Transform Your Boring Bedroom with these Simple Ideas


Your bedroom should be a peaceful haven where you can retreat for relaxation and sleep. How the room looks have a great effect on how well you can rest in there. You need to transform this place from boring to a place that speaks of your style and makes you feel comfortable. Here are some simple ideas that will transform your bedroom.


Do you have any idea how much clutter people accumulate over time? It is a lot and it is not just in the garage. It is also in different parts of the home including bedrooms. Think of those torn sheets that you never seem to have time to throw out. Perhaps it is a pile of clothes and shoes you no longer wear that are stuffed at the back of your closet. No matter what baggage it is that you have in there, it needs to go. Decluttering will give you a clean slate to work with. You will have more space to work with and you can easily get it right. Some tips on decluttering the bedroom include starting small and sort items according to the action you will take. This could be selling, donating, or storing depending on the function and quality of the items.

Splurge on Bedding

Your bed is the most important part of your bedroom. For this reason, you need to ensure that you have the perfect bed. It needs to be sturdy, look great and showcase your style. There are rustic, modern, and unique beds you could choose from. Ensure that what you choose matches the d├ęcor in the rest of the home. Feel free to throw in some fancy features like an adjustable bed frame. This frame can be raised to provide your back or feet with the support needed. Whether you are sitting in bed to watch a movie or have back pain, it will provide you with the comfortable sitting position you need. The mattress, bedsheets, duvets, pillows, and anything else that goes on top of the bed should also be high in quality. Comfort should be the number one consideration when shopping around for beddings. Feel free to express yourself by selecting colors you love. Play around with them to create the right effect.

Get Something to Hang on that Wall

Plain walls scream boring! Cover them with beautiful art pieces and the place will feel much cozier. Alternatively, frame family pictures and display them on the walls. Another way to make a wall more interesting is to add a mirror. Find a beautiful mirror and place it next to a window to increase natural lighting. You may also use mirrors to make a room look larger.

Add a Rug

What is the better way to get up? Would you rather have your feet touch the cold floor or land on a warm, fluffy mat? Of course, it is the latter. Invest in a good rug that will be placed where you usually step when you first get off the bed. A nice rug can completely transform your bedroom by giving the room a bright pop of color and depth.

Add Color

If the colors in your bedroom are too dull for your liking, there are several ways to brighten them. Transform your bedroom by switching up the paint on the walls with a color you love. Opt for warm colors that make the place cozy. Do not have too much going on with different colors on the wall. Pick one color and work with that. Alternatively, cover the walls with a wallpaper of your liking. Another way to add color to your bedroom is through potted plants. Bring some in for a fresh and beautiful finish. Do not overdo it though. Just a few plants are enough.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Your bedroom needs to have several sources of light. The overhead source should have enough light to light up the entire room. If you have a boring fixture, look around for a fancier replacement. Lambs next to the bed give you the chance to show off your style. Choose lambs that show off your taste while still giving adequate light for reading. Opt for adjustable lighting. This way you can create just the mood you want. Imagine warm lighting for those romantic nights and bright lighting for when you need to find something in the dark.


With the above simple ideas, you will be able to turn your bedroom into the comfortable place you want to be in. With these ideas being easy to implement, you have no reason not to give them a try.


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