Top Shopify Development Services to Meet Online Store Needs

Shopify development services

Shopify is one of the most popular eCommerce development platforms that is powering 2,297 million active websites worldwide in 2021, according to Built With. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for Shopify development companies to grow their business and revenue by offering a comprehensive suite of Shopify development services to their clients. As a Shopify development company, you should know the types of Shopify services that your company and other market players are offering, your client’s requirements related to Shopify store development, customization, and optimization, and how to grow your development services. In this article, you will learn about the top Shopify development services to meet online store needs. You will also learn about the qualities a responsible Shopify developer should possess.

So, let’s dive straight into the topic!

Range of Shopify Development Services

While there is a wide range of development services, here are major types of Shopify development services that you can provide to your clients.

Shopify Theme Development & Customization

A well-designed Shopify theme is extremely important for any online store as it plays a vital role in attracting and retaining your customers. A visually appealing and well-optimized theme can increase the footfall and evoke a feeling of trust amongst your customers.

If you’re offering custom Shopify theme development services, you must ensure that the theme fits with the store’s brand identity and requirements from the very start. Many Shopify theme developers or agencies provide services such as Shopify-based themes, UI/UX design, and Shopify theme customization.

Shopify Store Setup & Customization

Shopify store setup and customiation involves coding and handling technical stuff. Since not every online merchant is tech-savvy or is supported by an experienced development team. As a Shopify developer or company, you can offer Shopify store setup and customization services to help merchants overcome their problems.

The main activities performed under this service include building Shopify store from scratch, creating landing pages, homepage, etc., revamping existing Shopify pages, optimizing page conversion rate, and customizing Shopify cart.

Shopify App Development & Customization

Another one on this list of types of Shopify development services is shopify mobile app development and customization. This service consumes a lot of time and effort as it is more prone to high-tech and specific requests. Some business clients may ask you to build a brand-new private application, add more functionalities to existing Shopify apps, or integrate with other third-party apps.

Shopify Migration

Many online merchants and retailers do not commence their eCommerce journey with the Shopify platform. They might start with WooCommerce, Etsy, Prestashop, and so on. If they feel the need to move to Shopify, they look for Shopify Experts and companies that offer reliable, smooth Shopify migration services. They cannot only migrate the existing store to Shopify or Shopify Plus.

Shopify Store Upgrading and Maintenance

For sustainable business growth, online stores need to invest in ongoing updating and maintenance services. As most of the Shopify merchants have no knowledge or experience of coding and technology, they tend to hire a team that can help them optimize and maintain their Shopify stores daily.

Some of the activities involved in this type of service include back-end maintenance, site security audit, Shopify updates, and data optimization.

Shopify SEO & Marketing Service

There are several Shopify development agencies or developers that offer Shopify SEO and marketing services as a part of their full-cycle Shopify development services. Search Engine Optimization is not only a winning strategy for improving conversion rate and driving high organic traffic to the website, but also a switch to optimize your client’s store within itself.

SEO services usually involve activities such as improving SEO options, implementing XML sitemaps, integrating and evaluating Google Analytics, performing content audits and keyword research, competitor research and analysis, offering marketing and SEO suggestions to increase conversion rate, optimizing page titles and URLs, link building, eCommerce marketing, and many more.

PSD to Shopify Theme Conversion

Theme designers generally use designing tools like Photoshop to sketch and build a Shopify theme. To convert the Photoshop design into a fully-functional Shopify page, online merchants need to have good knowledge of HTML and CSS and also know the customization options of Shopify.

As a Shopify development company or individual developer, you can offer this type of service for Shopify merchants and retailers. Thus, ‘PSD to Shopify Theme’ is another service that can be added to the list of types of Shopify development services.

Shopify Store Testing & Quality Assurance

Shopify Experts hold strong expertise in delivering quality work in terms of Shopify website development services. They are well-versed with the platform and strictly adhere to international coding guidelines and standards to deliver the desired quality. The QA and testing team makes sure that the final product is free from all kinds of bugs and glitches.

