Top areas to buy most expensive houses in Islamabad

expensie houses in islamabad

The Federal Capital of Pakistan is among the world’s most beautiful cities. The beauty of Margalla Hills, green belt, gardens full of colorful flowers, and elegant infrastructure make the city’s beauty breathtaking. You can find the most expensive houses in Pakistan. The fully developed areas are more expensive than the newly developed sectors. You can always opt for a house for sale in newly developed areas to buy within budget.

But not all new housing societies are the same, and there are always blocks where you can buy the most expensive houses to enjoy luxurious amenities and facilities. If you are looking for the most expensive houses in Islamabad, it is better to look in popular housing societies and posh sectors like E-7, F-6, G-5, etc.

Likewise, in housing societies, Park View City has proved to be the most expensive real estate society. The price of 5 Marla plots for sale in Park view city is 1.5crore.

Let’s look at the top areas/societies in Islamabad with the most expensive houses, apartments, and plots.

Eighteen Islamabad is one of the most popular and expensive real estate in Pakistan. The project is a mixed venture of Saif Group and Kohistan Builders. You can enjoy the futuristic lifestyle, and the project promises to deliver the ultimate lifestyle destination.

The project is located at Srinagar Highway, near sectors H-17 and H-18. It is also near to Islamabad-Lahore Motorway M-2 and the new Islamabad Airport. The resident villas of 10 Marla start from 4.66 crores, and 1-bed apartments start from 1.66 crores.

    • Park View City Islamabad:

Park View City is also an under-construction project, and it promises luxury and beauty. The Housing scheme offers a beautiful view of Margalla Hills and a surreal lifestyle. It is a project of renowned Aleem Khan and its group and approved by CDA. 

Park View City is located near Bahria Enclave, and you can reach them easily from Serena Hotel in 15 minutes. It is 5 min away from Bani Gala and 1 minute walk away from the eye-catching Botanical Garden. 

  • Buy a house in posh sectors:

Posh sectors in Islamabad like E-7 is known sector of diplomats and the elite class of Pakistan. You can buy the most expensive Bungalows, houses, and villas in the area. The sectors feature breathtaking beauty and views and a luxurious lifestyle with better amenities. 

There are many other areas where you can invest in buying the most expensive houses in Islamabad, like F-7 and G-5. Explore real estate online portals to find the house of your dreams conveniently.


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