Top Website Design Mistakes to Avoid for Small Business

website design mistakes

In today’s era, many small business owners consider designing their websites on their own rather than assigning them to some experts as it helps them in saving funds. Well, in this case, it gets very crucial to understand the common website design mistakes that take place unknowingly by them but have a great impact on the performance of the website.

So, here are 10 web design mistakes to avoid, thus making the website more appealing to go through:

  1. Poor Navigation: It is one of the common mistakes web designers make when it comes to website designing for small businesses. Due to complicated navigation, people don’t prefer to stay for long on the website. Also, unable to spot the menu or the search bar makes the viewer get irritated. If the navigational aspects of the website are easy to understand then it becomes easier to get noticed and receive attention.
  2. Lack of CTA: A proper CTA (call to action) helps businesses to grow very quickly. Visitors must know what do they need to provide and how soon they will receive a revert. Moreover, the CTA must be concise and must convey the next steps for the customers. Form-filling must be limited and the visitor must stay for some time on the page before the CTA pops-up.
  1. Stuffing a lot of information: Counted among the common mistakes in web page design, availability of more and more information reduces visitors. A cascade of images and text must be avoided. In contrast, balanced amounts of up-to-date informative text and visual content must be added so that it corresponds to the business goals of the company.
  1. Terrible visual effects: Visual elements have a great role in delivering the message of the company to their targeted audience. Factors such as poor styling and low-quality images or videos turn out as hurdles thus ruining visitors’ engagement over the site. In a single layout, not more than five colors should be used. Staying minimalistic and avoiding unnecessary designs like 3D charts, ornamental illustrations, extraneous elements, etc will make the webpage look presentable.
  1. Absence of SEO: It happens that poorly designed websites are not even preferred by the visitors as they lack appearance. There even happens that search engines tend to omit those websites from quality rankings. A web design has a great impact on SEO rankings. Adding elements that make it tiring for search engines to recognize must be avoided. Search engines give preferences to websites that are designed with responsive-friendly features and user-intention features.
  1. Poor mobile responsiveness: No visitor would prefer to visit a website that operates slowly and takes a lot of time to load the contents. Proper optimization of a website is very important as it will lead to more clients than client loss. This is very important for smartphones where pages designed for large screens might take too long to load and eventually look bad on the screen of a smartphone because of the page settings.
  1. Wrongly positioning of ads: Advertising banners are very important and crucial for any business to prosper. However, the positioning of advertisements on websites needs to be drafted carefully so they do not overlap important information and don’t damage site usability. Extra attention must be given to the pop-ups. While they usually make a comeback, it must be made sure that they are easily closed and should not capture the full-screen size.
  1. Knowledge about the Target audience: Small business owners must know the importance of their target audience. This plays a vital role while designing the website. Sometimes, a website also tries speaking to a lot of audiences, more than that required. If the website designed goes around convincing many types of customers, then it may end up being a muddled website. The target audience must be identified and the website so designed must cater to it.
  1. Lack of contact Page: Customers or clients need to contact prospective business owners often because of many dealings. Thus, providing correct contact information holds great importance. The contact information or Contact Us must be visible clearly in the header or footer or on a dedicated contact page. All available contact details including your social media links must be provided as they work as a trust factor for customers. All the contact information should be easy to find and it must not confuse the customer.
  2. Selection of Templates over customs: In order to save time, small business owners take the option of selecting the templates over creating a custom website design. Doing this doesn’t work on improving the image of the company. Preferring a template is good only for once. On the other hand, creating a custom design lets the visitors know about the mission, vision and values of the business. It turns out to be a perfect reflection of the brand. Templates can turn out to be heavy, thus affecting the company’s SEO rankings as well.

In a nutshell, the only way to assure that the companies do not fall prey to these common web design mistakes, small businesses need to undertake regular content audits of their website. The overall website outlook and functionality are very important in ascertaining the number of visitors the company can get and how long it can stay in the long-run. Also, it is mandatory to draft an appealing website, but more than that it is important to create a website that also generates adequate revenue.

After going through all the pointers, readers now may have a good idea of how to keep the website updated, go for a pocket-friendly small business web design company, and make a clean layout that grabs the attention of its customers in a good way. Once a new website is designed, the sales and website visitor numbers change and it gets evident after both are compared. Hopefully, there will be improvements versus the old website that may have had various small business website mistakes.

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