Travel App Development Cost in 2022: A Definite Guide


The travel industry has again started coming to normalization with all the safety guidelines after this COVID period. With this new beginning of this industry, various travel businesses around the world have started putting efforts into reaching travel lovers worldwide. In this era of smartphones, people seek easy ways to do anything including finding a lovely travel destination to booking flights, food, accommodation, and all. Thus it becomes very important for travel businesses to ensure their presence on smartphones as well with perfectly designed applications by a professional Custom Website Development Services in India.

A travel app while being a more attention grabber for your business is also helpful for users to find various facilities in one place. So, if you are a travel agency or business and planning to invest in mobile native app development India, but are not sure about the involved cost, you are at the right place. Here you can find an idea of the budget you require to develop a mobile app for your smartphone.

Cost Required to Develop a Travel App?

It depends upon the incorporation of elements that you wish to add to your mobile application. So, before you start working on such a project with a travel app development company, it is important to have a clear checklist of things you need to have in this application. This will not only help you in assessing the final result but also help you have an idea of the budget in advance.

On average, the development of an Android and iOS app for a single platform for a travel agency may require spending anywhere between $25000 and $55000. This may also go beyond this range depending upon the level of technology and features you want to add to the application. Your app development agency can give you complete details about the features you can have. A few of the factors that influence the cost of app development include:

Features of the App

Features and functionality are the key factors for developing any application. This is the factor that is dependent on the skills of the developer and therefore the cost goes higher as the complexity of the travel app increases. Basic functionality features will require to invest less in the app development than highly functional and appealing features. Various basic to advanced features that an app can have include, user login, navigation, chat, search, push notification, geolocation, payment integration, audio/video, analytics, data encryption, offline mode, multi-language support, etc. Some of these are very basic which are required on even a basic app but some advanced features may be selected as per the requirement.

Location of the Developer or Development Agency

The location of the app development company is another major factor that impacts the overall cost of app development. For instance, you may see developers from the US usually charge $30-$50 per hour whereas developers from India charge $20-$40 on average for their mobile native app development India. Moreover, these rates may also vary according to the experience and skills a developer has.

Design of the App

Just like a Website Development process, app development also has app design as the first and foremost important step. Since app design has a direct relation with user-friendliness therefore an application with a good UI/UX design will have high development costs.

Application Platform

It is up to you which platform you want to choose for your application to run on. You can yourself do market research or ask your travel app development company to suggest the best-suited platform option for your business app. Cost may vary depending upon the platform you choose to run this app. You must make sure that your mobile application is accessible to all users. If you choose Either Android or iOS, there may not be much difference in cost for either of these platforms however the time required may vary. As iOS may require more time for development due to being strict whereas Android being flexible is less time-consuming. If you want it for both of these, the cost will go high.

Travel App Development Company

Hiring a travel app development company is always reliable and professional. As they will surely have the necessary resources, team, experience, and expertise to complete the project on time and with the required efficiency. A company may charge more than a freelance developer, but the level of reliability will also be more if you choose to go with an Digital Marketing Company

Therefore considering all the above-mentioned parameters, you can have a clear idea of the extent to which your app development cost may go.

If you have a travel agency, this is the most suitable time to introduce your customers to a perfectly designed travel app, after the recent pandemic, the travel industry is slowly going up. A successful mobile app can reward you with an ample amount of clients as well.


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