Top Woocommerce Plugins To Increase Sales

woocommece plugins

WooCommerce is a global leader when it comes to e-commerce. It is an excellent WordPress plugin. This plugin has managed to change the E-Commerce landscape. More online stores are popping up. More companies are coming up with online marketing and promotion. Some even define WooCommerce as an extension, but it is more of a plugin.

What Makes Woocommece Popular?

There are many reasons why a company like WooCommerce is popular. WooCommerce plugins are free. Yes, you heard that right. This company is open source wherein all its plugins are out there for anyone to check and change.

Because of this many people rely on a company like this for different things related to E-Commerce. This can simply be from email marketing campaigns to complex things like an SEO strategy.

One of the important reasons why we see increased WooCommerce sales is because this company has an excellent community of developers. They make new extensions and add custom themes to WooCommerce. This is why you can literally make anything out of WooCommerce. This is also why people are relying on WooCommerce plugins to boost sales.

Here Are The Woocommerce Plugins To Increase Sales

Woocommerce Live Sales Notification

Let us tell you one of the oldest tricks in the trade. It is less of a trick and more of a carefully planned marketing strategy. Let’s explain this with an example.

Let’s say you are new in a town and you want to grab a sandwich. You go downtown but you don’t know of any good places that sell sandwiches. You will automatically go into a store that has a lot of people gathering near it. This experience can even be enhanced by something simple. They can make the sandwiches facing the street where everyone can see.

Let’s say that sandwich shop even has a place for people to sit outside. Then passersby can see people enjoying eating the sandwich. You will automatically assume that this is a popular place. The sandwiches are good here. The sandwich shop next door may be just as good. Although they haven’t used this marketing strategy.

WooCommerce live sales notification is exactly that.

Simply put WooCommerce live sales notification is a plugin that you can implement in your e-commerce website. This plugin will come into play whenever someone buys something from the website.

Whenever someone buys something all the other visitors of the website can see a small notification about the purchase. This will give them a positive impression of the website. This will also compel them to check out what was being bought. This is the prime example of bringing the offline world to the online. Ensuring WooCommerce product sales are noticeable through WooCommerce popups.

Yith Woocommerce Wishlist

When we think of WooCommerce plugins to increase sales, we cannot ignore this plugin. Before we talk about what this plugin does, let us talk about wishlists. They are this incredibly powerful marketing tool that can be showcased as a utility tool for the customers.

Prior to the advent of wishlists, there were carts. Although people were reluctant to add something to the card because they do not consider buying it at the moment. Therefore, wishlists fulfilled an important need.

People could now save stuff that they would want to buy in the future. What this plugin does is allows the customers to easily and effectively create wishlists which then be shared on social media also. Wishlists can be created with fairy little effort with this plugin.

Woocommerce Direct Checkout

In order to understand the purpose of this plugin, we need to understand the psychology of the buyer. People come to eCommerce websites for their convenience. They simply want to find out what they want to buy and simply buy it. If they are presented with the option to add to a cart. Then it is the same thing as if they were going to a mall or any department store.

What this plugin does is it allows the customer to directly buy the product. Without going through the hassle of adding it to the card and then checking out. This is the type of plugin that make WooCommerce-enabled stores so popular.

Booster For Woocommerce

Business is global today. eCommerce has reached areas that would have been impossible with regular commerce. But there is a big challenge that comes with it. This challenge is relatable when business was offline.

Think of the 70s or ’80s when if a brand had to establish its name in a country, it had to open new stores. They had to adapt their whole business. These adaptations were according to the culture and practices as well as the preferences of the local people.

Not to mention accepting payments and transacting in a new system of currency. While we are in a new age of technology, the same problem is still prevalent.

Although the solution to the problem is now easier than ever with the help of plugins like Booster. Booster allows you to localize your website according to a specific area or even a country.

What that means is you can change everything from the product descriptions to the type of product suggestions as well as the images. You can change everything and anything in order to make your website more compatible with that region.

