Top pest control tips and tricks

Top pest control tips and tricks

Pests are something that needs to be feared. They don’t just make the place dirty but also spread germs. Mosquitoes, flies, termites, lizards, fruit flies, and such pests can make the place a living hell. You might want to think out some other way to get rid of them. Before you bring in pest control service providers home, you need to do a few things yourself. This will help you make sure that the treatment remains effective for a longer period. But first, let us find out why pest infestation should be treated immediately?

Why treat pest infestation quickly?

Reduces the risk of getting seriously ill

Pests are a big source of illness at home. One must notice that people often get sick if there is pest infestation at home. Different pests are carriers of a variety of germs and bacteria. Like for example, cockroaches are known to bring salmonella bacterium, whereas mosquitoes bring in pathogens and germs that cause malaria, dengue, and such diseases. So, if you get pest control done timely, you won’t have to worry about getting sick because of these pests.

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Proper and thorough cleaning of the house

Who likes to see cockroaches running in their kitchen or buzzing of the mosquitoes? I am sure nobody does. Just cleaning the house on Diwali will not help you tackle the pest infestation at home. you need to bring in pest management services to take care of these little nuisances. They have proper products to ensure that pests don’t attack your house often and you can live in clean surroundings.

Lessen the need to use toxic chemicals

Believe it or not, getting the pest treatment done once in a while will save you from using those pest repellents easily available in the market, occasionally. If you compare the two scenarios, you might be spending more on the toxic products that increase the beauty of the stores. Avoid that and get pest treatment done twice a year to reduce the use of toxic chemicals.

Decreases the chances of getting allergies

Pests can be the number one reason for allergies. Many people’s asthma is triggered by cockroach infestation. Some may get itching and red spots on the skin if there is an uncontrolled increase in the number of pests. So, it becomes important for one to take care of the timely or else ultra-sensitive, asthma patients, and others can face several allergies.

Less financial strain

Getting pest treatment done in the house once or twice a year ensures that you spend less. If the pests such as mosquitoes and termites are left unchecked, then it can be financially taxing for you. It may not be necessary that you come out of this problem safely. The termites can eat away at your house and when you finally notice it, the pest control service providers will tell you that there is nothing they can do for you. If you want to avoid such a scenario, then you better get the treatment done once in a while.

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Top Pest Control Tips and Tricks

Want to get your hands on some secrets to avoid pest infestation at home.

Start with your kitchen

The kitchen, the place where food is prepared is where the pests come in looking for food. It is dark, damp, with lots of food, and sometimes unhygienic surroundings. Best place for the pests to thrive and survive. It is easy to find pests there. To avoid that you need to keep your kitchen clean at all times.

Cleaning will not suffice; it needs to be disinfected as well. A single morsel can bring in an ant and cockroach team to the kitchen. Don’t keep food in the open. Discard the leftover food immediately. Maintain cleanliness in your kitchen and you will see how fast the pest infestation reduces.

Do bathroom cleaning regularly

After the kitchen doesn’t forget about the bathroom. If you look online you will find many home remedies to keep your bathroom clean and germ-free. To keep pests away from the bathroom the only way is to keep it clean and dry. Clean the toilet basin every alternate day. Make sure the shower curtains don’t develop molds and mildews. Clean it with baking soda on weekly basis. Unclog the drains that may otherwise the hair and soap particles will make it gruesome. In such small ways, you can keep your bathroom neat and clean and avoid germs.

Say no to stagnant water

There is no need to tell our readers how mosquitoes breed. The stagnant water is your enemy number one. They not only create a foul smell but also allow these little pests to breed. They bring in diseases like malaria and dengue. So, try and keep everything void of water. Don’t let the water accumulate anywhere and keeping things neat and clean will help you keep pests at the door.

Dispose of trash

The bad odor of the trash can attract pests from a mile away. This is just a theory. But yes, the trash cans are a major source of bringing in pests to your home. It is for this reason that one must dispose of them off every day. Not doing so can lead to rodents, rats, cockroaches, ants, and even lizard infestation. The situation can worsen if there are rotten food particles in them. Keep them closed and take them out regularly. The disease-causing germs will find this as a great opportunity. So, don’t allow them this opportunity and get rid of them quickly. Once you dispose of them don’t forget to clean the bin.

You can use baking soda and hot water to disinfect the bin properly.

Keep your home smelling good

The bad odor can attract some serious pest infestation at your place. It is for this reason that we ask you to dispose of garbage regularly. Keeping your house smelling fresh and clean, can keep their count down. Try using lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, citrus, or other such essential oil at home. you can use a diffuser to spread the aroma or dip a cotton ball in the oil and place it in the corner.

In Indian homes, the burning of camphor and bay leaves is also considered to clear the air of any bacteria and germs. The refreshing aroma wafts across the room and as many pests cannot deal with the smell, they leave the premises. Still don’t believe this, then you better try it.

Don’t let the fruits and vegetables rot

Many a time we bring in too many fruits and vegetables and leave them outside to overripe. At this stage, the vegetables and fruits start attracting insects, and flies. You need to avoid doing that if you want to keep pests away from your house. Stop keeping cut and overripe fruits in the fridge for a long period.

Even if these pests are not harmful the mere sight of them can fill you with disgust. So, don’t allow the fruits to rot and take care of them as soon as possible.

Garden maintenance is important

Watched a vlog on YouTube and suddenly you feel like bring beautiful plants home to decorate the house. But do you know, if these plants are not maintained properly, they can cause severe pest infestation? Want to know how?

Water can get collected in the flower pots and this can lead to the development of mosquito larvae. The mulch in the pots can cause termite infestation also. So, pay close attention to plants if you have brought them home. Maintain cleanliness in the area, trim them from time to time, to ward off any growth of pests like rats, mosquitoes, termites, and ants. If you want add certain medicinal plants that are not like by the pests. Plants such as basil, aloe vera, mint, lavender, catnip, citronella, etc are some of them that you would want to have in your garden.

Contact pest control service providers

According to Pest Control Services in Gurgaon, people take infestation in their houses lightly until it gets severe. People pay a visit to doctors, spend a lot of money on medical bills, without common knowledge that the pests in their house are the cause of all this. Getting the right treatment for any disease saves the life of a person, the same is the case for pest treatment.

Having a pest control team do the work ensures that the pests are eliminated completely from the premises. The well-trained professionals use certified chemicals and pesticides to tackle pest problems in your house so, you don’t have to worry about it at all. This way the well-being of you and your family is ensured.

In these distressing times, having proper hygiene standards will ensure your safety. To make sure that you don’t visit doctors often you must get rid of pest infestation in your house right away. For this professionals are required. They will handle it well and you won’t have to worry about anything.

For any doubts and queries, you can call pest control services in Gurgaon.


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