Top Mattermost Alternatives That Improves Your Productivity

Mattermost Alternatives

A well-known Group Chat app in the social & communications area, Mattermost is marketed as a “safe, open source platform for communication, collaboration, and workflow orchestration across tools and teams.” For a range of operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone, there are more than 8 alternatives to Mattermost.

Alternatives to Mattermost include team collaboration tools, group chat apps, and video calling apps, among others. If you want a more focused list of options or are searching for a particular feature of Mattermost, you can filter by these.

Troop Messenger

Troop Messenger is an effective team collaboration tool. Learn new methods to interact with the people who work in your office and with your coworkers.

The ability to share files in a variety of formats, your current location, and contact information is among the most sought-after features of corporate messaging apps. End-to-end group chat is not only offered by this business chat tool but it is also made possible.


is a VoIP conversation app that users and gamers alike appreciate. In an online game, every second counts because a few seconds of audio lag can significantly harm your team’s chances of winning.

All of the communication tools included in the app have military-grade security. The app also has automatic mic echo reduction, loudness, and white noise modifications.

If you’re concerned about privacy, you can modify the settings to restrict who can join the chat room and who can speak. This cloud-based app makes it simple to sync your app settings throughout all of your devices.

Users of TeamSpeak can designate certain servers for their needs, and other users can connect to those servers to interact with one another about a shared interest, such as productivity or gaming. TeamSpeak uses AES encryption to protect the privacy and security of your interactions, making sure that none of them are accessible to third parties.


Discord’s popularity in the gaming world may be well known to you, but its feature-rich platform is also well suited for business models. Even though it might seem like we’re comparing apples and oranges, Discord is a real option for companies searching for a cheaper alternative to Slack.

Discord makes it simple to communicate every day and hang out more frequently, whether you’re a part of a school club, a gaming community, a global art community, or just a small group of pals who want to hang out.

It’s simple to discuss projects with team members thanks to file-sharing features, and your business can even set up channels for specific subtopics.

The push-to-talk voice chat feature on Discord is its most used feature. Additionally, you have limitless storage with file and image sharing options, unlimited message storage, and a fast search capability.


The popular messaging app is much more than just a WhatsApp competitor, even though Telegram is sometimes viewed as one. Telegram, in my opinion, competes more directly with mattermost than WhatsApp. It offers hosting communities (both private and public), instant messaging, public channels, infinite customization, and many other features.

The best feature is that Telegram now offers video calling for both individual and group calls. Additionally, you may develop bots to handle sizable groups, incorporate scripts, automate questions, etc. similar to mattermost. Nevertheless, Telegram differs from mattermost in that End-to-End encryption for private communications is at least an option.


You should give Tox a try if you’ve been using Discord for anything but gaming and need a platform that’s a little bit more privacy-oriented. Because Tox uses military-grade encryption, all of your communications on the platform will be shielded from prying eyes.

Tox offers a sleek, yet dated-looking UI that is also fairly easy to use and that you can master in a matter of minutes. Along with a convenient screen sharing function that may be helpful if you want to show your team something on your system, there is support for text, voice, and video chat.

Another fantastic component that makes Tox ideal for business settings is the file-sharing feature. But what really sets Tox apart is that the entire network is built up of its users, not any centralized servers. It implies that you won’t have any server failures that could impede your productivity.

Microsoft Teams

The chat-based workplace in Office 365 called Microsoft Teams combines the people, content, and technologies on your team to boost productivity and engagement.

One workspace that you and your coworkers and peers share contains all of your team communications, files, meetings, and apps. Additionally, Android, iOS, Windows, and the web all enable

Teams Features:

  • Connect face-to-face with HD audio and video and join meetings from practically anywhere
  • Chat privately, in chosen groups, or connect with the full team in dedicated channels
  • Easily manage your team’s projects with file editing and sharing on the go
  • To catch your coworkers’ attention, you can @ mention certain team members or the entire team at once.


Designed with an efficient workflow to keep modern teams concentrated and productive, Slack is a unified communication platform.

Check out Slack, a team chat tool that resembles Discord, if you’re seeking for the finest Discord alternative for business use. You won’t find any gamer-related features because the service is oriented to a more professional environment, but it has the same clear and straightforward user experience as Discord. Use Slack for your business and stay in compliance with your regulatory requirements. Slack pricing will allow you to meet your growth, scale your business, and increase productivity.

However, if you’re searching for lag-free phone communications, you should definitely check out some of the other options. Instead, you’ll find a variety of useful tools that seek to increase your efficiency at work. Slack distinguishes itself from Discord by offering integrations for more than 800 commercially useful third-party programs.

Without having to launch the app, it also enables you to receive notifications through the software you are currently using. Slack has a 1GB upload limit, but Discord only allows files up to 8MB in size. This makes file sharing on Slack simpler and more convenient.

If you’re searching for a chat tool for your business and not something you’d use while playing a game with buddies, Slack is absolutely worth a try.

Stream chat

With the aid of the tool Stream Chat, users may quickly construct real-time chat by using the chat API and SDKs provided for custom messaging applications. With the tool’s extremely dependable chat infrastructure, the user can send in-app messages quickly.

By using the in-app messaging feature of Stream Chat, customers can boost participation in their community or even replace email for their staff. The chat SDK capability enables users to create Slack alternatives as well as live chat applications. One of the best Discord Alternatives.

Dynamic slash commands, file attachments, direct and group conversations, interaction with Giphy, multi-tenancy, threads to keep the conversation structured, and even previews to let users exchange information are all features of the program. Users can add a live chat feature to Livestream by using Stream Chat.


Overtone is an easy-to-use Discord substitute that closely resembles its rival in appearance and functionality. based on Vivox, one of the top voice chat platforms utilized by well-known video games like Fortnite, PUBG, League of Legends, etc. With Overtone, gamers from all over the world will have direct access to cutting-edge technologies.

Overtone wants to deliver cutting-edge technology to gamers all across the world.

The easy-to-use, straightforward app is simple to set up and doesn’t consume a lot of system resources. Similar to mattermost, Overtone is free to use and has most of the essential text and voice chat features, as well as group chats with support for text messaging and voice chat.


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