Top 8 Best Non vegetarian Restaurants in Jodhpur

Top non vegetrain Restaurants

Welcome to Jodhpur, India! This metropolitan metropolis is the second one-biggest town in Rajasthan, India. Known as the Sun City, it’s been pegged as one of the most splendid towns in Jodhpur. India is predominantly vegetarian due to spiritual practices, Jodhpur additionally has top non-vegetarian Restaurants. Those journeying to India now don’t need to fear this. Here’s our listing of non-vegetarian eating places in Jodhpur, India. Check them out beneath. One can hire our car rental service to reach your destination safely and securely.


Those craving non-vegetarian Indian food can still satisfy their cravings by dining at Rasraj Restaurant. This North Indian restaurant is open every day and serves delicious poultry Lahori and spicy tandoori roti. The majority of their recipes are prepared using whole spices and chiles. Guests may also enjoy the peaceful and soothing setting, which is ideal for unwinding after a day of trying out interesting things to do in town.


Not sure what you want to eat? Consume at Mosaic Eatery! This restaurant, as the name suggests, serves a variety of cuisines for those looking to try something new. Continental, Italian, Chinese, and Thai cuisines are offered to you. This well-known dining circuit also includes an Indian cuisine touch and creations for people looking for something different. What about the great quality? It’s in a peaceful and non-violent neighbourhood of Jodhpur, so you’re guaranteed to enjoy your meal.


Want to elevate your Jodhpur eating experience? Then visit this 4-star restaurant for a taste of authentic Rajasthani cuisine. This modest and beautiful eatery is near to Jodhpur train station and offers a dimly lit yet serene setting. Although it is a 4-star restaurant, its prices are normally lower, so while you’re there, be sure to try their bestsellers, which include Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Malai Tikka, and Chicken Biryani.


Finish your journey by eating at the Daily Grinds in Jodhpur. This fusion restaurant specialises in delivering a delectable mix of Cafe, Continental, North Indian, Chinese, and Mexican cuisine and creations. For the undecided foodie, you could try anything and everything here. We recommend trying the chicken parmigiana, butter chicken, and chilly and jalapeño fries. The quiet and pleasant ambience, as well as the midnight melody, may also appeal to visitors.


That pining hen should pay a visit to the city’s well-known Rajput Chicken Hub! With birds as dazzling and tasty as theirs, you’ll forget what other chicken tastes like and keep going back for more. Their service is quick and dependable, and you’ll leave with a full stomach! Make sure to try their jungle hen.

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Enjoy the Jodhpur experience and get a snack at the Stepwell Cafe. From noon until late at night, this enthralling restaurant delivers a fusion of Continental, North Indian, and South Indian dishes. They provide breakfast, as well as drinks and beverages, directly at your seat, whether within their restaurant or on their rooftop terrace. This relaxing area is ideal for spending an afternoon or a night out with your friends. Make sure to try the pizza and Matar Ke kabs as well.

7:Jodhpur Darbar

Those looking for North Indian and Mughlai cuisine can visit Jodhpuri Darbar! This historic restaurant is ideal for family and friends searching for good meals, quick delivery, and a beautiful view. Jodhpuri Darbar provides outdoor and inside seating, as well as quick and courteous service for your hassle-free lunch out. While you’re at it, we recommend trying the Hyderabadi fowl and mutton.


If you and your friends are searching for a place to hang out, you should check out The Filos-Continental Café & Restaurant. This posh-looking restaurant is far more affordable than it appears. You and your friend may enjoy their continental cuisine for $7 to $8. This must-see eatery provides seafood, burgers, french fries, pizza, and coffee if you’re feeling adventurous.


Jodhpur is well-connected by air, train, and road, which draws a large number of visitors every year.


Jodhpur Domestic Airport is around 5 kilometres from the city centre. Regular flights connect Jodhpur with other major cities in and around Rajasthan. Jodhpur, as a popular tourist destination, is served by all domestic and international airlines. Popular airports for flights to Jodhpur include Surat, Kullu, Raipur, Udaipur, Leh, Mumbai, and New Delhi, as well as Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Kolkata. In Jodhpur, you can hire our cab service from the airport.

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Jodhpur is well connected by train. Trains to major cities such as Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, and Mumbai are common. Not to include the well-known ‘Palace on Wheels.’ The Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Express, Howrah Jodhpur SF Express, Jaisalmer Delhi Express, Suryanagari Express, Bangalore Jodhpur Express, and Chennai Jodhpur Express are all popular trains that depart from the Jodhpur Railway Station. Our cab service, tempo service in Jodhpur is available from the railway station.


Jodhpur is well linked to the main cities in India through the avenue. The dual road connects Jaipur (330 km), Delhi (585 km), Jaisalmer (307 km), Bikaner (250 km), and Agra (563 km). Rajasthan State Transport buses and luxury buses may take you to Jodhpur.


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