Top 9 Email Marketing Software Features You should know in 2022

email marketing software

Email marketing is one of 2022’s most influential channels but is also the most competitive.

You will need software that automates tasks and helps you work more efficiently if you want to drive traffic to your email campaigns and increase sales.

A recent study found that 21% of emails were opened within one hour after being sent.

This article will discuss the top email marketing software features marketers should look for in 2022. These essential tools will put you at a disadvantage when compared to your competitors, who have a better toolkit.

  • Mobile Optimization

Every year, more people open emails via mobile devices. Your messages should be as simple to read on a smaller screen.

Your sales will suffer if you don’t optimize for mobile users. It can also artificially reduce your outreach. 47% of customers open the email via their mobile apps.

Many email marketing platforms optimize messages for small screens and offer a range of templates for mobile users.

These features enable users to scan emails from their smartphones or tablets quickly.

  • Scalable Pricing

You don’t need an enterprise-level plan if you are new to email marketing software automation. Instead, choose a provider with multiple subscription tiers, making it easy for customers to upgrade as their business grows.

If possible, look for platforms that offer a free trial and a money-back guarantee. You can test their software to see if it meets your needs.

It is essential to be cautious before you commit to a long-term subscription.

  • Robust Analytics

Digital marketing today is all about data. Different platforms offer different reporting options. These metrics should include the most basic email marketing metrics, such as open rate bounce, unsubscribe, and click-through rates.

A/B testing can be one of the best ways to use these analytics. Most email marketing services have built-in testing tools.

It can increase your marketing ROI by 37%. Some even support multivariate testing that allows you to compare multiple variants simultaneously.

  • Integrations with third-parties

Many organizations use many apps and subscription services. You want an email platform that integrates with your existing tech stack. The software you use will determine which integrations you need.

Seamless integrations make it easy to do everything, from audience segmentation and targeting to reporting on data and messaging for social media.

You will spend far less time performing the same tasks if you don’t have third-party integrations.

It should be your top priority when searching for an email marketing service.

  • Customer Service

Your email marketing service should not have any technical difficulties or glitches. Some providers are more responsive and helpful than ever before.

You may find yourself stuck without the help of your provider. It can slow down your workflow and harm your outreach.

Look for a platform that provides live chat support. It will allow you to send a message and get an immediate response.

  • Marketing Automation

You’re not maximizing your potential to create more efficient email marketing strategies if you still run manual campaigns. Email marketing software allows you to set up automated sequences, from welcome messages to confirmation emails.

The best platforms allow you to quickly create emails and set them up to respond to specific actions. Each email you send gives you more time to work on other aspects of your business.

  • Email surveys

Digital marketers often overlook the value of surveys. Your email marketing platform should make it easy to create surveys and send them to your subscribers. You can improve your campaigns by gathering feedback from subscribers.

You will need to either set up surveys manually or use a standalone platform if your email marketing software service doesn’t provide support. It is one of the many ways that a marketing automation tool can help you make your life easier and keep your contacts engaged.

  • Limits on the number of messages acceptable

Email marketing companies often limit subscribers to a limited number of monthly messages. You don’t want this restriction to limit your options.

For example, if you have 1,000 subscribers to your email marketing software service, you will need to limit them to 3,000 or 4,000 messages per calendar month.

In case you need to scale, your platform must offer unlimited plans. If your email list grows beyond a specific size, you don’t want your provider to force you to change providers. Instead, look for a service that is ready to scale with your brand.

  • Spam Testing

Spam filters can hinder email marketing success. Spam filters can be a significant obstacle to email marketing success. If messages are regularly flagged as spam, they won’t make it into the inbox.

Instead, they will send to the spam folder, where they will likely never be opened or seen again. Opinion Monster conducted a survey and found that 47% of people judge emails based on their subject lines. It helps them determine whether the email is spam.

Spam testing will help you identify content that could trigger spam filters or harm your email delivery.

Some providers will test your messages against spam filters of several clients to ensure that you don’t miss any issues that may only appear on one platform. Improved deliverability will immediately impact open rates, click-through rates, and sales.


Email marketing software will be a necessity by 2022. However, every platform has its own set of benefits and disadvantages.

With this in mind, choosing the right provider depends on many factors, including your budget, your contacts list size, and your long-term goals for email marketing. These are just some key characteristics to consider when looking for an email automation platform.


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