Top Reasons to Use Skill Assessment Tests


Employers conduct skill assessment tests to evaluate prospective candidates’ and employees’ knowledge and skills in their respective job profiles. With these tests, companies can ensure that their existing employees and candidates possess all the skills and attributes to excel in their job and embrace the company’s work culture.

According to the Candidate Experience Research report by the Talent Board, more than 82 percent of companies are using some form of skill assessment in their recruitment process.

Skill Assessments have been around for decades, but their rapid adaptation has only been seen in recent years. This may be due to its impeccable results and the fact that it can slash the overall time and cost involved in the recruitment process in half.

Adapting skill assessments doesn’t mean discarding the traditional recruitment methods. It can be used as an additional selection tool to simplify and streamline the recruitment process, mostly when the number of applicants is too high to shortlist.

The advantages of skill assessment tests go beyond that of testing the skills and attributes of candidates and employees.

Top reasons why employers must use skill assessment tests in their recruitment process:

Verify candidates’ skills

Surprisingly, more than 78 percent of resumes are filled with overselling claims by applicants, and up to 46 percent of them include real lies. To differentiate dishonest candidates from real candidates requires extensive interviews that can take days or weeks if we follow the traditional vetting process. However, with skill assessment tests, you can do it in a couple of hours.

The test allows you to develop skills-related questions and distribute them among prospective clients. At the end of the test, you will only have candidates who scored higher in tests.

Determine candidates’ compatibility with your work culture

With skill assessments, you can ensure whether a candidate matches the job position and your work environment. Every company has its own rules, work culture, management, and regulations, which can be challenging for candidates who have been working with a different work culture for a long time.

Sometimes, a candidates’ skills alone won’t cut it. Let’s assume you have an open position for a copywriter. However, it would be best if you also had a candidate who can do copywriting and converse with clients simultaneously. For that, you may look for a candidate who is skilled in the primary job profile and communicates successfully.

With skill assessment tests, you can test candidates’ hard and soft skills, ensuring they are the best of both worlds.

Ease off high volume hiring

The skill assessment process can ease the hassle while handling a high number of applicants for a job profile. With just one or two assessment phases, you can easily eliminate weak and unqualified candidates and set interviews for top candidates, which saves your money and time.

Eliminate biases in hiring

A vast range of research shows that unconscious biases based on applicants’ race, age, gender, sexuality, etc., can be detrimental to a company’s image. Due to this, recruiters consciously or subconsciously favoring one person or group over others can dent a company’s diversity, recruitment, retention, and promotion efforts.

A skill assessment test is the best way to eliminate such recruitment biasness. These tests provide accurate and evidence-based information about candidates’ skills and knowledge, often overlooked in resumes and personal interviews.

Minimize legal risks

As mentioned earlier about biases in hiring, such practices can always open up legal risks for companies. Since skill assessment tests evaluate candidates objectively, you can defend yourself from a potential lawsuit.

Enhance your brand image

Skill assessment tests can help you improve your brand’s image and candidate experience with your company. You can create informative and engaging tests with skill assessment tools, making the hiring process more transparent and smooth. Applicants will feel that they are given a fair chance to compete in the job position. Even if they fail, they will realize their weak areas and work on their betterment. Consequently, this will fortify your image in front of candidates who passed the tests. It gives them a sense of achievement and something to feel proud of.

Reduce job turnover

Skill assessment tests measure the skills and job-specific aptitudes of candidates. For example, you can conduct a personality test for candidates applying for a customer service position or cognitive, interpersonal skills, or problem-solving skills for sales, management, and other relevant job profiles. As a result, you will hire candidates that fit perfectly with the job profile, which reduces job turnover to a certain degree.

Save time and money

You can reduce the time and money involved in the recruitment process by a significant degree by employing skill assessment tests. Most skill assessment tools like Ducknowl, Athena Assessment come with Intuitive AI features that can check the score in real-time and rank the candidates as their score, skills, resume, experience, and other relevant factors. In this way, you don’t have to spend hours vetting resumes or spending a fortune in hosting multiple walk-ins.

Enhance hiring satisfaction

According to the report, candidates who undergo pre-employment testing exhibit 36 percent more satisfaction in their final decision. This is great if you have two candidates with similar educational backgrounds and experience; skill assessment tests can help you find the best one by pinpointing every small detail.

Identify top performers and potential leaders

Skill assessment tests can help companies to identify top performers during the rewarding or bonus time. It allows you to test employees transparently and objectively and determine who deserves a good raise, promotion, reward, or recognition for their work.

Another benefit of these tests is to find potential leaders for a specific position. With specialized skill assessment tests, you can evaluate employees’ skills, knowledge, and leadership qualities. This will empower you to allocate the right person to the right positions. 

To ensure high employee performance

Organizations who use skill assessments are 24-30% more likely to have employees who exceed performance goals.  

To ensure higher hiring managers satisfaction

Hiring managers who utilize pre-employment assessments report 36% more satisfaction with their final decision than those who don’t use skill assessment. 

To benchmark your talent

Skill assessment tests are used to compare your employee’s skill criteria against the industry.
Comparing the skill you have within your company with your competitors is great for your company’s success.
You can’t move as fast as your competitors if you don’t have just as talented employees as they do!  

To improve the candidate experience

Skill assessment tests can also significantly improve the candidate skill and experience with your company.
Nowadays, candidates want a brief, engaging and informative hiring experience. Employees also want to know they were given a fair chance to compete for your open job position.
Using skill assessment tests can provide a timely and well-defined explanation of your hiring decisions and recruiting process. 

To enhance company brand

Skill assessment tests can also help to explore your company’s employer brand globally. 

Companies that present themselves as great talented employees need to have a process that supports that assertion.

Using online skill assessment tests can improve that image make the candidates who pass your assessments test feel they have joined an exclusive community. 

To address the skills gap

Using online skills assessment tests effectively addresses the essential problem of skills gaps among the job candidates. 

Recent research conducted by the Society for Human Resource Management has found that approx 75% to 80% of recruiters who reported difficulty recruiting in the past 1 year say there are skills gaps in job candidates. 

Skill assessment tests can provide valuable insights into the ability of candidates to learn new techniques and skills and upgrade their existing skills. 

To pinpoint training Required

By using online skills assessment tests to evaluate their existing employees, employers can determine if their employees lack important job skills or should improve.

Skill assessment test gives employers authentic data on the skills that should be developed among their employees.

As a result, companies can organize relevant and useful, even personalized training and workshops for their employees.  

To differentiate between similar candidates for the same role

Skill assessment tests are also a good solution for differentiating between similar candidates for the same job role. 

Skill assessment tests can provide valuable data and capture the nuances between candidates with the same education and experience.  

Right people for the right job role 

Talent assessment is a useful method that managers ensure that they’ve got the right people in the right job positions.

If used correctly, talent assessments can profoundly impact employee performance and productivity and do wonders for your company’s bottom line.


So the question here is whether a skill assessment test is essential for your company? The answer is always yes, provided you conduct it within the proper context. Skill assessment tests are a composition of hundreds of pre-employment and post-employment tests. Overutilization of tests can also be counterproductive and time-consuming. Therefore, you need to use the right combination of tests for the right positions. For this, you need to choose the right tools and can seek the help of a professional. 

Now that you’ve discovered all the benefits of skill assessment tests, it’s time to start using them in your hiring process. 

For more information on choosing the right type of skill assessment test and provider, check out our detailed guide: Everything you need to know about skill assessment tests!

Most modern skill assessment tools can be easily integrated with your recruitment software, such as Applicant Tracking System (ATS).




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