Top Programming Languages for Android App Development

Top Programming Languages for Android App Development

Can you imagine your life in the absence of a smartphone? Can you calculate how many times you open the screen of your mobile phone in 24 hours? You spend 1-2 hours or even more than that 100 times. The reason is simple as we are so addicted to our phones is the irresistible sensory experience they give in their regular life. What is the main preference of a user? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and WhatsApp, etc.

In short, smartphone apps are an important part of regular life. They can be helpful to create connections, attain information, or simply have fun! And while making a smartphone app is also amusing, it needs a little more leadership, particularly in selecting the right programming language for Android App Development.

Which language is available to select?!!

We all know that Kotlin is the official language made for Android. More languages can be used for Android App Development. Here, we will discuss the top informed decision.


Java now is one of the renowned digital applications in web designing and is being favored by the design and high-end users for various purposes including flash video application, complex software development, and 3-D gaming, etc. Before Kotlin, Java was the official language for Android App Development and therefore, it is the most followed language as well. Several of the apps in the Play Store are built with Java. Google supports Java at the top. Moreover, Java has a great online society for support in case of any trouble.

Possibly, it is a hard nut to crack for the starter. The topics here are quite difficult which includes null pointer exceptions, constructors, concurrency and checked omissions, etc. Moreover, the complexity increases with The Android Software Development Kit (SDK).


For Android App Development, C++ is the following for Android Native Development Kit(NDK). Meanwhile, an app cannot be formed completely using C++ and the NDK is used to realize sections of the app in C++ native code. It assists in using C++ code libraries for the app as necessary. In some cases, C++ is helpful for Android App Development; it is much harder to initiate and quite flexible. It may also lead to more bugs due to the high complexity. Therefore, using Java is better than C++. The reason is simple; it does not give sufficient gain to offset the efforts necessary.


Kotlin based on the JVM is an open-source language. The term JVM is referred to as Java Virtual machine. Kotlin is the brainchild of famous Russia-based JetBrains programmers. Now, it has become an important part of the new Android Studio version 3.0. The interesting facts about Kotlin are its simple learning curve. Different Android O versions, one can quickly master it by going through the inventory of language choices. It has a lean and instinctive syntax that is mild for Java professionals. For developers who are experts in handling Java, learning Kotlin is an easy job. Now, it can also be utilized as an “entry point” for Android app development services.


Python is an energetic and object-oriented programming language. It is commonly used for Android App Development. More than 90% of the developers prefer Python over other technology due to its reliability, simplicity, and simple interfacing. It gives both powerful scripting and quick application development procedures across a massive range of fields. The development can be completed by using different tools that convert the Python application into Android Packages that can work on Android devices.

HTML, JavaScript

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are extremely helpful for creating Android apps. The Adobe PhoneGap framework is powered by Apache Cordova. The PhoneGap structure permits the practice of web development skills to make hybrid apps that are exposed through “WebView” but are packaged like an app.

However, the Adobe PhoneGap framework is sufficient for essential tasks in the kingdom of Android App Development, it surely needs much programming excluding JavaScript. As it requires a lot of work to even make a presentation app, it is improved to utilize the other languages if you wish to be known as a factual Android developer.


In the context of Android app development, overlooking Dart in the present context can be a big failure for you. It is again an open-source programming language and powers the Flutter framework. It also calls for special traction nowadays due to the ability to deliver attractive and performance app for the desktop, web, and mobile in a quicker time. The main selling point of dart is that it is planned by Google as a client-focused language for quick application on any platform.


C# is quite similar to Java and so it is ideal for Android App Development. Like Java, C# also implements garbage collection so there are fewer chances of memory leaks. And C# also has a cleaner and simpler syntax than Java which makes coding with it comparatively easier.


To style a local android application, there is no help for CSS. Rather Android has its own system. The total rundown of choices is just accessible at the source code. You might involve WebViews in your local Android application, to show HTML which is bundled with the application, then, at that point, you can utilize CSS like in any HTML website.

We have recorded the best instruments which are overwhelming the business and become the most favoured versatile advancement system for the designers. Assuming you are wanting to assemble portable applications utilizing Android improvement, you should be aware of these top versatile advancement structures.


Corona is a product advancement pack that can be utilized for creating Android applications utilizing Lua. It has two functional modes, specifically Corona Simulator and Corona Native. The Corona Simulator is utilized to assemble applications straightforwardly while the Corona Native is utilized to incorporate the Lua code with an Android Studio undertaking to fabricate an application utilizing local elements.

While Lua is somewhat restricted when contrasted with Java, it is additionally a lot less complex and has a more straightforward expectation to learn and adapt. In addition, there is work in adaptation highlights just as different resources and modules that enhance the application improvement experience. Corona is generally used to make designs applications and games however is in no way, shape or form restricted to that.

If an online business wishes to get the top benefits from app development services, it would be better to hire Android App Developer to serve your business motives.


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