Top Web Development Trends to Expect in 2022

Web Development Trends

.The internet is exactly like a wish from a gene. But this wish has one thing in particular: advanced personalization. Every internet user can use this boon as per their needs. For most of us, the internet is the place where we grow immensely as a business. We are sure many people had already understood this fact a long time ago. And that’s why we have more than 1.5 billion websites over the internet. So we though of sharing some latest Web Development Trends. The web development company in Melbourne is in huge demand these days. Because more and more businesses want to benefit from the 4.5 billion users of the internet. We know regardless of the industry you serve in, the competition among the businesses is also increasing. Just like the users are always changing, you need to figure out the next biggest trend and focus on that. 

Web Development is one of the most changing industries. Well, thanks to the new technologies we have more and more new things to implement on the web. You know how they always say, “in order to stay one step ahead, you need to walk with the latest trends.” It’s true when it comes to website development because after a while; it becomes essential to focus on the latest trends. The inclusion of new techniques and new approaches to get admired and accepted by the audience. As you already know, that ever-evolving competition is nowhere near to halt. It’s better to evolve rapidly, and one of the best ways is to incorporate the latest web development trends with the help of a leading web development company in Australia.  

At the same time, we at JHK Infotech, a web development company in Australia, already understood the importance of fresh designs, trends and technologies in our client’s business websites from time to time. We strongly believe that failing to walk with the new trends can result in dire consequences for your website as you can observe less user interaction and low performance from the site. If you think it’s alright until you lose your traffic, then tell us that “Change is Inevitable.” If you are not updating with time, someone else will. The best way to remain competitive in your business is to work according to the latest trends and not lose your traffic and customers. 

Let us pull this tail for a long and straightaway jump into the latest trend that we are going to see in website development. 

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

If you are into technology, then you already know about this tech introduced by Google in 2015. Accelerated Mobile Pages, also known as Google’s AMP, is a smart way to offer mobile users a lightning-fast digital experience. You might be wondering how it’s new and trendy? 

In 2021, the number of mobile devices worldwide will be at almost 15 billion. Not only this, this number is expected to reach 18.22 billion by 2025. Maybe most of the world is not considering mobile websites a good opportunity to attract new customers and offer current customers. Still, we at JHK believe that working on mobile business sites is as important as desktop websites. 

Source: Statista

You can easily offer a seamless user experience, bringing benefits like less bounce rate, more conversions, improved business metrics, etc., to your table. AMP is already in trend from 2020 and shows no slowing down in 2022 as well.

  • Content Personalization Through Machine Learning

Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data are already made a home in our lives as they are surely affecting our everyday activities without us recognizing them. But the main objective of implementing Machine Learning in website development is to improve the experience of the user. Since it helps with analyzing incoming data, detects customer patterns, makes decisions and improves the website functioning, many top sites have already included it with the help of the web development company in Melbourne. 

Netflix is the biggest example of offering personalized content through Machine Learning. They easily predict content that the consumers may like as the system recommends shows as per the user’s preference and previous watchlist. 

At JHK Infotech, we have already experienced a number of demands to make websites more personalized as per the user’s needs. We are sure the number is surely going to rise with time as this tech offers substantial improvements. 

  • Motion UI

We have talked about the technologies in web development. Now let us take a look at the advancements in the design that will rule the websites in 2022 and beyond. Motion design is basically minimalistic design coupled with complex interactions, making the website look good and attracting users’ attention. So, if you want to establish yourself as a unique business on the internet, then introducing UI on your site is the best idea from recent times. There are many elements that Motion UI has to offer which allow you to display your unique style and entertain your users at the same time. Motion UI not only gives you a distinct look but also helps your website rank higher in SERPs because that’s what customers want to look at. 

Use Motion UI to guide the incoming traffic with several animations demonstrating what to do next. Respond to users’ signals with unique animations. Motion UI is surely one of the most distinct ways to show uniqueness in this competitive world. 

  • Dark Mode Standardization

Dark and Yellow light websites have gained popularity in recent years. At JHK, we received a plethora of requests to make changes on the websites. So they can offer a darker user interface to their users. We have already seen Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google etc. already implemented this feature and it’s a matter of time the rest will follow. We have talked a lot about improving the user experience and the addition of this feature. It allows you to provide an easy option to your users so they can toggle between dark and light mode as per their preferences. 

  • Optimized Voice Search

Voice Search is here to make things more engaging for the users and implementing it on your website would be one of the best decisions you will ever make. We have already seen the intelligence and popularity of Alexa and Siri. Your consumers are already using smartphones and IoT devices for comprehensive voice search. Using it on your website means your search results will start ranking higher on SERPs which means more traffic and better chance to convert the audience. So, it’s very obvious that enterprises will optimize their products, their content strategy, and basically their whole website for voice search with the help from a web development company in Melbourne in 2022. 


As already mentioned, web development is an ever-evolving field. Because of the sole reason that users’ needs and expectations change with time. That’s why you observe that most of the trends are focused on optimizing your business site. As per the user experience and how to make things easier for them. Most of these listed trends will be in the market for a longer period of time than estimated. So, it’s better to have someone by your side who can implement these changes on your business site more frequently with some added ideas for more rich traffic and better conversion chances. 

The website development experts at JHKInfotech believe that in order to be ahead and consistently attract traffic. You need to update yourself constantly. That’s why we ensure that your business website remains up to date. And has a competitive edge over other businesses in your industry with our comprehensive web development services. To get help from an IT advisor with proven expertise and tech background, do not hesitate to contact us.


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