Top Cloud Migration and Adoption Trends For 2022

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Cloud use is growing in different forms. In the year 2022, in spite of user-friendliness, there will be an enhanced focus on connectivity and portability. The world is more focusing on a digital world. With the latest COVID pandemic, the situations are accelerating at present. The cloud adoption and cloud migration trends aim at the migration of the databases and the apps of the business enterprises to the cloud environment, thereby seeking enhanced flexibility. In this article, we will talk about the top cloud migration and adoption trends for the year 2022:

Top cloud migration trends
  • Unstructured Migration of data
  • Accelerated Digitalization
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • On-premise storage
  • Hybrid solutions
  • A container as a service
  • Edge computing
Unstructured Migration of data

In this year, the CIOs will be emphasized upon the infrastructure modernization projects, which supports the evolution of workflow and data needs which are the results from the consistent explosion during the next generation apps, IoT, cloud, edge, and different work from anywhere environments.

The topping of the priority lists is known to be the digital transformation initiatives, which will target the unstructured data. Though structured data is not obsolete, unstructured data happens to be the fastest-growing data category during the business entity. Hence, it is essential that the CIOs and the teams will utilize the solutions, which allow them to transfer the unstructured data safely, quickly, accurately to the ideal platform. Due to this, it is useful in handling the life cycle and protection.

It is essential to migrate the unstructured data into the ideal spot to enhance machine learning, driving the analytics and the BI activities. Hence, it helps in taking improved business decisions, An ample amount of unstructured data migration is accomplished, thereby assuring that the data will be accessible to analytics apps and artificial intelligence. During certain cases, the data will be migrated in-house. However, on certain occasions, the information will be transformed onto the cloud.

Accelerated Digitalization

Business activities and the world at present adopt the digital approach. In the latest pandemic, the pace is enhancing faster. Business enterprises across the world need to choose the proper digital approach with utmost necessity. It enhances growth in the near future. Hence, different potentials and opportunities get unlocked during the latest years. The business enterprises will be capable of exploring the scopes and potential. It results in enhanced growth during the digital transformation.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Through digitalization, analytics and big data will be at the forefront to emphasize the importance. Business leaders across the globe gain an understanding that the industries and businesses will be capable of making huge progress with data studies. They play an integral role to execute business activities. Hence, it is essential to gain an understanding of the changes’ pattern in the businesses, thereby keeping up with them.

Business intelligence and analytics are recognized to be crucial factors during cloud adoption and cloud migration. The analytical tools are considered to be the perfect choice for integration with different cloud services. Hence, it is useful in refining decision-making. Besides this, it brings an improvement in the supply chain services and different services and technologies.

On-premise storage

With the growth of the data in importance and size, the on-premise storage will be increasing parallelly. It will grow into an indispensable infrastructure for a plethora of reasons which are performance, security, latency, cost, regulations. The on-premise storage plays an integral role in serving the crucial needs during the migration of the warm and cold storage within the cloud. You will witness consistent innovation and progress within the on-premise storage and on-premise computing segment.

Hybrid solutions

It would help if you remember that hybrid solutions are not the compromise between different approaches. Instead, they are considered to be a combination of different strengths. The hybrid car happens to be the combination of the electric motor torque along with the capabilities of the combustion engine. Hence, it is useful in maintaining a higher speed.

With the sub surge of the latest pandemic, the hybrid work models will be the combination of home with office. It is considered to be the norm for different business enterprises. During the year 2022, the business leaders will be capable of reaping the benefits of hybrid models during cloud data and analytics.

The business enterprise will witness the digital footprint with the integration of the multi-cloud and hybrid model to enhance the agility and elasticity within the cloud. Thus, it plays an integral role in maintaining tight data control. The cloud engineering services vendors’ help in competing and innovation of the differentiated capabilities in the physical infrastructure improvements and the network connectivity as the business enterprise do not require locking in.

A container as a service

The container happens to be a software package, which comprises different dependencies, which are combined together to be executed on the host system. The container as a service happens to be a cloud migration solution, which provides a suitable opportunity to the software developers in planting and scaling the containerization apps on a specific cloud infrastructure.

Containerization provides a suitable opportunity for the developers in building and deploys the apps in a secured and faster way. The code gets developed within a certain computing environment. Once it is transferred to a unique environment, the code will witness errors, bugs, and vulnerabilities during the execution, owing to certain changes during the operating environment.

With the containerization, the developers remove the problem with the creation of a specific package, which comprises the configuration files, app code, libraries, and different dependencies which is essential for the execution on different infrastructures.

Containerization offers portability agility, quicker delivery, enhanced flexibility, improved lifecycle management. It is regarded as a vastly growing tool that helps in removing several app developers’ concerns. Thus, it helps in scaling the cloud migration services for different business enterprises, catering to the user needs.

Edge computing

Edge computing happens to be a computation, which will occur at the physical location of the data source and user. It is useful in the optimization of the apps and internet devices which takes them close to the specific source data. Hence, it removes long-distance client-server communication. Hence, it is useful in saving bandwidth and time, with decreased latency.


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