Along with that, Booster provides the opportunity and the capability to add support for the local currency.  This plugin supports nearly 200 currencies around the world making trade quite easy no matter the location.


If you have recently visited any eCommerce website you must have seen a top header bar that simply contains the text. It looks like a news headline and is quite useful in order to show discount coupons and other interesting offers.

This is usually above the product result page beside the search page. You can even add a discount code entering the area beside that. This is a very underrated app. It has been found that the conversion rates are excellent with this plugin.

The reason for this is quite simple and that is because this region is so easily visible to everyone on the website. At least a good percentage of people use this information in order to do the shopping.

This is not one of the most popularly known plugins. This can make a huge difference in your business if you use it correctly. There are different use cases for this type of header bar. One of the best use cases is to drive traffic to any new product that you have launched.

The best thing about this is that it does not look like a promotion or a sponsored place but it looks and blends in quite well with any website. And of course, if you want to make it stand out. There are options to customize and use themes to fit the theme of your website.


We can give you quite a number of examples of how the referral system is one of the most effective ways to drive authentic traffic to your website. This is one of the best investments because compared to the money spend on rewards for referrals to your website and the conversation rate.

What this plugin does is it allows you to build a referral system quite easily. The referral URL creation is quite easy and the best part about this is that everything is automated. You can set up every kind of reward in the form of coupons are you going to give the person who is doing the referral.

This can be quite attractive and encourages people to refer your e-commerce website to others. As we know that word-of-mouth is the best form of marketing. This plugin totally utilizes this type of marketing which is very rare in the digital space.

Woocommerce Product Extras

When we talk of e-commerce we usually focus on the visitors. The customers but we fail to recognize another important group of people who actually keep eCommerce websites alive.

We are of course talking about the sellers. It is they who upload and sell their products on your e-commerce website. That is why this plugin this quite useful to them. Traditionally, your eCommerce website might have a simple interface to add products.

The sellers might be allowed to add a few simple parameters. What this plugin does is that it allows the seller to add a whole lot more details to the products. This is important because it gives back power to the actual users of your website. This allows them to customize the products according to their information. This is not only important but should be implemented on every eCommerce website and who comes makes it possible.

Affiliate WP

We all know the power of influences and online celebrities. This plugin utilizes their power in a way that benefits them as well as the e-commerce people. What this does is it allows for the creation of simple affiliate programs that any influencer can use.

Think of it as a referral program but a more complex one. This can be tracked with the use of different affiliate codes. This will allow for easy tracking of sales and the use of the affiliate link.

What this type of plugin does is that it allows people to become affiliates to any website quite easily. This allows them to use their social media and online influence to target sales to any website. If you go on YouTube nowadays you will find nearly every prominent creator sponsoring any product. Creators are also asking people to use their discount codes to do shopping on that website.

Or they are perhaps asking their fans and viewers to check the description for a link that will lead them to the product page.

That is where they can use the creator’s personal discount code to get good discounts. This is effective for a number of reasons and one of the most important reasons is that this is a sure way for bringing in business.

This is exactly like using a celebrity to do a television ad for your product but this is even more effective. In this day and age when we are digital, we must use every tool in our arsenal to utilize the huge potential of e-commerce. This is just the plugin to do it.

Product Faqs By Woocommerce

Whenever a product is listed on any eCommerce website there is really no way of two-way communication between the customer and the seller. This is a bad thing because customers can leave reviews after they have purchased. There is no way for them to ask questions before they make the purchase.

This Is Exactly Where Product FAQs Comes In

  • They bridge the gap that is usually there in online commerce because there is no one to talk to about the product, unlike in offline commerce.
  • What this plugin does is it allows you to add this section so that the customers can ask questions and the sellers can answer them.
  • It has been found that this increases product engagement which is directly responsible for more product sales.


If you are someone who is interested in e-commerce but is not confident about where to invest. Or if you are someone who wants to have all the latest technology that there is. This is so that you can compete with the big giants in your E-Commerce business, then we are here to help you.

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