Top Global Companies using Vue js in 2022!

Vue.js Development company

Vue.js Development technology has numerous advantages over other frontend technologies yet there still are so few companies that have been using this technology in order to enhance the quality of their web application.

Vue.js is vastly preferable to various industries and domains due to its capabilities of creating extensive web and especially for one-page applications.

In order to decide how this robust frontend technology would enhance your web app check out this thorough list of top 07 global players who have adopted Vue.js as their frontend technology and have been gaining maximum traction and high-end performance from this amazing technology.

Let’s go through these case studies of these global giants one by one and understand how their services have impacted the world in a significant way.

Vue.js Development company

  1. Netflix

These days Netflix is one of the top go-to platforms when one wants to get premium content like  Beninge worthy web series or want to catch a movie outside of theatres for entertainment. 

Some of the internal parts are been created and integrated into Vue.js technology including its specific utilities of cloud storage. When the developers from Netflix give a huge public shoutout to this amazing frontend technology be assured there must be something unique about it that makes it a better frontend option compared to other technologies.

2. Facebook

When it comes to virtual socializing no one can beat the game of Facebook. Facebook has been built with one of the most enthusiastic developer communities. Most of the p[arts of Facebook have been built with React JS technology similarly, the mobile version is dependent on React Native technology. However, when it comes to newsfeed it has a high dependency on VueJS technology.

We do not need more words to prove when a global giant like Facebook takes the optimum advantage of such frontend technology proves its maturity and capability insignificant terms.

3. Adobe

Adobe flash player is quite famous in the creative community. Individuals interested in designing and illustration have been well acquainted with this extensive tool. This tool deliberately works for those who are looking to create personalized websites and build their own online portfolio. 

One of the popular features of Adobe is it creates a unique showcase of fonts in an unconventional and interactive way.

Apart from the main product, Schrift Bewegt is also a part of Adobe. Yes, it is a bit less popular but it has a significant reach as it is owned by a German newspaper. Adobe using VueJS for multiple products of their own proves the core reliability of this technology when it comes to building web applications.

4. Behance

Behance is one of the significant projects of Adobe that deserves specific recognition by standing it out in this specially curated list of global companies using VueJS Development technology. 

Adobe portfolio and Behance is indirectly are thorough competitors but this modern-day marketing has blurred several lines between these two solid competitors. Behance gives a robust platform for the creative side of the developer community worldwide. And, undoubtably, Behance is at its best for the work it does. And no other competitor can come near or even try to beat the large user community of it.

Now, serving such large numbers of users without glitching for even once itself is an achievement. And without the support of a strong frontend framework, creative user-friendliness can not be created through enhanced UI/UX. Which drastically affects the total number of users of the platform.

5. Trivago

We do not need any specific introduction to this amazing trip planning application. Trivago is one of the top choices of travelers for finding and choosing the best hotels for their stays during their traveling journey. 

Trivago magazine, the parent company of Terivago uses the combination of NuxtJS and VueJS that enables the user to get multiple options of meticulous accommodation and transportation options at just fingertips. 

6. BMW

This German Multinational Corporation is widely known as BMW. Vey few know this luxury product producer brand’s full name is Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. BMW not only provides posh luxury cars for the upper-class section of the society it also lets their customer make their own by offering multiple customizations and lots of available options to opt for. Our Front-end technology allows the users to easily access every dynamic of the web application and opt for the most suitable one for themselves as per their requirement.

When Germans are quite popular having the profound choice is tech watching them adopting Vuejs proves the true potential of this robust javascript technology.


7. Upwork

If you are a developer and coming from a web app development department you probably do not need an introduction to this huge platform. UpWork works as a middle man in-between the developers and those who are seeking web development assistance for the short term or for small projects. 

One can opt for a software or app developer as per the core requirements of the project, for instance, the budget, the skillset of the developer, and the core expertise of the developer that serves well the core objective of the project.

The Algorithm works well as per the search history and the criteria filled in by the user which makes the user-friendliness at its best. And this becomes possible due to the profound frontend technology.

To wrap up, these were some of the finest companies across the globe that has evolved and understood the true potential of this frontend technology as it offers so many advantages that can take your web app to next level by promising top-notch results beating the competition at the core.

Apart from global giants, there are numerous startups and enterprises that have taken benefit of this open source framework and have taken their business to the next heights. If you are also a beginner in this industry and want to get a long term cost-effective frontend solution then undoubtably, VueJS could be the one for you that can cover your requirements by promising high-end results.

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