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Andaman is a quiet island group in Bay Bay and the main tourist attraction. Not only perfect for honeymoon holidays, these islands also flocked by family and group groups, just for fun. Time passed in the Andaman Islands was not a problem; Whether you plan to just relax with a cocktail in hand or become adventurous, the Andaman Islands have many things (other than being a bummer of the beach) that you can make that make it a pleasant vacation spot. 7 of the top things that can be done in Andaman are listed below for you!


Cellular Prison (Kala Pili), Port Blair


Oh yes, Andaman is far more than just a pure beach and ice blue waters. Next time you visit these beautiful islands, take a trip down history and go see a cellular prison, aka the Kalapai, in Port Blair. Colonial prisons from the British era, this prison today pays tribute and stands for the memory of Indian freedom fighters who spend their exile there. Go soak in a few fairy tales from locals; You will definitely hear one or two interesting stories. No doubt, you will go back to soften and with an enlightened mind. There is also Hindi and English Sound & Light shows held here every night, Martyr’s warning, museums, photo galleries and art galleries.


Chatham looks at the mill.


Famous for housing one of the oldest and largest sawmills in Asia, Chatham Island is a place that you cannot miss. Snoop around the island and check Chatham Sawmill, which was founded by the UK in 1836. Soak in the wood air forest museum through the main students made of Andaman wood, or enjoy several forest-related activities in the museum in the museum. There is also a big bomb crater from WWII beside the forest museum. If you are interested in shopping, Sagarika Emporium is the right place to start.


Saddle Peak (Trek)


Located on Andaman Utara Island, Sadel Peak is the highest point throughout the Andaman and Nicobar islands tour archipelago at an altitude of 732 meters. The peak is surrounded by Saddle Puncak National Park, the main tourist attraction of Andaman Utara. Get your hiking shoes out and travel a trace of 8 km through a beautiful sub-tropical forest. Experience the lost temple, enduring water flow, and spectacular tropical flora along the path. And yes, after you reach the peak, the scenery of the islands from above is just amazing!


Water sports


If you are a brave type, adventurous, you can get your adrenaline in Andaman. Many islands here offer a variety of water sports and activities, so you can choose to do any float your boat. Even very intended. Port Blair has a Humung Complex which is devoted only to water sports called the Andaman Water Sports Complex. You can go kayak, boating, paddle, parasailing, water skiing, windsurfing, and more. Besides that, the complex, Jolly Buoy Island, Havelock Island, Neil Island, and other places offer snorkeling and scuba diving opportunities. So you can see, there is no scarcity even for the mass of adventurers


Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park


Located in the Wandoor area in the Andaman Islands nearby Port Blair, Marinir Mahatma Gandhi National Park is a merging of 15 small and large islands, with Sea Creeps open through the area. These arelands are mostly uninhabited with only the population of Minuscule 3000 who live in 8 adjacent villages. The park was made to preserve sea turtles and coral areas. Feel the rare and spectacular coral & underwater sea life through bottom boats, or enjoy some scuba dives and snorkeling if you are a bolder type.


Sea walk


One of the most interesting experiences in Andaman, walking sea is to step on the seabed and see Ranged fish clearly swim by you! Bed sea bed running is a fairly unique but not complicated activity – much simpler than scuba diving because there are no respiratory techniques involved. What’s more, you don’t need to have swimming skills to enjoy this fun activity and be safe to enjoy 7 to 70 years. The full-face window at the Helmet Walker Sea offers a view near the beautiful orange clownfish, the sea anemone, starfish, and swim shellfish around.


Snorkeling & Scuba Diving


Andaman & Nicobar Islands are one of the most exotic and remote destinations in the world. The archipelago consists of more than 500 islands and may have one of the richest coral reef ecosystems in the world! Needless to say, for fans of snorkeling and scuba diving, the Andaman Islands did not lack heaven. The underwater world here offers countless marine life species, coral reefs, ship remains and old hills created from volcanic lava. You can choose from various diving sites around Havelock Island, Cinque Islands, Rock Corruption, Fish Rock, and Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor.


