Top Trends For Digital Marketing To Watch Out For


Lately, we saw the rise of mobile marketing, video and social media has gained a lot of importance in the advertising world and amongst brands. But off lately ad blocking and viewability came into some major light. As a result, all the parties including publishers, marketers, and customers have to be kept in mind and all have to be satisfied, especially consumers. There are digital marketing trends that have to be followed.

The future is upon us which indicates sparkly clothes and flashy this and that but this long list of resolution has to be broken. There are a lot of predictions by marketers for the coming years about the news that could be coming in the world of digital marketing. You can learn about new trends online from digital marketing blogs, videos, etc. You can even enroll in an online digital marketing course to learn directly from industry experts.

Marketers generally ride on an annual wave of trends than more of quarterly. Marketers generally like to watch out the audiences, their interests, needs, wants very closely. This in turn helps to integrate the target segment into the new territories.

The road ahead is sure to throw curveballs to the space of digital marketing. Also, with the digital saturation taking place a major strategy re-think is bound to happen.

Now, let’s have a look at the major trends in the digital marketing area to watch out for:

1. Social Ads:
Social media is the most popular and widely used trend to watch out for. The digital ad budget as well will surpass TV’s budget allocation in the future. With a huge chunk of the digital spend being allocated to social advertising which surely can not be ignored. All of this will lead to the emergence of digital ads and immense competition.

Start by deciding which platform can be used which would worth investing in for the right audience. for visual effect marketing, platforms like Instagram and Interest could be used. And in the case of B2B marketing using the specific target audience is too important. So, it’s important to decide appropriately.

Promote the winners and also organically test your posts. Do not just randomly allocate the budget. Utilization of action-oriented ad formats. Twitter lead generation ads and Facebook click to website ads with call-to-actions buttons does help.

2.  Facebook messenger for business:
Facebook’s big announcements of messenger for business has opened a huge gateway for the  B2B and B2C conversations.  Unlike where the messenger was just used for talking to friends and family.

In March of 2015, Facebook revealed Messenger for Business, taking the widely used messenger system that you and I utilize to communicate with our friends, spouses, and family members, and making it available for B2C and even B2B conversations. Also, the growth in the business has been tremendous because of Facebook messenger for Business. Marketers are leveraging on it and will use the Facebook messenger for business to target the right customers, with the right message and at the right time.

In addition to the opportunity, it also creates a personalized way to interact with the customers and create a space for customer service. You can keep the customers updated on their order status with messages. It also allows for the live chatbot.

3. Podcast:
Though not commonly used tool these days, it will soon to become one of the popular ways of digitally marketing your product/service. One way is to pay to play using ads. Creating ads and series of own podcasts might seem good but many brands such as Casper has used this space. Companies like Netflix has launched its own podcasts productions and it’s very popular as well. Creating own podcasts for small business owners might take more work, but it helps in building customer loyalty.

4. Native Advertising:
Ad blockers are the worst nightmare for modern marketers. As online marketing fuels the majority of websites across the internet. Many websites because of ad blocking are loosing up the revenue. To ensure that advertising goals are met native advertising helps and play a major role.

5. Personalized:
Since the internet knows more about someone than the person, it is an important factor to consider during marketing digitally. For the last couple of years, paid marketing has been about only the right keywords, but it has many errors. And Pay-Per-click has become so much more expensive. thus, here personalization plays an important part in terms of targeting the right audiences and saving a lot of time and energy.

6. Marketing Automation:
Marketing automation is not new in the space. Marketing automation helps to save time and improve productivity. It is from scheduling emails, segmentation, content management. Marketers need to dive in and figure out gaps in their sales & marketing funnel and eventually find out automation strategy for their easier job.

7 . Videos:
Videos are interesting, fun, visually appealing and popular! so, why not leverage this great opportunity !? As a result, video marketing is currently very hot. From the range of the smaller businesses to the larger businesses, everyone is leveraging on this. A huge chunk of ad spends to videos as well. videos help the audiences engage with the audiences through visuals, colours, sounds. Also, it helps to build loyalty trust.

8. Mobile:
Mobile is the thing of the future and its growing at a fast pace. Also, Google has claimed that mobile has surpassed desktop! SEO can be used for the same. So, marketers have to focus on building out robust marketing strategies.

9. Wearables:
Wearable is sure to become a thing of the future. The devices continue to rule the technology according to HubSpot. This can also indicate that more data on every move your customer is making.

If you are not aware of all these trends and want to learn, you can join an online digital marketing training. They provide a complete online digital marketing certification course and update you about the new tools and the upcoming trends.


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