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WhatsApp Status

The most widely used messaging programme, WhatsApp, includes a feature for stories called WhatsApp Status. Users routinely contribute amusing videos, GIFs, wishes, photographs, and comments in this section. It takes time to find anything to share on WhatsApp Status.

To share anything on WhatsApp Status, you must first search, download, and shorten it. However, a number of excellent apps can be used to get fascinating WhatsApp Status movies. You can select from thousands of compelling videos on video status downloader tools to download and submit as a WhatsApp status. I’ve provided a list of some practical WhatsApp video status downloader apps for iOS and Android in this article.

Instagram Stories and WhatsApp Status Video are comparable. You can share pictures and videos with your contacts by uploading them. To convey how your day is going, you can use text, different colours, emoticons, and GIFs.

This WhatsApp status lasts for 24 hours before automatically expiring. Even while you can submit your own information, many programmes give ready-made status that you can post right away. The top WhatsApp Status Video apps for iOS and Android are listed below.

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Best WhatsApp Status Apps for Android and iOS


1. We enjoy

The complete software is included. If you log in, you can play games, make a social networking profile, and download pictures and videos for WhatsApp tales. When you enter the WhatsApp Status Keyword in a search.

To get more content from the users whose posts are displayed, you can follow them. There is also a speciality section where you can get news on well-known figures, motivational quotes, popular topics, etc. You probably won’t enjoy the application because it has a lot of offensive material, but if you can get over that, it has a sizable database you can use.

Its biggest characteristic is that it supports 15 regional languages in addition to English. As a result, you may access content in a variety of languages, including Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, and Bangla. Although the software has banner ads, they are not bothersome.


immediately publish to WhatsApp

usage as a platform for social media

There are numerous regional languages that are supported.

Download the We Like app for Android.

2. UVideo

It has categories based on the people you follow, such as humour, love, and so on, and a user interface (UI) that is similar to WeLike. You can also create your own videos using themes. With basic editing tools, the background can be clipped, cropped, and altered. There are also available stickers, filters, and phrases.

An intriguing addition to the programme is the COVID-19 tool, which displays a graphical map of the number of occurrences nationwide and broken down by state. You can design your own content by using templates like a face mask and self-defense advice. Celebrities wearing masks and discussing the benefits of social distance, in my opinion, is a terrific way to raise awareness.


large video library

a built-in video editor

COVID-19 videos, documents, and information

Download UVideo for Android.

3. a video with a status update

You undoubtedly upload a lot of quotations and quick movies because this app has enough of both. Any social networking site can use it for free. Additionally, it has an integrated photo editor that allows creating your own photo status very simple.

You can modify the text’s colour and style, add quotation marks, and even add shawls and overlays. The programme also lets you add a variety of stickers, including comical, festival, and stickers that let you express your emotions. Only iOS is able to use this.


various videos and quotes

enables photo editing

only for iOS

Use Clip with iOS.

4. TikTok

If you consider short smartphone videos, TikTok has evolved into a movement unto itself. Because information is readily available everywhere, it is possible to locate information from all over the world.

Many users want to share the same content with their friends and family because WhatsApp has such a large user base. You may watch videos on TikTok that can be sent to WhatsApp right away. Additionally, you may create original content, utilise your own audio, add filters, and more. As a result, you have two options here.

There are a tonne of movies on COVID-19 that provide safety and health information along with fun material. As a result, you can also notify your WhatsApp contacts.


platform for social media videos

directly as a Whatsapp status

the capacity to produce unique content

current with the times

TikTok is available now for (iOS | Android).

5. Pinterest

On Pinterest, I browse for ideas for practically everything. Whether it be proverbs, travel advice, recipe suggestions, etc. More than 100 billion photographs and movies are available in its database, and each one can be kept separately on boards.

The app features excellent content and a still-clean interface, so you’ll love using it. When selecting regional languages or content, there aren’t many possibilities.

However, it’s a terrific technique to find WhatsApp status if it doesn’t bother you. Just type a word and click “Share.” However, there is one downside. Only links with a page preview can be sent to WhatsApp. You can get around it by downloading pictures offline and sharing them from the gallery.


Lots of excellent content

Keep a board for every one of your favourite concepts.

Install Pinterest on iOS and Android.

6. WhatsApp Status Saver

For WhatsApp stories, WhatsApp itself is a fantastic resource. I enjoy storing old photos of my friends in my gallery so I may revisit them in the future. No native WhatsApp method exists to carry it out. I save status images and videos using the programme Status Saver.

To maintain a WhatsApp status, simply open the app and tap on it. The Status Saver app can then be launched and selected from the bottom Status Tab. A list of all the status video updates you’ve read is available here. Tap the photo or video, then choose “download” from the menu. I’m finished now. These are available in the downloads area or your gallery.

“Text unknown number” is an additional new feature. When you want to save a number but only want to speak for a few seconds, this is useful. If you select this, a fresh chat will start right away. The inconvenience of having to save the number is thereby avoided.

Methods for Saving WhatsApp Status on iPhone and Android Devices

Previously, WhatsApp unveiled stories, a feature akin to Snapchat’s. After that, WhatsApp’s status saw a substantial improvement. Currently, the backgrounds of text, images, videos, GIFs, and changes to the WhatsApp status feature can all be changed.

There is currently no way to maintain your WhatsApp status, though. Additionally, we haven’t heard any rumours regarding it.

The best way to save WhatsApp Status on Android devices (including pics and videos)

Here, we’ll cover two non-rooted methods for Android smartphones to preserve WhatsApp status. You did, in fact, hear clearly. To save WhatsApp status, your Android device does not need to be rooted.

How to store WhatsApp status on an iPad or iPhone

Compared to iOS, Android is a more flexible platform. For iPhones and iPads, there is a jailbreak feature that is similar to Android’s rooting. Hold on, we didn’t spill any rooting secrets to you.

A jailbroken iOS device is not required, though. Here are two great methods for storing WhatsApp tales on an iPad or iPhone.

Web browser-based WhatsApp status archiving

Sincerely, downloading WhatsApp statuses from a computer is much simpler than doing so from an iPhone or an Android phone. Other software is not required; only browsers are. A must-have is the best browser with dependable internet and online WhatsApp.

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