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It is great fun to be a web developer and a software engineer, also it doesn’t matter that you are new in this profession or have years of experience. But it is important to learn new techniques and advanced technology related to web development.

As  we know that the demand of web development and web applications is increasing, developers use different IDEs to present their work more precisely and quickly. 

IDEs stand for integrated development environments. It is the tool or a software in which all basic tools are integrated. These tools are used for software testing and writing.   

  • How it is helpful for the web developers:

If the web developers don’t use any IDEs, he/she would select and manage all the basic tools separately, but if the web developers use IDEs he will manage every basic tool at the same place. IDEs integrate all the tools in the single frame and service.


It is one of the most important aspects where web developers increase their skill and expertise to the next level. IDEs help the web developers to implement their ideas and creativity and analyze how the website is working live. 


  • Features of IDEs:

The basic feature of the IDEs is the following:

  1. code, 
  2. test, 
  3. debug 
  4. and edit

The advanced features of the IDEs are used in the automation, customization and visualization. IDEs play a significant role in web development. Web developers  use this to handle the large codebases, development and also for the web development project. 

Top IDEs in web development:

Following are the top web development IDEs that are commonly used in website development in lahore. 

  • Visual studio code:

One of the most used and popular IDEs in web development. It is the editor source IDEs that are developed by the microsoft window. It is not pn;ly come with tolls it is also along with extension of languages such as PHP, java, JS, CSS, C++, C# and Python. It also supports 36 distinct coding languages along with all kinds of operating systems as well. 


Features of VS code:

  • The best feature of the visual studio code is its Built in command line user interference and also has a rich API for effective debugging. 
  • You can open multiple editors at the same time and on the same project and there is an integrated terminal that is also available.
  • There are a wider range of plugins available and VS liver share that allow web developers to share VS code instances.
  • Atom:

The one of the best IDE that are developed by Github, and web development companies preferred this IDE when their web developers want to write the coding on the javascript as like other IDEs it is also help and support other languages such as CSS, HTML, C++ and python. As well as also you can use it in any operating system like Windows, linux and MacOS. 


It is also one of the free and open source desktop as well as web programs that is created by using the web technologies.


Features of Atom:

  • As we know that this IDEs is based on electrons because of this you are enabling  to cross platform desktop apps by using Node.Js
  • Through this you can find, write, view and replace text from anywhere. 
  • It also allow you to add additional functions, tools and themes by using the  built in package manager
  • Netbeans:

In  lahore, web development companies like planx always considered netbeans as the best IDE for java script. But it also support other languages such as:

  • PHP,
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Java 
  • And Many more

Features of netbeans:

  • It is one of the easy and simple because of its drag and drop user interference.
  •  It also provides the best and effective project management with different views on multiple windows like:Linux, MacOS and Windows 
  • The web development companies in lahore like planx preferred to use this tool because it helps the newbie in the company to write the bug free code through statics analysis tools. 
  • Pycharm:

As the name indicates pycharm, it is the best IDE for python but it doesn’t mean only for python it also supports other programming languages as well such as:

  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Node.js and more 

Web development companies like planx considered that this IDE is developing and best for back end development projects. It also supports MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Features of pycharm:

  • More than 1000 of plugins are available 
  • In-built server access functionality
  • Also have smart code navigation 
  • As well as support google app engine. 
  •   It integrates the unit test along with code analysis and Graphical debugger to give a little bit relaxment to the programmers. 
  • Brackets:

The web development company in Lahore considered that brackets is one of the light weight but the most powerful IDE with the set of visual tools. It is developed by adobe systems. It is designed for the front end web developers and web designers.  It also support:

  • MacOS, 
  • Window
  • Linux 

The web designing companies choose this because it is one of the excellent IDEs because of the user interface which helps the web developers easily navigate. This tool is very useful during web development. 

Following are the features of brackets:

  • It is the collaborative platform for the web developers in coding completion 
  • Through this you get real time preview and in-built java-scripts debugger also in it. 
  • Cross platform and extensible as well. 
  • Eclipse: 

The one of the famous community drive IDEs and open source with numerous extensions along with especially best for the programming language Java. but it is also a tool that web developers use in:

  • HTML 
  • C++
  • CSS. 

It is used in world most famous companies like:

  • Google, 
  • Netflix,
  • Facebook, 
  • GE 
  • Walmart 

It also support the operating system such as:

  • Windows 
  • Linux
  • MacOS.

Web developers are considered one of the best IDEs because it is an extensible platform since you are installing many tools for example: graphical user interference and other tools that are used in modeling, testing, charting and reporting. In this IDE, you also create plugins by using the plugin development Environment (PDE).

Feature of ellipse:

  • Easy to use 
  • Highly customized
  • Fast compiler
  • Wider range of plugins
  • Automatically validates syntax. 
  • Intellij idea:

According to the survey results, web developers think that the Intellij idea is best for java as compared to the other languages. But we can use this IDE for following programming languages as well. Such as:

  • HTML
  • SQL
  • Java Scripts

It has the ability to add handy tools automatically especially those who are relevant to the context. This IDE has intelligent coding assistance and can perform data flow analysis as well. Through the indexing of code that gives you the relevant suggestion and code completion. 

It also helps you to avoid repetitive statements, there are several tasks that are done automatically. Through this IDE web developers increase their productivity level.  For the web developers it will come with in-built tools and the best support community that will help you when you get stuck. 

Features of Intellij idea:

  • It helps to maintain the flow of programs 
  • Helps developers in deployment and debugging tool as well as code completions 
  • This IDE find out the repetitive statements
  • Support google app engine and GWT
  • vim:

The most favorite and one of the best IDEs of the web developers for the development of  web applications as well as for software programming. Basically this is the terminal based code editor that is highly configurable. That is why you find it a little bit difficult and tough. 


But most of the programmers choose this as their first choice when they get the command on it. They hardly choose or select other IDEs. The main reason behind this is: it supports all the major markup along with the programming languages as well. These are following programming and markup languages:

  1. Python 
  2. C
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Java scripts
  6. Java
  7. CSS
  8. HTML 
  9. And many more…

Features of Vim:

Following are the features of VIM:

  • Syntax highlighting 
  • Mouse gestures
  • DirectX support for Microsoft users.
  • Highly customized IDE
  • Offer a wider range of plugins and extensions.



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