Top Ways For Tutors To Improve Students’ E-Learning Experience


E-learning has gained immense popularity over the years. Thanks to technology, students can continue their studies from the comfort of their homes. However, this modern learning method possesses some challenges for tutors as well. They must ensure the students are attentive, engaged, understanding the lectures, etc. To provide an improved learning experience to the tutees, the teachers can use the top ways we mentioned below. So, without any further delay, let’s check them out.

How Can Tutors Improve The E-Learning Experience For Students?

Provide Lecture Recordings

One of the key benefits of E-learning is that the tutors have the option to record the sessions. This feature simplifies the students’ learning process and makes it more effective. Whenever the learners have to revise a topic, they can head to the respective session recording and watch the lecture to get more clarity. 

It also benefits the students who encounter doubts and queries regarding the subject on a regular basis. Rather than reaching out to the teacher for little confusion, they can take the help of lecture recordings. In most cases, a concept becomes clear in their minds just by revising the topic through video.

In short, class recordings save both time and effort for the tutors that they need to invest in the students. Therefore, the tutors should configure their workstations with suitable screen recording software to provide the students with recorded lectures regularly. According to your usage, you can either continue with a free screen recording utility or go for a paid one. 

Develop Personal Connections

The tutors must build a strong personal connection with the students. It helps the learners become comfortable while interacting with the teachers. The best way to facilitate this practice is to assist the students with their personal problems along with academic guidance. By indulging in conversations with the learners in a friendly manner, the tutors can start developing a personal connection with the tutees.

Moreover, the tutors should incorporate empathy in themselves to properly understand the students’ state of mind dealing with a learning problem. Even if they are unable to come up with a solution at that particular moment, only listening to the students’ issues is enough. When the learners realise that there is someone who understands their problems, they develop a strong personal connection. Ultimately, it benefits the tutees when it comes to learning the respective subject as well. 

Prepare Short & Engaging Presentations

Presentations are a key part of E-Learning. They help the teachers to explain a topic to the students in a simplified but interesting way with the help of diagrams, images, animations and more. However, most online tutors make the mistake of not keeping the presentation length short. The duration up to which a teacher presents a topic and the learners’ attention span are directly connected.

Students, especially the younger ones, can focus on a topic for only up to a few minutes. Afterwards, their mind is automatically distracted due to various reasons. So, the presentation must be shorter in length. To make this happen, the teacher should only add those points which are important and connected to the core concept. They need to remove the unwanted slides that are not necessary.

Along with making the presentations shorter, you need to make them engaging. A good way to make interesting presentations is to add slides related to real-world usage and examples of the respective concept. It instantly captures the students’ attention when they get to see the practical implementation of the different concepts.

Explain Concepts in Multiple Ways

A single way of teaching is not suitable to fulfil the students’ learning requirements. Everyone’s academic capabilities and preferences are different. Therefore, the tutors should explain a single concept in multiple ways so that every tutee gets a hold of it in one way or the other.

An effective way of implementing this practice is to provide the study material in various formats such as pdf notes, video lectures, presentations, etc. Some students will understand better from the notes while some will find the video lectures more useful. This way, every student’s learning requirements are fulfilled.

Find Free Learning Resources

Another major benefit of E-Learning is that the students have access to information on almost every topic with the help of the internet. Hence, they can learn and enhance their knowledge as per the requirement. However, students generally don’t know about the right sources of information. Online tutors can help them connect to the right website/forum/YouTube video for academic assistance.

Along with regular classes, these additional study resources prove to be of great use for the learners. It makes them familiar with the new and advanced concepts that are generally missing from the textbooks. As a tutor, you can very well check the authenticity of the information before forwarding it to the students. In short, the tutors should keep looking for quality and budget-friendly study resources for the students to provide them with the maximum value.

Get Feedback From Parents and Students

There is always a scope for improvement irrespective of how much better you perform as a tutor. A good way of improving your E-tutoring services is to get feedback from the students and their parents. Students are the ones who actually have to solve the questions, make assignments, prepare for the tests, and much more. So, they can better explain the issues they regularly face while learning the subject.

For example, suppose most students complain that they are facing problems in the grammar section. To resolve this issue, English tutors can provide them with tricks to effectively learn the grammatical rules. After knowing the subject areas in which the students are facing problems, the tutors can tweak their teaching patterns accordingly to benefit the learners. 

There can be multiple types of issues such as the teachers’ way of explaining things is complex, the study material is not good, the information resource is not authentic, etc. After knowing the key issues, the teachers can take steps toward resolving them. It is not only beneficial for the students as they get an improved learning experience, but it also generates positive word of mouth for the tutors’ services.

Use Gamification in Sessions

E-learning allows teachers to incorporate gamification in tutoring sessions. It involves combining features in the classes that are generally associated with video games. The most common model is implementing a reward system consisting of badges, points, special achievements, etc on completion of different academic tasks.

When the learners finish an assignment or complete the homework on time, they get rewards. Similarly, if students perform extremely well, like solving all the questions in a practice paper, they get a special virtual achievement badge. These types of rewards keep the learners motivated to perform their best.

Every student likes games, and there is no better scenario for them when they can learn with the help of a game format. The sense of accomplishment the students get after completing each task keeps them inspired throughout the session. In this way, gamification can help the tutors to improve the E-Learning experience for the tutees.


E-learning has the potential to facilitate a better learning environment for students. By following the approaches and incorporating the practices mentioned above, the tutors can provide maximum value to the learners. Moreover, as E-learning is slowly replacing traditional methods, don’t be surprised if it becomes mainstream in the future. So, it is better to become familiar with the right tutoring ways to make yourself future-proof and ensure career growth.


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