Weather Andaman Best Time to visit Andaman


Plan a trip to the Andaman and Nicobar Islands? This is the Andaman weather snapshot and the best time to visit Andaman


Monsoon began at the end of May and continued until August, and the months were emphasized with medium rain to severe with a storm, making vision – see a little problem. If you are a first-time visitor then Monsoon is not a season for you because you might lose most of the wonders of Andaman. However, if you like idyllic feelings ruled out at your resort when it rains then you have the additional advantage of discounts this season.


September to November


September to November is the post-monsoon months, where the weather becomes fun and cool, but sometimes, in September, visitors may find it difficult to explore their Andaman because of sudden drizzle and dark days. October and November are better months than September if you want to plan your trip in this period.


December to May


Conversely, December can be said to be the best time to visit Andaman, because the weather was running from the Jiput and was pleasant in December, to warm and pleasant at the beginning of the year. This pleasant weather makes it possible to enjoy water sports and sightseeing, making it make a very pleasant Andaman during this period.


The Andaman people are a group of ancient and historic islands in Bengal Bay that are famous for their calm beach and untouched flora and fauna. Throughout the year, tourists get off here looking for speed and weather changes, and a great time. If you are someone with love for beautiful sunsets and the sound of waves thrashing the beach without obstacles, not to mention seafood that is delicious, then the youth people might just be proven to be the holiday you need. Below are the top tourist attractions to visit in Andaman, each covered with its own unique charm, both Neil Islands or Blair Port, Diginpur or Barren Island. You have a variety of choices for your trip!


Port Blair


The Andaman and Nicobar Islands capital, Port Blair is one place you should not miss it. The house to several museums, and the main base for the Indian Navy, Port Blair is a place you have to go drink in a beautiful historic air from Andaman. Famous for his cell prison, aka Kalapani (Water Black), Port Blair will buy a glimpse of the Indian British era and past stories. Other beautiful places to see are Chidiyatapu or Bird Island named a myriad of birds species found there, Chatham Island is famous for the largest saw factory in Asia, and abundant ZSI museum in animal species and insects.


Havelock Island


This island must, so far, the most visited places in Andaman. Famous for sunset Sherry and pure beaches, Havelock Island also has something in stores for a brave type. You can dive scuba, snorkeling, trekking, mangrove safari and fishing. Yes, you hear it right! Apart from this activity, you only need to visit the Radhanagar beach which is rated as the best beach in Asia by TIME magazine. Gajah beach and Kalapati beach are other beautiful beaches if you plan to stay in Havelock for some time. For people who want to splurge on the side doing relaxing things, Havelock also has a pleasure of restaurants and resorts that provide good food and drinks.


Jolly Island Buoy


Very beautiful, this island is a dream of the poet which is a reality. Known for being clear, blue seawater, sand, and clean underwater reefs, Jolly Buoy is a place you have to visit if you want to lie down and enjoy the sun. Zone without a strict plastic will be smart to leave your plastic in your hotel, or on the beach Wandoor where you have to go if you plan to go to Jolly Buoy. With a long stretch of sand and not the soul around, this island is your best bet if you really plan to just relax. You can also enjoy snorkeling and scuba diving and checking colorful and beautiful coral formations when you do it!


Baratang Island


Your trip to Andaman will not be complete without visiting the fertile and abundant berating island. Famous for mud volcanoes, lime caves and parrot islands, the island of Baratang really takes your experience about higher Andaman people. The Middle strait jetty is known for its salty water crocodile is another attraction that you should not miss. The most unbelieving and beautiful part of visiting the West Island is that it is home to the Jarwah tribe, which has not been touched by civilization. So continue, do your way through a quiet mangrove to greet these people and feel humble with their innocence.



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