Top Ways To Prepare Your Child For PSLE English Exam


The PSLE examination is the essential academic part of the education that every child has to go through. It decides the next journey of academics- secondary school. Parents need to make sure that their kids have the proper preparation. It will help them to focus on effective learning.

Having the right guidance can benefit the children’s study appropriately. Parents can opt for the PSLE English tuition online classes for their kids. The professionals prepare the students with the correct knowledge of the language.

Additionally, there are even many key strategies that parents can consider. Keep reading the article to know about them.

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Top Tips For PSLE English Exam Preparation

  • Make The Notes

For the proper preparation for the PSLE English exam, ask your children to make a learning notebook. Let them write down words, their synonyms, idioms, phrases, etc. that they are unfamiliar with or find difficult to memorize. Help them practice summarizing it each day by writing.

Writing daily is considered the best way for learning. It enables the children to get familiar with new words and their meaning every day, thus, boosting their thinking skills. More than this, it also prepares the kids to write efficiently in PSLE English Paper 1-Continuous Writing and PSLE Paper 2-Language Use and Comprehension.

Motivate your children to revise all the notes each day. Parents can take a quiz and reward them for better performance. Moreover, PSLE English tuition online classes are available to guide the kids use the right vocabulary for writing appropriately. Besides this, always keep in mind that it is very essential to keep the learning process fun and easy. Not only will it prevent the pressure on the kids but also encourages them to study more.

  • Study Smart

Learning all the topics and forgetting them during the examination time is pointless. Allow your kid to develop a smart strategy that will keep them highly encouraged. Instead of focusing on every lesson, first, study the ones which are challenging to understand. For instance, composition writing, where great writing and vocabulary skills are a must. To make sure your child has both, enroll them in the PSLE English tuition online classes.

The sessions will train the kids to learn how to write an impressive composition. Additionally, the tutors teach some creative ways to express ideas and thoughts. However, studying smartly helps children to retain information for a long time. In addition, it builds self-confidence and passion for competence that consequently, reducing the stress before and after the PSLE English exams. Besides this, they will feel their smart work pays off as it will lead to better grades.

  • Boost Listening Skills

Parents should keep in consideration that learning should not always be fixed. Do something the children enjoy. For instance, spend time with them while watching their favorite movies or TV programs. Including a such activity in their daily study timetable can improve their knowledge of the language.

Today, modern technology has made it possible for all children to learn online. Many educational videos are providing much information related to every topic. Kids learn easily and quickly if you enable them to see and listen correctly. Consequently, it will prepare the children for the PSLE Paper 3- Listening Comprehension.

  • Read Out loud

Reading loudly works wonders. It allows the children to remember the information better and makes the concept clear. In addition, it enhances reading fluency which is most important for the PSLE Paper 4-Oral Communication.

So, engage your child in the speaking environment. Parents can help them with reading books and also allow them to read too. It will enable the kids to get familiar with how to pronounce the individual word and sentence.

In addition, parents should have a conversation with their kids in English every day. As a result, it will develop fluency in speaking. Hence, children will be able to communicate in English and achieve good grades on PSLE Oral Communication Paper.

  • Maintain Time-Management

With how perfectly a child is writing, speaking, or reading, it is also crucial to understand the time taken to solve the questions. So, ensure your child knows the correct format of the PSLE English exam. It will allow them to answer a particular section of the paper at a specific time without struggling.

For instance, the PSLE Paper 2-Language Use and Comprehension consist of two booklets- A and B. The total time required to complete both parts is 1 hour and 50 mins. So, children can distribute the time based on each booklet.

Booklet A comprises MCQ questions and Booklet B, open-ended questions. Train your kids to get the correct answers as soon as possible within the shortest duration. Let’s take an example if your child finds the open-ended questions easier to solve fast, let them complete booklet B first. It will save more time to solve Booklet A.

Thus, by practicing the way of writing the PSLE English exam within the time, children can proceed well in every section of the paper.

  • Seek Additional Help

Some parents are too busy in their job life, while some who are at home have other work to do. It becomes challenging to focus completely on the studies of their children. If this situation arises, do not forget to take additional help.

Several proficient tutors are providing online tuition for primary school kids. They use a well-organized teaching method according to the learning style and weaknesses of the children.

For instance, a kid struggles to write compositions creatively. The tutor’s guide builds strong vocabulary skills. In addition, they teach how to form a correct sentence structure. When children know every basic grammar rule, they can effectively express their point of view in the right way.

  • Understand Learning Style

Forcing the kids to study in a specific way may not be the right way to enhance their PSLE English exam journey. The outcomes can be disinterest in studies, low self-confidence, and difficulty in getting the information properly, thus, resulting in poor grades.

So, parents should know that every child learns differently. Know about their learning style and proceed accordingly. For instance, if your kid grabs the information quickly through videos, many virtual lessons for primary school are available online. During the sessions, experts guide the children using graphics or pictures which makes the understanding of the topic easy.

Helping the children study in their learning style can lead to more engagement in the classes. Thus, when kids are thoroughly involved in their studies, they memorize better.

  • Practice Mock Tests

As primary school students will experience giving the PSLE English exams for the first time, they need to understand the concept. Therefore, parents should allow their kids to practice mock tests. It will prepare the children for the examination setting.

Ask the kids to go for two to three mock tests in a day. This will prepare them to finish the specific section of the PSLE exam in an exact pattern and within the given time. In addition, they will get to know the speed needed to complete the paper.

Summing Up

Learning the English language is not an easy process. Repeatedly doing the practices and revisions can be fruitful. So, encourage your kids’ writing, reading, and speaking skills with the PSLE English tuition online classes. The skillful tutors will make it easy and quick to tackle all the problems.

Thus, the sooner the parents will prepare their children for PSLE English exams, the better the outcomes will be.


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