Trueman UGC NET Paper Download

trueman ugc net books
trueman ugc net books

Trueman ugc net paper 1 pdf Free download: In this article, we will offer the trueman ugc net paper 1 book pdf for competitive examinations with you. This book is really important for the CBSE UGC NET (National Eligibility Test) /SET (State Eligibility Test) (State Eligibility Test).

JRF, Assistant Professor Eligibility Test, and Ph.D/M.Phil Entrance Exams

The book is intended to meet the needs of students preparing for the UGC NET/SET examination.

It also contains the syllabus and rules for paper I examinations.

Trueman ugc net paper 1 pdf free download

It comprises questions of all types such as multiple types, multiple choice, reason and assertion, multiple statement type etc.

The book also included previous year questions asked in previous NET/SET examinations.

UGC NET Trueman Books 2021

For students who want to know what all books published by Trueman’s for UGC NET, below are the link to download books of UGC NET Paper 1 & Paper 2 subjects:

UGC NET Paper 1 Book Free

UGC NET Trueman Books For Paper 2

Click on the below links to download UGC NET Trueman’s Books of Particular Subjects:

  1. UGC NET Geography
  2. Trueman’s UGC NET Management PDF
  3. Trueman’s UGC NET Philosophy
  4. Trueman’s UGC NET Physical Education
  5. Trueman’s UGC NET Environmental Science
  6. Trueman’s UGC NET Home Science
  7. Trueman’s UGC NET English Literature PDF Download
  8. Trueman’s UGC NET Hindi Literature
  9. Trueman’s UGC NET Commerce pdf free download
  10. Trueman’s UGC NET Education
  11. Trueman’s UGC NET Political Science
  12. UGC NET Applicable Syllabus
  13. Trueman’s UGC NET History PDF
  14. Trueman’s UGC NET Human Resource Management
  15. Trueman’s UGC NET Public Administration
  16. Trueman’s UGC NET Mass Communication and Journalism
  17. Trueman’s UGC NET Computer Science and Application
  18. Trueman’s UGC NET Economics PDF
  19. Trueman’s UGC NET Law
  20. Trueman’s UGC NET Anthropology
  21. Trueman’s UGC NET Social Work
  22. Trueman’s UGC NET Library and Information Science
  23. Trueman’s UGC NET Psychology
  24. Trueman’s UGC NET Sociology
  25. Trueman’s UGC NET Tourism

Trueman’s books on several subjects for the UGC NET are listed below. All of the above-mentioned books are available for purchase on the internet.

UGC NET Trueman Publication Books Benefits

Students who purchase Trueman’s Books in order to prepare for the NTA UGC NET are guaranteed to receive the following benefits:

  1. Because these books cover all of the topics, students will be able to prepare properly without missing any significant points.
  2. Based on the courses and sample question papers, you will also have a clear idea. If a subject has both paper 1 and paper 2, the UGC NET Trueman’s will include all of the chapters from both papers 1 and 2.
  3. Trueman UGC NET Paper are the greatest choice if you are a student looking for the best books to study for for the same.

About Trueman UGC NET Paper Books

Trueman’s books cover all of the major themes of the UGC NET. It is an excellent alternative for all UGC NET candidates. Students will be able to learn all of the topics on the syllabus with the help of Trueman’s books. Trueman’s novels are available for purchase on a variety of websites.

You can also go to Trueman’s original website and purchase the essential books. They have published books for all of the UGC NET subjects so that students do not have to look for books elsewhere.

We’ve gone over the UGC NET Trueman Books 2021 guide in detail. In the comments box below, feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Trueman Books for the UGC NET 2021 Exam: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which are the best books For UGC NET Exam?

Answer: Trueman Books are the best books for preparing for the UGC NET Exam.

2. When was Trueman’s publishing house discovered?
Trueman Books is a publishing house based in New York City. This book publisher, which was founded in 1986, is one of the most well-known in our country.

3. Are all of the topics covered on the UGC NET exam in Truman’s books?
You will be able to learn all of the topics covered in the syllabus with the help of UGC NET Trueman books.

4. What stores sell UGC NET Trueman Books?
All of Trueman’s UGC NET books are available for purchase on a variety of websites.

5. Can I get the books I need by referring to Trueman’s original website?
Yes, you can go to Trueman’s original website and purchase the books you need. They have published books for all of the UGC NET subjects so that students do not have to look for books elsewhere

List of Books for UGC NET Paper 2

UGC NET Paper 2 has 100 quotations carrying 2 marks each which make the maximum marks 200. All the questions in both the paper are of objective type and no negative marking is there. Here is a list of subject-wise books for UGC NET Paper 2:

