decor Tips

Homestays are increasingly getting popular amongst travelers. The new-age travel mantra is to opt for places to stay comfortable and give a closer insight into the local community. This way, travelers are holidaying with new experiences and knowledge of a place otherwise impossible by staying in a hotel. People who are thinking of monetizing this new-age thinking, then refurbish your old home into a homestay. Turn it into a cozy and comfy homestay with our simple Home Decor tips that are easy to apply. 

Things to remember while refurbishing your home to a homestay

If you are planning to turn your house into a homestay then keep these following  in mind:

  1.     Retain authenticity 

The first and foremost rule must be to retain the originality or authenticity of the house. Every city has its own unique charm defined by the natural surroundings, local culture, food, and people. Houses reflect the local culture and values dominated by geographic locations. Travelers choose homestays because hotels cannot provide them with closeness to the place like a homestay. Retaining the authenticity of your home décor will attract the traveler and make him feel like he is getting a better look at local people’s lives. The center perspective of a homestay is providing an authentic experience of the place. Keeping your old furnishings intact means that you are giving your guests what they are looking for.  

  1.     Make the entrance attractive

Retain every possible furnishing but do not forget to make an attractive entrance. Every book is turned open by a new reader only when the book cover is promising. The probability of your guests being new is 99.99% high. There are very few travelers who revisit the same place. So, add a hue to the front door, make your living room the lobby of a hotel. Add a reading corner to the living area, or you can hang on attractive wall decors to keep your guests staring at them. From contemporary artworks, local handicrafts to an antique cuckoo clockanything that can hold your guests’ attention just makes a suitable place for them. Houses that have space and provision of lawn gardens give your best to build them. Gardens always add the ‘ooh’ factor to any house. 

  1.     Modern amenities are an essential

No matter how old or new your house is, the important thing is that you have to provide modern amenities. This may include providing modern sanitary ware, kitchen equipment, comfortable sleep time, internet, charging points, water filters, good lighting sources, and so on. Modern amenities ensure a comfortable stay for your guests and collect a good impression for your homestay.  

  1.     Give the bathroom the spa feel

Bathrooms are always a thing to worry about for any traveler. So, they always want a stay where bathrooms are comfortable and hygienic. You are sure to provide that in your homestay but think of upgrading the bathroom into a mini spa. This will always give you the extra number. Provide aromatic bathing essentials. So, don’t forget the essential oils, bathing salts, and aromatic toiletries. Also, you should not forget to spray some lovely flowery fragrances inside the bathroom. You can also add aromatherapy candles and bathroom plants to add up to the feel. Don’t forget the comfy bathroom slippers or a bathrobe. 

  1.     Let minimalism be the dominant flavor.  

Minimalism is the norm of the day. Whether it is a five-star rated hotel or a simple homestay, travelers always do love spaces that are de-cluttered and minimalistic in furnishing. So, think and only retain the essential and the elegant and remove the rest. Install multi-purpose items for this approach. For example, you can add a levitating sofa or a shelf that serves the purpose of a bookcase, a side table, and a tic-tac holder all at the same time.  

  1.     Bring in as much as natural lights

Light from a natural source is a good point to differentiate a homestay from a hotel. Enough natural light around the house induces a happy, positive feeling in the tired traveler. It makes him feel at home, which is the primary purpose of a homestay. You can remove the blindfold and install long window curtains to make the window opening look more prominent and bring in natural light. Enough natural light also gives the illusion of a bigger space. So, open the windows, put the curtains aside and enjoy the positivity of sunshine.  

  1.     A mirror is a must

Yes, mirrors can give the ultimate definition to your rooms. Mirrors are useful to give the impression of a larger space. They also brighten up space by reflecting the light from any source. You can install them perpendicular to the window and boost the play of natural light across your room. Make sure not to place them opposite windows as that can reflect the light out of the window. You can choose from decorative frame-worked mirrors from yesteryears or glamorously sleek designed modern mirrors according to your taste and to match up the ambiance of your space.  

  1. Paint neutral and lighter shades of the wall color


Neutral wall color always brightens up space with the correct provision of light play. It gives the space flexibility to any kind of best Home Decor. Colors like beige or gray give the homely feeling with complete elegance. Wall hanging, painting or other artifacts can blend with these colors. So, no matter how much you want to upgrade your house, stick to these primary colors to merge your newfound sense of décor to merge with the surroundings perfectly.  

  1. Install indoor plants


If you want eco-friendly beautification, then go for indoor plants. Plants can give the mush desired freshness feel to any house from old to new. It inspires a healthy feeling to the indoor environment and is capable of making your tired guests feel comfortable. These plants create a calming mood across space. They are easy to maintain, and the best part is they are relatively cheap compared to overpriced décor accents. 


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