Top Low-Calorie Liquors To Speed Up Weight Loss


Boost Your Fitness Plans With Best Alcohol To Sip & Stay Slim

When weight loss is your priority, you think twice before you sip or eat anything. Alcohol is perhaps the last thing anyone would suggest for a healthy lifestyle. Though binge drinking will take its toll, mindful drinking is not going to make you obese. Drinking can slow down your process of losing weight if you are not watchful. But there are certain liquors also available at our liquor store Boylston that are comparatively low-calorie.

All you need to do is plan what you are drinking and how much is the quantity. At the same time, the schedule or timings of your drink sessions are also important. If you are unable to put curbs on your drinking habits, organize them wisely. The best low-calorie liquors can help you achieve your lifestyle goals as well. Here we have listed some of the best alcohols to boost your plans to slim down.

Best Alcohols To Drink When You Are On A Diet Plan

Generally, all alcohols are high in calories. The beers and wines score high when it comes to the calorie count. Moreover, the mixers and the way you consume them also make difference. So when you order your drinks, do not forget your weight loss goals. Here are the best liquors to order from our liquor delivery Boylston store for supporting your weight loss program. 

  • Gin

The calories in a serving of gin are 110. Generally, all the fans of gin are die-hard fans. Once they pick gin, they want to drink it every time they sit to drink. If you are one of them, you are lucky enough as gin can help you control the carbs if consumed in certain ways. To avoid excessive calories, drink your gin with a slimline tonic.  The reason is that a bottle of tonic water gives you 125 calories. Soda water would be a better mixer compared to tonic water. Soda water has zero calories. Using soda water or diet tonic water helps you skip the calories added by the regular tonic water.

So be mindful about the mixers you use while consuming gin to stay fit. Drinking gin is the best way if you consume it moderately. Gin is made using juniper berries that are very rich in antioxidants. They increase the metabolism and hence help in speeding your weight loss program. In short, opting for zero sugar and diet mixers is the best way to consume gin.

Seagram’s Extra Dry Gin is one of the low-calorie gins. Provided you drink it with soda water or lime water, it can prevent weight gain. 

  • Vodka

A serving (1.5 oz)  of 80 proof vodka gives you 97 to 100 calories depending on the type you are choosing. If you choose low-calorie mixers like club soda, there is no harm in drinking even when you are on a diet plan. Since it is mostly used in cocktails, avoid using sugary juices. Tito’s Handmade Vodka pairs very well with low-calorie mixers.  Vodka producers mix many flavors while producing. Hence be watchful while you buy vodka. Smirnoff’s zero sugar infusions are also low-calorie vodkas.  

Tito’s Handmade vodka is filled with flavors and gives a good aftertaste. Hence you can avoid sugary mixers. While buying liquors Boylston, always choose vodkas that are flavorful. They are ideal to drink without sweet high sugar mixers. 

  • Whiskey

Whiskey is one of the most loved alcohols in America after beer. If you are someone who loves your whiskey with mixers, choose low-calorie mixers. A single shot of this alcoholic beverage gives you 105 calories and also some sugar and carbs. Avoid sugary mixers and enjoy it on the rocks or with soda. Or choose healthy mixers like ginger ale or ginger beer or lime juice. If you are looking for a liquor shop near me Boylston for better beverages, rely on Whiskey & Wine. 

Scotch whiskey is fat-free and very low in sugar and carbohydrates. It is a better choice if you are diabetic. However, do not mix it with sugary mixers. The mixers considerably alter the calorie counts of your drinks. 

Your favorite Crown Royal Vanilla Canadian Whiskey contains 96 calories per serving. And all the calories come from its alcohol content and not from sugar and carbohydrates. Also, look for other liquor Boylston at our store including some of the best bourbons.

  • Tequila 

This Mexican drink is made from spontaneously sweet blue agave. It is easier to avoid sweet and sugary mixers with tequilas. Patron Silver available at Whiskey & Wine is one of the best tequilas to drink without any mixer. 

Don Julio Blanco is also one of the best tequila and it offers 96% calories per shot. Don Julio brand also offers Reposado, Extra Anejo, and anejo tequilas. If you are looking for liquor store delivery near me Boylston for excellent tequilas, do buy online at Whiskey & Wine. 

  • Rum

If you are on a diet plan, rum is the drink you should avoid as it is often mixed with calorie-packed mixers. But you can go for a low-carb mojito that uses white rum and lime juice. Coconut water is yet another low-calorie option and you can mix it with rum.  Or you can use diet coke as a mixer to keep your rum healthier.

In short, it is not absolutely necessary to skip alcohol when you are dieting. But consuming it now and then with appropriate zero sugar mixers makes sense. Bacardi Superior light is an excellent flavorful rum you can have without adding sugary mixers. 


So when you are already worried about your fat, prefer spirits against beers and wines. At the same time, avoid sugary and high-calorie mixers. Even if you are using mixers, choose unsweetened ones like coconut water and lime. And the most important thing is never to binge drink. Keep your alcohol intake very moderate and also follow your physician’s advice. At Whiskey & Wine, we keep our liquor portfolio versatile with the best spirits in the world. Our online liquor store delivery Boylston service also helps you in getting your gin, rum, whiskey, and vodka straight to your home. 


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