This type of service usually involves tasks like debugging an error in Shopify, A/B testing, Shopify data migration testing, Shopify responsive mobile testing, Shopify functional automation testing, Shopify end-to-end app testing, and many more.

Shopify Plugin/Module Development

Many merchants find that the default features of Shopify are not enough to cater to their store requirements. Thus, they look for services that can help them add new features or extend an existing functionality to offer a feature-rich store to their customers.

Shopify plugin and module development services offer merchants additional functionalities that can help them stand out from the crowd. Shopify developers and agencies can add innovative extensions to your Shopify store. They can integrate extensions for multi-store integration, store administration systems, newsletter, inventory management, etc.

Shopify Plus Enterprise Services

The types of Shopify development services are not different for Shopify Plus enterprises, however, they are just larger in scale. Shopify Plus merchants have a large store database and they require the support of highly skilled and top-notch Shopify development companies to manage their online store’s development, customization, and deployment.

This type of service is high in demand as the number of active Shopify stores is constantly increasing. Currently, there are more than 5,300 Shopify Plus stores.

Dedicated Shopify Development Team

Many Shopify merchants look to work with a dedicated team of Shopify experts who can work with them either on-site or off-site and give full attention to their online store development and maintenance.

Many Shopify development companies offer clients to hire a dedicated Shopify development team to work on their projects as per their requirements. As a Shopify website development company, you can offer this type of service to meet their requirements.

So, these are the major types of Shopify development services that are offered by Shopify developers and agencies. To ensure the quality of the service, merchants look for certain qualities in the Shopify development service provider they’re going to hire. Below are some of the qualities that Shopify developers need to deliver excellent services.

Top Qualities of a Good Shopify Developer

When it comes to basics, a good Shopify developer should be able to use version control, have in-depth knowledge of Shopify’s API, and rich understanding of JavaScript and PHP. Apart from these, a Shopify developer or an agency must have:

Excellent Communication Skills

A professional Shopify developer has exceptional communication skills which help them communicate with clients throughout the store development process. As merchants want to be regularly updated regarding their project’s status, it is important for a developer or company to establish direct and smooth communication in real-time to let them know about their project’s progress. A responsible Shopify developer or company will instantly address your queries and communicate your project’s status.

Impressive Work Portfolio

Merchants consider looking at the work portfolio of the Shopify developer or company they’re going to hire. Make sure your portfolio contains a lot of Shopify projects, especially eCommerce projects in their industry vertical. This will give them an idea of your capabilities and versatility. If there’s anything that they liked or disliked in your portfolio, they can communicate that during the project discussion. Merchants may also check the features, load speed, functionality, the mobile responsiveness of the Shopify stores developed by you.

Unique & innovative Development Approach

As every online business is unique, it needs a unique and innovative approach to stand out from the crowd. Merchants tend to avoid hiring developers or agencies that build websites with similar designs and features. So, as a Shopify development company, make sure you adopt a unique and innovative approach for Shopify store development.

Guarantees Client Satisfaction

Clients often look for a development company that is always ready to work on their project ‘n’ number of times until they’re fully satisfied with the delivered project.

As a professional development team, you must follow a systematic approach to website development to deliver the final project that meets the clients’ requirements and expectations.

Post-development Support

Even if the final online store is well-designed and error-free, there are still various problems and challenges that would come in the merchant’s eCommerce journey. Therefore, store owners need ongoing support and maintenance services to keep their Shopify stores well-maintained.

As a Shopify development company or developer, you must offer post-development Shopify maintenance and support services to maintain the website in an optimal condition always.

Wrapping Up

Being a part of the large Shopify community brings a lot of opportunities to grow as a web designer, developer, or eCommerce development company. However, the level of market competition is considerably high. As a Shopify developer or an agency, if you invest time and money in mastering your development skills, and offer the right Shopify store development services to expand your business, you can achieve sustainable business growth in a short time.


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