Trend Micro Internet Security (3-Device) (6 Month Subscription)

Trend Micro Internet Security

Trend Micro Internet Security: This is among the best Internet security software packages in the world. It works with heuristic signatures and policies to detect and remove harmful viruses, spyware, bots, and malicious URLs, as well as other off-device malware.

Trend Micro can also be customized for its high-level features like customer protection, hybrid cloud security, and more. Trend Micro with Best Buy PC software provides the most important functions to protect the body from all kinds of potentially harmful programs.

In addition, Trend Micro also improves visibility and simplifies the security trend in the default environment and in the cloud. It offers many functions, but the best functions of this antivirus would be antispam, antiphishing, and email protection.

Let’s discuss Trend Micro internet security 3-device for 6-month subscription only for Android, Mac, Windows, iOS

The digital world has seen a rise in cyber threats and with billions of cyber victims, having an internet security suite has become more than vital. In order to provide comprehensive cyber protection, Trend Micro Internet Security is the best choice.

It can give protection to you in the online world, and also, keep your sensitive data and information protected against any malicious threats.

Trend Micro is an award-winning and one of the leading cybersecurity providers in the market. When it comes to protection, Internet Security is a trusted and reliable product.

All malicious threats, ransomware, viruses and even phishing attempts are kept away from your system. With Trend Micro Internet Security, you can protect up to three devices starting at $4 and going up to $109.99.

Its Internet Security supports Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices, you can purchase it from BestBuy at discounted prices.

Go through this post, you will get to more in detail about Trend Micro Internet Security.

Trend Micro Internet Security Pros and Cons

The Pros and Cons


  • It has scored very well in phishing and malicious URL prevention tests.
  • For secure online transactions, you get a hardened browser.
  • Availability of PC optimizer.
  • Scanner for Social Media privacy.
  • There are a lot of bonus features offered.


  • The Parental Control feature is not up to mark.
  • Little less score in malware protection tests.
  • There are fewer choices for license plans.
  • No Firewall feature offered.

Features You Get From Trend Micro Internet Security

  • It protects you against spyware by recognizing malicious sites, messages, texts and informal communities beforehand.
  • Spam messages that contain phishing tricks are detected and prevented to secure your identity.
  • Protection settings of social platforms are identified and ensure that privacy is secured against data leaks.
  • Worry-free online banking and shopping as Trend Micro provide you Pay Guard feature.
  • It detects the device connected to your home that needs security assurance.
  • It defends you against coin-mining malware that can seize your PC’s information.
  • It provides you with a Pattern Micro Password Manager that can secure your password and important data.

How Good Is the Protection Provided by Trend Micro?

Trend Micro has scored well in many independent AV-Tests like it scored 17.5 out of 18 in the AV-Test Institute and in SE Labs, it got AAA certification.

Also, I three AV-Comparatives test, Trend Micro scored advanced ratings and it even did well in phishing detection. Trend Micro Internet Security scored a 96% detection rate of phishing attempts.

The detection is better in contrast to its competitors.

Trend Micro Internet Security’s Pricing

On Best Buy, Trend Micro Internet Security is currently listed at $29.99 for providing up to three devices (Windows, Mac, Android and iOS) for a period of six months. You can also use the antivirus for a month by paying $4.19 that can also protect up to three devices.

If you want an extended period of protection, purchasing a two-year license will cost you around $79.99 whereas for three years it will cost you $109.99.



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