Name of Subject UGC NET Paper 2 Books
  • R. Gupta’s UGC-NET Yoga ( Paper II & III)
  • Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board
Tourism Administration and Management Akhilesh (Trueman’s UGC NET Tourism)
Environmental Sciences Anil Tyagi and Virendra Singh (Trueman’s UGC NET Environmental Science)
Electronic Science Sunil Kushwaha (Author) CBSE UGC NET/SET Electronic Science
Geography A. Magon, B.P. Panigrahi (Trueman’s UGC NET)
Forensic Science Dr Anu Singla (UGC NET/ JRF MCQ)
Computer Science and Applications Sanjay Singhal, Sameer Mishra (Trueman’s UGC NET/ SET)
Visual Art including Drawing & Painting/Sculpture/Graphics/Applied Art/History of Art) Upkar’s UGC NET /JRF/SET Visual Art ( Paper 2) by M. Vasim (Author)
Women Studies Anmol Nimsadkar (Advanced Manual for Women Studies UGC/CBSE- NET/JRF)
Folk Literature Marya Naim (Author) NET/JRF
UGC NET Books for Tribal and Regional Language/Literature Dr Kishore Jadav (Folklore and Its Motifs in Tribal Literature)
UGC NET Books for Sanskrit traditional subjects (including) Jyotisha/Sidhanta Jyotish/ Navya Vyakarna/ Vyakarna/ / Navya Nyaya/ Mimansa /Sankhya Yoga/ Tulanatmaka Darsan/ Shukla Yajurveda/ Madhav Vedant/ Dharmasasta/ Sahitya) Sanskrit Prashan-Patra II Avum III by Priyanka Tiwari (Author) UGC NET/SLET/JRF
Museology & Conservation Vibha Upadhaya (Editor) (Archaeology, Museology and Conservation)
UGC NET Books for Archaeology Mohan Lal (UGC NET/JRF Archaeology and philosophy Paper) (Hindi)
Criminology UGC NET / JRF Criminology Solved Question Paper by Mr Nitish Kumar Soni Dr Mridul Srivastava Dr Anup Yadava
Comparative Study of Religions CR Jain Comparative Study of Religions by Y. Masih
Buddhist, Jaina, Gandhian and Peace Studies Deepak Kumar
Library and Information Science S. Thakur (Author) Trueman’s UGC NET Library and Information Science
Law Aproov Bhardwaj (R Gupta’s Publication) Trueman’s UGC NET Law by Suman Chauhan
Gujarati Mukesh M Bavaliya UGC NET/GCET- Commerce Paper (In Gujarati)
Adult Education / Continuing Education/ Andragogy/ Non- Formal Education Extension Education by Shruti Madan Singh (Author), New Vishal Publications
UGC NET Books for Physical Education Trueman’s UGC NET Physical Education by Akhilesh Tripathi (Author), AK Srivastava (Author)
UGC NET Books for Labour Welfare/Personnel Management/ Industrial Relations/ Labour and Social Welfare/ Human Resource Management Trueman’s UGC NET HRM/ Labour Welfare by Reetu DograUGC-NET: Labour Welfare & Industrial Relations / Labour & Social Welfare / Human Resource Management (Paper-II) Exam Guide
Linguistics Ringu Ann Baby Linguistics Guide UGC NET/SET
English UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) English Literature by Arihant Experts
Assamese Assam Publishing Company (Assamese) ASHIM CHUTIA-Author, UGC/CBSE NET
Urdu UGC NET JRF & Assistant Professor Khazeen-E-Adab Urdu (Paper II & III) By M. Arshad Ansari and M.S. Ansari
Telugu UGC booksNET & SET by Ganjishashidar, Pothula Venkateshwar Reddy
Punjabi UGC NET/SET/JRF Punjabi by Universal (Contributor)
Sanskrit UGC NET/JRF/SLET Sanskrit Prashan Patra-II Avum III (Hindi) by Priyanka Tiwari (Author), Arihant Experts (Publisher)
Malayalam UGC NET/SET/TET Malayalam Pareeksha Sahayi by Sasidharan A.P. (Author)
Hindi Trueman’s UGC NET Hindi Sahitya (Hindi Literature) by Board of Authors
UGC NET Books for Kannada Samagra Kannada Sahitya Kaipidi- Useful for IAS, KAS, KES, PUC Lecturer, NET (UGC), K-SET by Lokesha Masavanghatta
Bengali Balaram Bapari
Music UGC NET Music Exam Guide (Hindi) by Gunjan Saxena and Nisha Rawa
Population Studies Bhende (Author), Himalayan Publishing House.
Public Administration Net Public Administration 2018 by Deepak Swain (Arihant) Trueman’s UGC NET Public Administration by Sajit Kumar
Home Science Trueman’s UGC-NET Home Science by Anju Khosla & Ruchi UGC NET/SET/JRF/LS by Suchi Rastogi
Defence and Strategic Studies CBSE UGC NET JRF Defense and Strategic Studies
Social Work Yogendra Pal
Education GaganManocha UGC NET Education
Commerce Praveen Kataria, Anshu Kataria, and M. Shivani
Anthropology A.M. Tripathi Trueman’s UGC NET Anthropology
History Promod Singh Trueman’s UGC NET
Sociology S. Hussain Trueman’s UGC NET
Psychology UGC NET Psychology by Dr Swati Maharshi UGC NET psychology 2018 by Siddharth Mittal and Naroj Kumar Sahu (Arihant Experts)
Political Science K.A. Babu, Sajit Kumar (Author) UGC NET Political Science by Rukmini Bhattacharjee (Arihant)
Economics/Co-Operation/Rural Economics/Demography/ Development Planning/Development Studies/Econometrics/Applied Economics/Development Economics/Business Economics Shriniwas Shirur UGC NET/JRF/SET (Paper II)-Upkar Prakashan(Author- Gopal Garg)
Human Rights & Duties UGC NET SET (JFR & LS) Paper II & III by Fazil Atul Udaipuria (Author) Human Rights and Duties by Arihant Experts



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